Начало G

Gad (Gad).
Gad was named from "troop"; what it s., 3931, 3935. See TROOP.
Gad d. works from truth, and not yet from good, 6404;
they who are in external works, 6405:4.

Gain (lucrum).
Gain d. every falsity from evil, which perverts the judgments of the mind: also shown, 8711.

Galbanum (qalbanum).
Galbanum d. the affection of truth in the internal man, 10294.

Galeed (Galeed).
The heap placed by Jacob and Laban; what it s., 4196, 4197.

Gall (fel).
Who they are that c. to the pancreatic, hepatic, and cystic ducts, 5185.
Who constitute the gall-bladder, 5186, 5187.

Ganglia (ganglia).
Concerning the correspondence of the ganglia in the body.
The quality of those who correspond to the isthmus in the brain, and to the ganglia in the body; they speak dissimilarly, but think similarly, 5189.

Garden (hortus).
The ancients had holy worship in gardens and groves, according to the kinds of trees there; but when the groves were worshipped, it was prohibited: shown, 2722:2, 4552:3.
Waters and rivers are described where gardens and plantations are mentioned: shown, 2702:14.
What the garden in Eden from the east s., 99:2.
The garden s. wisdom, Eden s. love, 100.
What the garden of Jehovah, and the garden of God s., 1588.

Garment (vestis). See also ANGEL and COAT.
The angels appear clad in garments, 165;
according to truths: shown, 5954:2, 9216:2;
whence it is: illustrated and shown, 9814.
They are clothed according to truths, in the other life; thus the intellectual is that which invests the voluntary, 9952.
Celestial things are not clothed, but spiritual and natural things are, 297.
Rational things and scientifics are like a body, or clothing, to the spiritual things, 2576.
The garments of spirits are without splendour, but the garments of angels are, as it were, from splendour illustrated, 5248.
The vestments of the Lord became as light, when He was transfigured, 9214:4;
also that Peter would be girded, and not go whither he would when he was old, 9212:8.
The punishment of laceration is that they become as a garment, 956.
The truths of faith are compared to garments, 1073.
All clothes derive their signification from those parts of the body which they cover, 9827.
Garments d. truths: shown, 5954:2;
illustrated by representatives, and shown, 9212:3, 9215;
from representatives in the other life; concerning which, 10536;
references, 10563;
truths relatively lower: shown, 2576:8;
sensual truth, 9158;
the exterior, thus also the sensual, 9212:2;
lower scientifics, 6918;
lower things, for the reason that they cover higher things; also truths, because they cover good; and this from the representative in the other life, 5248;
also a witness and testification, see 5019, 5028.
The garment of the Lord being divided, but not the coat, s. truths being dissipated by the Jews explained, 9093:5.
Aaron's garments of holiness were representative of the Lord's Spiritual Kingdom adjoined to the Celestial Kingdom: illustrated, 9814, 10068.
Shining white garments as of fine linen d. truths from the Divine; concerning which, 5319.
What being stripped of garments s., 1073.
What is sd. by those who entered not clad with a wedding garment: deceitful hypocrites, 2132.
To rend garments d. mourning over truth destroyed and lost: shown, 4763.
To change garments was a representative that holy truths were to be put on; therefrom also there were changes of garments: shown, 4545.
Changes of garments d. truths initiated in good, 5954.
That they spread their garments (vestimenta) when the Lord entered Jerusalem, is explained, 9212:6;
also what not to patch an old garment with a new s., 9212:7.
What gold, silver, and garments borrowed from the Egyptians s., 6914-6918.
Cover d. the natural, 6377;
and a veil d. the intellectual, 6378.
To put on d. to induce a state of truth from good, 9952.

Gate (porta). See DOOR.
The living decorations of the steps and gates, 1627.
There are two gates; the lower where infernals are, the higher where angels are; and they open into the rational mind, 2851:2.
The rational mind is compared to a town, which the evil assault; and when they come to the gate, it is immediately closed, 2851:3.
"They shall inherit the gate of the enemies" was a betrothal vow; but how it was explained by the wise of the Ancient Church, and how afterwards, 3187:2.
The gates of hell, and of enemies are openings from the hells: shown, 10483:2.
Gate d. the ultimate in which order ends, or the natural man, 3721.
Gates also d. an entrance into heaven: shown, 10483e.
The gate of a town d. the doctrinal which leads to truth, 2943.
The seed shall inherit the gate of the enemies d. that charity and faith will succeed in the place where evil and falsity first were: shown, 2851.
To go out of the gate of a town d. to recede from doctrine, 4492, 4493.

Gather, To (colligere).
To gather, when used concerning good, d. to receive, 8467, 8472.

Gathered Things, See COLLECTED,

Gatherings (collectiones).
Gatherings d. series, 5339;
also bindings together and bundles, see BUNDLE.

Gaza (Assa).
What Gaza s., 1210.

Gehenna (Gehenna).
Concerning Gehenna; what things are there, 825, 826. See HELL.
Concerning a city called "The Judgment of Gehenna," 942.
The home of dragons near Gehenna, 950.

General (commune).
Concerning the particular and the general, 2384.
There must be a general in order that there may be anything particular and singular, 4325e, 4329:4.
Particulars insinuate themselves into general affections, and flow therefrom, 9202.
Generals are so called from particulars, and particulars are insinuated in order into generals, and singulars into these; and such is the progress from exteriors to interiors: illustrated, 4345:2.
Generals are insinuated with those who are being regenerated, in which are particulars and singulars, which go forth successively, 4383.
In all things and each thing the general precedes, and particulars are insinuated into it, 5082.
Generals may be filled with innumerable things, 7131.
When a man is being reformed, generals are first arranged in order, and removed, then particulars, 3057:3.
There are series of subordinate things under their generals, according to the angelic societies, with the regenerated, 5339.
Generals have their receptacles, in which they are, 5531.
All things are referred to a general, in order that they may be kept in form, and generals to more generals, and the most general universal is the Lord: illustrated, 6115.
Generals ought to be known, that singulars may be apprehended, 4269.
The angels know and perceive only the most general things of truth, 4383e.
Not even generals can be known to eternity, 6618.
All things ought to be referred to generals, thus to doctrinals, 6146.
The general is the father of the internal at the beginning, but not so afterwards: illustrated, 6089.
What a man is in general that he is in singulars, 917:2;
that he also is in the most singulars, 1040:2, 1316.
Higher things are in the ultimate, as in their general, 3739.
He who has perception is acquainted with the singulars of particulars, and the particulars of generals; not so he who has conscience, 865.
Fallacies are from a general idea, 865e.

Generation (generatio). See BIRTH.
Generations pertain to faith, in the internal sense, 613;
and to charity, 2020, 2584;
to those things which belong to faith and love: references, 10144, 10204.
Truths and goods with man are as generations, and as families, and so forth, 9079.
Generation d. those things which belong to faith and charity: shown, 6239.
Generations d. those who are of the Church, 10212.
Those things which pertain to generation, as conception, gestation in the womb, bringing forth, etc., d. things relating to regeneration, 9042.
According to the generations d. according to the order in which a generation is begotten and succeeds; concerning which, 9845.
In generations d. in all and everything of this Church, 10282.
What the generations of an age s., 1041.
What the fourth generation s., 1856.
Generations d. eternity, and are predicated of the spiritual; but eternity, of the celestial: shown, 9789.

Genitals (genitalia).
Concerning the correspondence of the loins and the genitals with the Grand Man, 5050-5062.
These societies are distinct from others, 5053.
What they are it was not granted to know; the reason, 5055.
Concerning the nakedness of the genitals and loins, 9960. See NAKEDNESS.
The genitals c. to the marriage of good and truth, 4462:2.

Genius (genius). See also SPIRIT.
The worst and most deceitful genii are in an infernal tun; with what subtle deceit they pervert thoughts; and they are not admitted to man, 947.
Evil genii or spirits fight against man's loves, thus against his life, 1820:2.
The quality of genii in the other life, and where they are with respect to spirits, 5035.
Of what quality spirits are, and of what genii are: illustrated from experience, 5977.
Of what quality genii are: that they are from interior evil, and are distinguished from spirits; which distinction is described, 8593.
Further concerning these genii; their quality, 8622:2, 8625:2.

Gentiles, See NATIONS,

What Gerar s., 1209, 2504.
Gerar d. those things which belong to faith, 3365, 3384.
The men of Gerar d. the spiritual of the first class, 3385.
The valley of Gerar d. lower truths, 3417.

Gerar, King of. See ABIMELECH.

Gershom (Gersohom).
Gershom, the son of Moses; what he s., 6795, 6976;
d. the good of truth of those who are outside the Church, 8650.

Gesture (gestus). See under AFFECTION.
All the affections have gestures corresponding to them, 2153.
Gestures c. to affections, 4215:2, 5323.

Gibeonite (Gibeonita).
What a Gibeonite s., 3058e.

Gift (donum). See PRESENT.

Gilead (Gilead).
Gilead was within the land of Canaan this side Jordan, and was the boundary there, and d. good which is sensual, or agreeable when a man who is being regenerated is at first initiated: shown, 4117, 4124.
Gilead d. exterior good, 4747.
Mount Gilead d. the good which is conjoined first, 4117.

Gins, See TRAP.

Girdle (cingulum) See also ZONE.
The girdle of the loins d. the external bond containing all things of love and faith therefrom: shortly explained, 9341:6;
the good of the Church, which concludes and keeps in connection the truths therein: shown, 9828:3.
The girdle of the ephod d. the external which gathers together, 9837.
A belt, or girdle, d. a general bond so that all things may look to one end, and be kept in connection: illustrated and shown, 9828, 10199:4.
A belt, when it refers to a coat, d. separation from externals, 9944.
To be girded d. to be in order, and prepared to receive and act, 7863.

Girls (puellae). See also under AFFECTION.
Such as have been made prostitutes have an instructor with them, 1113.
Girl d. affection in which is innocence, 3067, 3110;
the affection of truth, 3179;
expressed by another term, the truth of good of the Church: shown, 6742.
Girls also d. subservient affections, 3189;
ministries, 6731.

Give, To (dare).
The father gave, when it relates to the Lord, d. that He Himself gave to Himself, 3705e.

Gladness (laetitia). See JOY.

Gland (glandula).
The quality of those who relate to the isthmus in the brain, and the glandular clusters, 4051, 5189.

Glory, Glorification (gloria, glorificatio). See also under ANGEL.
What glory is, 1419.
Human glory is an end for the sake of itself, Divine glory is an end, not for the sake of itself as from itself, but for the saving of the human race; also He desires humiliation: shown, 4347:2, 4593:3, 5957, 7550.
The Lord desires glory for the sake of man, and not for His own sake: illustrated, 8263.
The Lord desires worship and glory from man for the sake of man, and this is His glory: illustrated, 10646.
Heavenly glory does not consist in dominating; the words of the Lord are explained, 9039:2.
Glory is predicated of the Lord's Divine Human as to Divine Truth, thus of the Divine Truth which is from Him: shown, 5922:4.
Glory is attributed to kingship, because by it is rd. Divine Truth, 5922:4.
Glory relates to the Divine Truth and faith therefrom, 8267.
The glory of Jehovah is Divine Truth proceeding from the Lord, as it is in heaven, thus the interiors of the Word: shown, 9429;
the internal of the Word, the Church, and worship, because it pertains to the light in heaven, which is Divine Truth, 10574.
Glory stands for the internal sense of the Word, clouds for the literal sense, Preface to Gen. xviii, ante 2135.
Clouds d. the literal, or external sense of the Word; and glory, the spiritual, or internal sense: shown, 5922:6.
Glory d. intelligence and wisdom, which are in Divine Truth, 4809;
the spiritual heaven, 5922;
the presence and advent of the Lord, and the Lord as to Divine Truth: shown, 8427.
The union of the Internal and External Man of the Lord is glorification, 1603:2.
The process of the Lord's glorification is described and illustrated, 10057:5.
The glorification, or unition in the Lord was not made at once, but successively, 2033.
The state of the Lord's humiliation, and the state of His glorification; what the difference is, 1999:2.
Glorification and glory, where used respecting the Lord, d. the unition of His Human with his Divine, which was in Himself: shown, 10053:2.
A general glorification of the Lord was heard in heaven, and seen by means of radiation; concerning what and whence it was, 2133.
What to glorify the Lord is, 8261:2.
To be glorified in Pharaoh and his army d. their immersion into hell and their being drenched by falsities, as by waters, from the sole power of the Lord, 8137, 8138, 8188.

Go, To (ire). See To JOURNEY.

Go Away, To (abire).
To cause to go away d. to dissipate, 8201.

Go Backwards, To (ire retro). See BACKWARDS,

Go Down, To. See To DECLINE and To DESCEND,

Go Forth, To (exire). See To JOURNEY.
To go forth d. to flow in, 5333;
to be removed, 5696;
removal, 7463;
sending forth and presence, 7124;
to be separated, 7404.
To go forth and to proceed d. to be his; that is, to present oneself before another in a form accommodated to him: shown, 5337.
To go forth to meet d. reception, 7000.
To enter and go forth d. a state of life, and of a matter which is treated of from beginning to end: shown, 9927.
What to proceed, when used respecting the Divine, d. with men and with angels, 9303.
See GOD.

Go In, To (ingredi). See To ENTER.

Go Out, To (egredi). See To Go FORTH.
To go out d. to be separated, 6100;
to think from evil to falsities, also from evil into act, 7437.
To go out of the gate of a town d. to recede from doctrine, 4493.

Go Up, To. See To ASCEND,

Goat (capra).
She-goats d. goods of truth, 3995, 4006.
He-goats d. truths of good, 4005.
What the heifer, she-goat, and ram s., 1824.
He-lambs and she-lambs sd. the innocence of the internal, or rational man; kids and she-goats, innocence of the external, or natural man, therefore their truths and goods: shown, 3519, 7840.
What the wool of she-goats s., 9470. See WOOL.

Goat, He- (hircus).
He-goats d. those who are in the truth of faith, and some charity; in the opposite sense, those who are in the doctrine of faith, and not in the life, 4169:4, 4769.
A he-goat of the she-goats d. natural truths, or truths of the external man, from which are the delights of life; also he-goats d. external truths from delights, and those who are in faith separated: shown, 4769;
thence those who are in externals, 4769.

Goblet (poculum). See BOWL and BASKET.

God (Deus). See also ANGEL.

The Origin of Polytheism.
Because the ancients added some qualification to the name of Jehovah or God, it thence came to pass that afterwards they worshipped a number of gods, 2724e.
They made to themselves several gods from the names by which the Lord was distinguished in the Ancient Church, according to the diverse effects of the Divine, its attributes, and goods and truths, 3667, 4162:2.
The ancients distinguished the one God by various names, according to those things which are from Him, and therefrom their posterity worshipped a number of gods, 5628.

The Names God and Jehovah distinguished
Why it is said "Jehovah" and why "God," 709, 732, 1096:2.
Called "Jehovah" from essence, but "God" from power; thence several are called "God" or "gods" 300.
God is spoken of from power; Jehovah, from essence, 3910.
"God" is used where Truth is treated of; "Jehovah," where Good is the subject, 2586, 2769, 2807:2, 2810, 2823.
God is spoken of when spiritual truth and good are treated of, but Jehovah when celestial good is, 3921:3.
Why the Lord, in the Word, is called "God," 2001.
The Lord is called "God" when truth is treated of, and power from truth: shown, 4402:5.
The Lord is called "El," in the singular, and "Elohim," in the plural, where truth and power therefrom are treated of: shown, 4402:5.
The gods of the nations are called "gods" where falsity and power therefrom are treated of, 4402e.
The Lord is called "Lord" from Divine Good, and "God," "King," and "Master" from Divine Truth: shown, 9167:2.

Various Particulars
Angels are called "gods" from truths and goods which are from the Divine: shown, 4295.
Angels, from truths, thus truths, are called "gods": shown, 4402:5, 7268:2.
The human race is such that men worship anything of which they have an idea of perception, and in which is the Divine; and the Lord also came into the world on that account: illustrated, 4733.
Christians in the other life speak of one God, but think of three; gentiles, however, adore the Lord only, 5256.
Concerning those who think about God, what He did before creation; at the end of the universe there are two statues which swallow them up; concerning which, 8325:2.
No idea of the Divine can be had apart from the idea of the Human, thus apart from the Lord, 8705:4.
The ideas of angels about God, the Trinity, and proceeding are altogether other than those of men; the Lord to them is the only one God; it is also illustrated by three things with an angel, 9303:4.
To acknowledge one's God is the first thing of religion, 10112.

God d. Truth, 4287, 7010;
in the supreme sense, the Divine above the heavens; in the internal sense, the Divine Truth proceeding from the Lord, 7268;
truths, and thence angels are called "gods" and "Elohim," in the plural: shown, 7268:2.
Gods d. truths, and, in the opposite sense, falsities, 7873;
angels and truths, because they d. receptions of Divine Truth from the Lord: shown, 8301:2.
God also d. Divine Order, because Divine Truth proceeding from the Lord makes order, and it is called "God," 8988.
Strange gods d. falsities, 4544.
Strange gods, graven and molten images, and idols d. those things which are from one's own intelligence, which therefore have no life in themselves: shown, 8941:8.
All that God said, do d. the Lord's Providence, 4101.
God doeth d. Providence, 5264.
God being with them d. the Lord's Divine Providence, 6303.
God led d. Providence and the Divine auspice, 8093, 8098.
What "that God must be always before the eyes" s., namely, that the fear of Him, or love reigns universally: illustrated, 5949:4.
The God of Israel and the Holy One of Israel d. the Lord: shown, 7091:4.
To be to them for God d. to receive the Divine, 7208.
To be for God, when used respecting the Lord, d. presence and His influx into Truth, 10154.
None like Jehovah the God d. the one God and none beside Him: shown, 7401.
There shall be no other gods before the faces of the God d. truths ought not to be thought of otherwise than from the Lord, 8867.
I am Jehovah the God d. that all the good of love and the truth of faith are from the Lord, 10158.
What "to make a likeness, or resemblance of those things which are from the Divine" means, 8870-8872.
Gods of silver and of gold d. falsities and evils in the internal form, 8932.
The word will come unto God, when it means unto the judges, d. scrutiny by means of truths: briefly shown, 9160.
The Lord Jehovih d. Good Jehovah; 9167:3.
Angels d. truths Divine, 8192:2.

Gods (dii). See GOD,

Gog (Gogus).
What Gog s., 1151:2.

Gold (aurum). See also SILVER.
The ages were called Gold, Silver, Copper, and iron Ages by the ancients, from correspondences; concerning which ages, 5658:2.
Gold d. the good of wisdom, and of love, 113;
the good of love: references, 9874.
Gold d. the good of innocence, and it appears golden in the other life, from influx; an experience, 5658:3.
Gold d. good, and silver d. truth, 1551, 1552.
Gods of silver and of gold are falsities and evils, in internal form: shown, 8932.
The gold, silver, and garments borrowed from the Egyptians d. scientific truths and goods taken away from evil spirits, and delivered to those who are of the spiritual Church: shown, 6914-6918.
Gold d. good; gold of Uphaz, celestial good; gold of Ophir, spiritual good; gold of Sheba and Havilah, good of cognitions; and gold and silver of Tarshish, scientific truth and good, 9881.
To overlay with gold d. to found upon good, 9490.
To make of gold d. the representative of good, 9510.
To be enclosed in gold d. to proceed from good, 9874.

Gomer (Gomer).
What Gomer s., 1151, 1153-1155.

Gomorrah (Amora, Gomorrha).
What Gomorrah s.: briefly, 1212, 1663, 1682, 1689.
Sodom d. the evil of the love of self, and Gomorrah d. the falsity therefrom, 2220.

Good (bonum).

Its Source, and What it is.
Man of himself can do nothing good, nor think truth, 874, 875:4, 876. See PROPRIUM.
To believe that good is from self, and to merit salvation, 4174. See MERIT.
All good and truth are from the Lord, 1614, 2016e;
and so far as a man believes that they are from Him, so far he is in His kingdom, 2904:2.
All good and truth are from the Lord, not from self: illustrated, 4151:3.
All good is from the Lord: shown, 9981.
It is with good and truth as it is with offspring: they are conceived, are in the womb, are born, and grow up, 3298;
and these are states of progress, or of the conjunction of good and truth, 3308.
Few know what good is, and what truth: and they are only the regenerate, 3603:3.
If it were known and perceived what good is, then first innumerable things would be known, as also the proximities of good and truth which are in heaven, 3612.
Good is conjunction; and it may be known what good is, if one is studious to know what love to God and love towards the neighbour are, 4997.
No one knows what good is, unless he knows what love to God, and love towards the neighbour are; .
and he cannot know what truth is, except from good, 7178.
Good is of a twofold origin: in the will, and in the understanding; concerning which, 6065.
Good consists in doing good from good, or willing to do good; the good of truth consists in doing, or understanding good from truth, or from the understanding, 4169.
Innocence makes good to be good, 2526.
Genuine good is from the truths of the Word: illustrated, 9404:2.
Good is the life of truth, 1589:2.
Good must be the all in all things that they may be, 9550, 9568:4, 9574.

Varieties of Good
There are innumerable genera and species of good and truth, 3519:2.
The genera and species of good are innumerable, yea, indefinite: illustrated, 4263.
All goods with man are varied, but from the varieties one is formed by the Lord, 3986:3.
All goods in heaven are varied, 7833, 7836:3.
There are three kinds of good, which constitute the three heavens; concerning which, 10270.
Goods follow in order from the Lord, by means of internal good, and thence by means of the external good of the inmost heaven, and therefrom by means of the internal and external good of the middle heaven; thus from inmost things to outmost, 9741:2.
What the difference is between the good of infancy, the good of ignorance, and the good of intelligence, 2280:2.

Natural Good
What natural good is, and what natural truth, 3167e.
Natural good is not human natural good, but is that which is given by the Lord, 3408.
Natural good is of a fourfold kind natural good from the love of good, from the love of truth, from the love of evil, and from the love of falsity; and children receive inclinations to these hereditarily from parents, 3469:3.
Natural good is not spiritual: the former is from parents, the latter from the Lord by means of regeneration, 3470:2.
Domestic natural good is derived from parents; the interior from the father and the exterior from the mother, 3518.
The distinction between good of the natural and natural good: the former is from the Lord, the latter from parents, 3518.
How natural good is reformed by means of regeneration, 3470:2.
Natural good is from the order of things therein, 3508.
Natural good, or its delight serves first as a medium for introducing truths in order, principally when a man is being regenerated: illustrated, 3518:2.
Domestic natural good with the Lord, after it had served as a medium, was rejected, 3518:2.
Good and truth of the natural are formed from good and truth of the rational by means of influx, 3573, 3616.
Concerning good and truth natural-spiritual, and not spiritual, 4988, 4992. See NATURAL.
Concerning natural good not spiritual, and spiritual good, or the good of religion, 5032.
Natural good is altogether other than spiritual good; spiritual good is the plane of angels, and natural good is not so; and in that they are easily led away into evil and falsity, 7761.
Man can perceive natural, moral, and civil good, but not spiritual good: illustrated, 3768:2.
The quality of those who are in natural good, and defile it with falsities, 2463, 2464, 2468:2;
they are Moab and the Sons of Ammon, 2468.

Rational Good
Good with the regenerate has with it much of worldly things, which are tempered, 2204.
Good flows into the rational by an internal way, but truth is united therein by an external way, 3030.
Good flows into the natural by an internal way, truth by an external; but they are conjoined in the rational, 3098.
Good of the rational flows into good of the natural immediately, and into natural truth mediately, and this is sd. by "Isaac loved Esau, and Rebekah loved Jacob," 3314, 3573, 3616, 3969:2, 4563:4.
Truth is initiated into the good in the rational, according to the quality of the instruction, 3141.
If good and truth are what form the rational and the natural, they are an image of heaven, if evil and falsity, they are an image of hell, 3513.
Truths and goods inmostly exist in the natural, from the good of the rational, 3576.
Rational truth without good is morose; it is described, 1949-1951, 1964;
but the rational when from good; its quality, 1950:2.

Spiritual and Celestial Good
Celestial good and spiritual good; what the difference is, 4581.
What celestial good is, and what spiritual is; the former relates to love to the Lord, the latter to love towards the neighbour, 2227.
The good of infancy is not spiritual good, but becomes so by means of the implantation of truth, 3504.
Good is not spiritual good before truth is conjoined to it, and then it becomes good, 3951.
External goods are delights; they are so far good as they have spiritual good in themselves: illustrated, 1951:2.
Spiritual good consists in willing good to another from no reason of self, but from the delight of affection; and no one can come to that, except by means of regeneration from the Lord; concerning which, 4538:4.
Spiritual good is truth in its essence: illustrated, 10296.
Spiritual good and truth, which are just and equitable, also honest and seemly, succeed each other in order; and upon them conscience is founded, 2915.
Celestial good is formed by means of truths, in order from outmost things; concerning which process, 10252, 10266, 10269.

Divine Good
The Lord is Good Itself and Truth Itself, 2011;
shown, 10336:2;
because He is infinite: shown, 10619.
The Lord is Divine Good, and from It is Divine Truth, as the sun, from which is light, 3704, 4577, 8241.
The Divine Good of the Lord is simply one, because it is infinite; it is distinguished into celestial and spiritual, which is from dissimilar reception, 10261.
Divine Good flows into truths of every kind, but it is of the greatest importance that the truths are genuine, 2531:2.
Divine Truth is order, and Divine Good is the essential of order, 1728.
Divine Good raises all into heaven, but Truth condemns all to hell, 2258:2.

Good and Truth.
Why a distinct idea is not formed between good and truth, 2520:2.
Man can with difficulty distinguish between truth and good, because between thinking and willing, 9995:2.
All things and each thing in the universe relates to good and truth, and thence to the will and understanding in man, 5232.
All things relate to good and truth, which are according to order, and to evil and falsity, which are contrary to order, 7256.
All things relate to good and truth, 4390:2;
or to evil and falsity, thus to the will and understanding, 10122.
There is nothing that does not relate to truth and good, 4409.
There is nothing in the universe that does not relate to good and truth, 3166:2.
From various reasons it appears as if faith were prior to charity, or truth before good, but it is a fallacy, 3324.
With the spiritual man truth is apparently before, and higher than, good, 3325, 3330, 3336.
Good is the elder son, or first-born: illustrated from the state of infants, 3494;
man without that good would be a wild beast, 3494.
Truth is apparently in the first place when a man is being regenerated, but good is first when a man is regenerated, 3539:3, 3548, 3556, 3570, 3576:2, 3603:3, 3701, 3995:2, 4977e.
The quality of the state when truth is in the former place, and when it is in the latter, 3610:3.
Good is the first in order, and truth is the last, 3726.
When inversion takes place with a man who is being regenerated, namely, when good is in the first place, then there is temptation, 5773.
There is in good a continual endeavour to restore the state, so that truth may be subordinate: illustrated, 3610:3.
Good is relatively lord, and truth the servant, and they are also brothers, 4267.
Truth is the form of good, 3049;
illustrated, 4574.
Truth cannot be given without good, because truth is a variation of form, and good is delight therefrom, 5147:2.
Truth perceives in itself the image of good, and in good the very effigy of itself, from which it is, 3180.
Truths are as the fibres, which form good, but which are led and applied to the form from interior good, 3470e.
Good produces truth in the natural, almost as life produces fibres in the body, 3579.
It is with truth and good as it is with a fibre in which is the spirit, and as a vessel in which is the blood illustrated, 9154:2.
Good from the Lord flows into truth, when those things which belong to the love of self and the world, or the lusts of evil and the persuasions of falsity, are removed, 3142, 3147.
Good cannot flow into truth so long as a man is in evil, 2388:2.
Good and truth are conceived together, but good gives life by means of truth, and both are called the soul, 3299.
Good acts by means of truth, 4757.
Good has its own quality, thus its own form by means of truths: illustrated from living things, 9154:2.
Good implanted by the Lord by means of truths is compared with seed: and illustrated, 9258:2.
It is with good and truth as it is with seeds and ground: the seeds are from the rational, ground is in the natural, 3671.
Good reduces truths to order, 3316.
Truths are arranged in order in goods, when they are according to truths in their order in the heavens, 4302:2.
Good arranges truths into the form of heaven, but evil arranges falsities into the form of hell, 5704.
Good and truth with the regenerate are arranged in a heavenly form; the best in the middle and so successively, 6028.
Good is varied in all and everyone by means of truths, and from truths it receives its quality: illustrated, 3804.
Good becomes varied from truths, so that in no case is it altogether alike, 4149:2.
Good and truth not genuine serve to introduce genuine truths and good, 3974.
Truths and goods are mediums which serve to introduce genuine truths and goods, and are afterwards relinquished, 3665, 3690:2, 3974:2, 3982:2, 3986:5, 4145.
Concerning mediate good; it serves to introduce genuine goods and truths, 4063:2.
Truths ought to be insinuated into good, that it may be good, and they are insinuated by means of affections: illustrated, 4301.
Truths not genuine are insinuated into good; and what truths, 3470:3;
and then a man has pain from combat, 3471.
Truth has its own good, and all good its own truth: illustrated, 9637.
Good acknowledges its own truth, 4358.
Truth is with man in the same proportion and degree as good is with him, 2429:2.
Good is manifold, and yet it appears as one; and societies of spirits and angels correspond to it, 4066, 4067:2.
In one good there are innumerable truths, 4005:3.
Truth is multiplied only from good, 5345;
concerning which multiplication, 5355.
Good multiplies truths around every truth, and makes it as a little star, and also multiplies them successively by means of derivations, 5912.
Goods and truths are of a threefold degree in the internal, according to the number of the heavens; and similarly in the external man, which correspond to them, 4154.
Good is reproduced with truth, which enters with the affection of good; and conversely, 4205:2.
It is good that acts, and when truth reacts it is from good, 4380.
How the reciprocity and reaction of truth into good is from good: illustrated, 5928.
There are goods and truths which look inwardly, and others which look outwardly; and man is such that he can look above himself, or to the Divine, and below himself, or to self and the world, 7601, 7604, 7607.
What it is to look from good to truth, and from truth to good, See BACKWARDS.
Truths make the quality of good, because truths become goods when they become of the life, 6917.
Truth becomes good, when man wills it and does it, 7835.
Of what quality truths must be that they may become good, is described, 8725.
What the quality of truth is with regard to good, and what it is without good; from various comparisons, 8530.
Concerning good and truth - which are of the Lord, and those which are not of the Lord; concerning which, 7564.
The Lord has nothing of power from evils, but from Himself, because it is from good and truth, 1749, 1755.
Good is born with a man, not truth, on account of hereditary evil; but still truth adheres to good with some power, 3304:2.
"Lives" is spoken of, in the plural, because there are two faculties of life: the will which has to do with good, and the understanding which has to do with truth; and they form one life when the understanding is of the will, or truth of good, 3623.
They are not of the Church who are in the affection of truth, and not in good; also who are in the affection of good from which there is not truth, 3963.
The affection of truth appears to be from truth, but is from good, 4373.
Truth is not truth except from good; and falsity when it is received from good is as truth, 4736.
Truth is to good as water to bread, or drink to food, in nutrition, 4976.
Good does not appropriate to itself truth, but the good of truth, that is, use, 4984.
Truths are applied by means of good, and under good, 5709.
To claim to oneself good and truth, see THEFT.
Truths lead to good: illustrated, 6044.
They who are in truth are rigid; they who are in good are tender, 7068.
Good and truth are taken away from the evil, and given to the good: shown, 7770.
Good gives the faculty of receiving influx from the Lord, not truth apart from good, 8321:2.
Truths appear undelightful, when communication with good is intercepted, 8352.
The Lord flows immediately into good, and mediately into truth, 10153.
Several references cited where faith and charity, and truth and good are treated of, 3324:3.

Good conjoined to Truth.
Concerning the marriage of good and truth from which is conjugial love, see MARRIAGE.
Concerning the initiation and conjunction of truth with good, see TRUTH.
The conjunction of good with truths, 4353. See REGENERATION.
The ancients instituted a marriage between the affection of good and the affection of truth, 1904.
There is a marriage of good and truth in all things and each thing, 2173, 2588.
Good acknowledges its own truth, and truth its own good, and they are conjoined, 3101, 3102.
Good knows its own truth, and truth its own good, 3179.
Good makes for itself the truth to which it may be conjoined, because it does not acknowledge anything else for truth than what agrees, 3161.
Truth desires good, that is, to do good, and is conjoined to good: illustrated, 9206:2;
shown, 9207.
Good and truth are in a perpetual endeavour to conjoin themselves, 9495.
Good and truth must be conjoined to be anything: illustrated, 10555.
The conjunction of good and truth illustrated by means of action and reaction, 10729.
How good is conjoined to truth: illustrated by the influx of good into the cognitions of truth, 4067, 4096:4, 4097.
Before truth is received and conjoined to good, confirmations as it were precede and effect, that they maybe believed, 4364:3.
Truths cannot be accepted, thus not conjoined to good, except with those who are in the good of charity and love: illustrated, 4368:5.
There must be innocence and charity that truth may be received and conjoined, 3110.
Truths are not conjoined to man, except so far as he is in good, that is, unless they are of the life, and they are not conjoined to the affections of evil: illustrated, 3834:2, 3843:2.
When truth is deprived of life from self, it is then conjoined to good, and receives by means of it life itself, 3607:2.
Truths are conjoined to good, when they are learned for the sake of the use of life, 3824.
Truth is conjoined to good when a man is in charity, 5340e, 5342.
Truth is conjoined to good, and good to truth; the process, 5365:2.
When truths are conjoined in good, progress is made from generals to particulars and singulars, 4345:5.
Between good and truth there is a close conjunction, 5807;
illustrated, 5835.
The affection of truth is from good, and one is conjoined with the other, 8349, 8356.
Good and truth conjoined become as if they were one body, and an image of man: illustrated, 8370.
Falsity can never be conjoined to good, nor truth to evils; from experience, 3033.
There is the most exquisite exploration and precaution lest truth is conjoined with evil, and falsity with good, 3110, 3116.

The Good of Truth.
What the good of truth and the truth of good are; the one is the inverse relatively to the other, 3669.
The good of truth is the inverse relatively to the truth of good in the beginning, but afterwards, when a man is regenerated, they are conjoined: illustrated by example, 3688:2.
The good of truth in its first existence is truth; an example, 3295.
The good of truth is truth in the will and act, 4337:2, 4353:3, 4390.
Truth, when it passes into the will, become the good of truth: illustrated, 5526.
The good of life pertains to the will, the good of truth to the understanding, and the good of doctrinals to science, 3332:3.
Who and of what quality they are who are in the good of truth, 3459, 3463.

The Relation of Good to Regeneration.
The first state of those who are being regenerated is that good and truth are from themselves, in which opinion also they are left for reasons here given; but when they are regenerated they believe that these are from the Lord angels perceive it, 2946, 2960, 2974.
Before a man is regenerated he regards good from truth; when he is regenerated he regards truths from good, 6247.
So far as good and truth from the Lord flow in, evil and falsity are removed, 2411.
So far as good and truth are removed from man towards the interiors, so far he is in evil and falsity, 3402:2.
When a man is being regenerated influx from the Lord is into the good of the internal man, and by means of good into the truth in the natural, 4015.
They who are being regenerated are elevated from sensual things; concerning that elevation, 6183.
The natural must necessarily be regenerated, so that the influx may be by means of the internal, 6299:2.
They who are being regenerated undergo many states, and always enter more interiorly into heaven, and come nearer to the Lord; concerning which, 6645:2.
There are two states of the man who is being regenerated: the first is that they may be led by means of truth, the other that he may be led by means of good, 8516:2, 8643, 8648, 8658.
The spiritual man when he is being regenerated proceeds from doctrinals to the good of doctrinals, from this to the good of life; and when he is regenerated, contrariwise, 3332:2.
Regeneration is effected from truth to good, which is ascent, and from good to truth, which is descent, 3882.
Regeneration is effected by means of spiritual and angelic societies; concerning which, 4067:4.
Good is not good; nor is it fructified, before a man has been regenerated; because prior to this there is not in good the soul itself, 3186.
A man cannot come into heaven until he is in a state to be led by means of good, 8516:3, 8539:2.
Man as an angel is not separated from evil, but is withheld from evil, and kept in good, 789, 1581.
Angels are perfected to eternity, and yet they cannot advance far beyond the first degree, 6648.
The affection of good pertains to life, and the affection of truth is for the sake of life, 2425:2, 2455.

Various Particulars
It is not known what heaven is, unless it is known what good is, 7181.
The one only good that reigns in heaven, and makes heaven, is the good of the Lord's merit, and righteousness: shown, 9486.
There are infernals who think evil concerning others; and celestial ones who think good, 1680.
Everyone ought to do good, as it were, from self, not to let his hands hang down, 1712:2.
Everyone ought to do good and to think truth from himself; and otherwise he does not receive heavenly freedom, 2882, 2883, 2891.
Man ought to compel himself to do good, 1937:4, 1947.
Good and truth increase immensely in the other life with those who are in charity, 1941.
What the affection of good, and the affection of truth are, 1997.
Goods and evils with man are altogether separate; if they were mixed together he would perish, 2269e.
What it is to be judged from good, what from truth; the Lord never judges anyone but from good, 2335:2.
Heavenly freedom relates to the affection of rood and truth; and infernal freedom, to the affection of evil and falsity. See FREEDOM.
Use makes it good; but what the use is that is the good, 3049.
All beauty is from good, 3080.
Both the celestial and the spiritual Church have good and truth, but with a difference; concerning which, 3240.
Affection always adjoins itself to things which enter the memory, and they are reproduced together, 3336:2.
The affection of good is adjoined to truths in the act, in the natural with man, by the Lord; and by means of the affection of good they are reproduced, and so falsities and evils are removed, 3336:3.
To know good and truth is not to have them, but to be affected with them from the heart, and not from the love of self and the world, 3402:3.
There are innumerable mediums treated of in the internal sense of the Word, 3573:2.
Goods and truths form as it were a city, and this from the form of heaven, and from influx therefrom, 3584.
With the evil, good is changed into evil, and truth into falsity, when they descend from heaven, and conversely, 3607.
Collateral good of the common stock is such as it is with the nations, 3778:2.
All consanguinity in heaven is from good, and it progresses therefrom, 3815.
Goods with man are mixed with evils, and truths with falsities, but such evils and falsities as are not contrary to good and truth illustrated by examples, 3993:8;
but the goods and truths are in the middle, their evils and falsities at the circumference, 3993:13.
To-day there are no cognitions of good and truth, wherefore men cannot easily comprehend those things which are spoken of, 4136:2.
What truths of good are, 4385.
Love and reverence from the internal towards the Lord are testified by means of doing good, and to those who are in good, 5066, 5067.
To-day there is a dispute about the highest good, and no one knows that it is the good of charity without an end of self, 5365:4.
They who are in good in the other life are in the faculty of becoming wise: illustrated, 5527.
Between internal and external good there must be conjunction, or otherwise it perishes, 5841.
In the good of charity there is the all of wisdom, and in this he comes after death who has lived in that good, 5859.
Truths seek life in scientifics, and good in truths, 6077.
The evil dare not assault good, for so they would be tormented and cast themselves into hell, but they are permitted to assault truth, 6677.
Good is that which is by means of heaven, 6720.
Good in which there is falsity (if it be ignorance) is accepted; innocence is in it, and a good end, 7887.
The delights of the affections adhere to truths, and truths are according to the affections which they excite, 7967.
Good from the Lord has heaven and the Lord inmostly in itself, and good from the proprium has hell within itself, 8480.
Heavenly good vanishes to the degree that concupiscence increases, 8487:4.
The quality and quantity of good in the other life are made visible, 8533.
Truth is formed with man according to the uses of life, 9297:4.
Concerning the sphere of good from the Lord around heaven and the societies there, 9490, 9534.
All things are from good: illustrated, 9667.
Good reigns universally in the heavens, 9832.
How the goods of love succeed in the heavens, 9873.
Good is implanted in man from infancy, that it may be a plane for receiving truth, 10110.
A man is his own truth and his own good, 10298.
To do what is good and true for the sake of what is good and true is to love the Lord above all things, and the neighbour as oneself, 10336:4.
Man is such as he is as to good, not as to truth without it: illustrated, 10367:2.
A man is led by the Lord to good by means of truth, and truth becomes good when it becomes of the will or love, 10367:6.

Significations involving Good
Good to look upon d. that which pleases by its form, thus what is easily received, 3388.
What "not to speak to anyone from good to evil" s., 4126.
The good of the new will is the Lord's habitation with man, and the truth of the new understanding therefrom is the tabernacle: illustrated, 9296:3, 9297:2.


Goshen, Land of (Gosahen terra).
The land of Goshen d. the middle, or inmost in the natural, 5921, 6028, 6031, 6068;
the Church, 6649.

Gospel (Evangelium).
The Gospel is an announcement concerning the Lord, His coming, and those things which are from Him; thus the whole Word is the Gospel, 9925:2.

Governor (praefectus).
To set over (praeficere) d. to arrange in order; governor d. general things, 5290.

Grace (gratia).
The celestial acknowledge mercy; the spiritual, grace, 5982.
The celestial implore the Lord s mercy; the spiritual, His grace, 981:2.
Who speak of grace, and who speak of mercy, 2423.
They who are more remote from the internal speak of grace, not of mercy; and this is from the love of self, 5929.
To find grace in the eyes is a form of insinuation that it may be well received, 6512.
To find grace in thine eyes is a form significative of the affections of the matter, which is treated of, 6178.
Grace with those who are in evils and falsities d. fear: illustrated, 6914.
To find grace in the eyes d. inclination, 3980, 4455;
to be accepted, 4975a.
To be gracious, when used respecting the Lord, d. to give spiritual good; to show mercy d. to give celestial good: illustrated and shown, 10577.

Graces (charites seu gratae).
The Graces d. the affections of good; concerning which, 4966:2.

Grand Man. See MAN (homo).

Grape (uva). See VINEYARD, VINE, WINE.
Grape d. charity; and wine, faith, 1071:2.
Grapes s. the good of the spiritual man, thus charity, 5117:2;
d. the goods of charity, 5119;
in the supreme sense, s. the Divine Good of the Lord, which belongs to those who are in His Spiritual Kingdom, and thence, in the relative sense, they s. the good of charity, 6378:2, 9144:7.
Clusters of grapes d. the truth of spiritual good; and grapes, the good of celestial truth, 5117.
No grapes in the vine d. no interior, or rational good, 5117:4.
Grapes in the wilderness d. rational good not yet made spiritual, 5117:5.
The internal goods of charity are grapes, and the external goods are figs, 5117:5.
The blood of grapes d. celestial good from Divine Love, 5117:8;
the good of love, and, in the supreme sense, the Divine Good of the Lord from His Divine Love, 6378.

Grapes, Cluster of (botrus).
Cluster of grapes stands for charity, or what is holy, 1071. See GRAPE.
Clusters of grapes d. the truth of spiritual good; and grapes, the good of celestial truth, 5117.
The cluster of grapes for eating stands for the good of charity in its commencement, 5117:6.

Grass (gramen). See HERB.
Mowers of grass, 1111.

Grate. See SIEVE and ALTAR.

Grave. See To BURY.

Graven Image (sculptile). See IDOLS.
Graven images d. those things which are from the proprium, and which wish to be adored as Divine shown, 8869.
Graven images, molten images, strange gods, and idols, d. those things which are from one's own intelligence, and which have no life in themselves, 8941.
See what graven image and molten image s.: shown, 10406.

Graving, To Grave (sculptura, sculpere).
Graving on stones d. the memory, therefore it is impressed on the life: illustrated, 9841, 9842.
Graving of a signet d. a heavenly form; concerning which, 9846.
To grave d. to imprint on hearts, 9931.

Graving-Tool (caelum).
To form an idol with a graving-tool d. from one's own intelligence, 10406.

Great (magnum).
Great is predicated respecting good; numerous, respecting truth, 2227.
What it is to be great in heaven, and what to be least, 3417:2.

Greater. See ELDER and LESS.

Greatest (maximus). See also LEAST.
To wish to be greatest is not heaven, but hell, 450, 451;
the least is greatest, who is most happy, 452, 1419.
The Lord did not fight so that He might become greatest in heaven, 1812:2.
That the least is greatest in heaven d. that nothing of power and wisdom is from self, 4459:4.

Green Thing (viride).
Vegetable and green thing s. the meaner things of delights, 996.
Green thing d. the sensitive of truth: shown, 7691.

Grief. See PAIN.

Grind, To. See MILL.

Ground (humus). See also LAND.
How ground is distinguished from land, 1068.
Ground d. the Church from the reception of seed, and their birth, and land d. the Church from the nation there: shown, 10570:4.
Ground s. the Church and something of the Church, 566;
d. the receptacle of truth, 6135;
the mind (mens), 6141;
the external man, because seeds are implanted in it, 268;
s. heresy, 377.
Ground is in the external man, 990.
The rational is whence seeds of good and truth are, and the natural is where ground is, 3671.
What to till the ground s., 345.

Grove (lucus).
The ancients had holy worship on mountains and in groves on account of their representation, but after they worshipped the external things and worship was made idolatrous, it was prohibited: shown, 2722.
They also made to themselves graven images of the grove, 2722:3.
The Ancient Church held worship in gardens and groves under trees, according to their representations, 4552:3.
Grove s. doctrine, 2722.
Groves d. doctrinals and the things which belong to intelligence, in both senses: illustrated, 10644.

Grow, To (crescere).
To grow into a multitude d. extension from the inmost, 6285.

Guard, See BODY-GUARD,

Guard, To. See CUSTODY.

Guile. See DECEIT.

Guilt, Guilty (reatus, reus).
Guilt d. the blame, and imputation of sin and of trespass against good and truth, thus all sin that remains, 3400.
Guilty d. in fault, and so in imputation, 5469.

Guilty (reus). See GUILT.

Gum. See RESIN.

Gyre (gyrus). See CHOIR.