Начало I

Idea (idea). See To THINK and DOCTRINE, and under ANGEL.
In one idea of thought there are innumerable things; an experience, 6613-6618;
and in an idea of good and truth there is the whole heaven; from experience, 4946:2.
In every idea there is an image of a man, 803:2.
In every idea of thought there is the whole man: illustrated, 10298:5.
Ideas with the good are opened, and wonderful things are descried, 1869.
Ideas with those who are in good are opened, but with those who are in truth alone are closed, 3607:3.
A closed idea of thought was seen like a black point, and an open idea was seen, in which all things led to the Lord, 6620:2.
The quality of the idea of truth without good, in the other life, and the quality of its light, 2425:2.
The quality of natural, spiritual, and celestial thought, 10604.
The quality of forms of heavenly thought; the clear forms are in the middle, the obscure round about, and the opposite tend downwards, 8885.
Man's ideas are respectively most obscure, 2367.
It is not perceived by man in the world what is being transacted in the internal man, because spiritual ideas are there; but what is in the external, 10237:3, 10240e.
The ideas of the internal man are spiritual, but they appear in the external, thence man does not know them, 10551e.
Angels immediately come into a spiritual idea, and a material idea is put off at the first threshold, 10568:2.
The ideas of angels are turned into various representatives, in the world of spirits, and are with man when he sleeps; concerning which, 1980, 1981.
Angelic ideas which were flowing into the thoughts of the spiritual, were made visible as clouds, 6614;
they appeared like flame-coloured light, 6615.
Ideas such as a man has about the arcana of faith, in the other life can be presented before the sight, 3310e.
Ideas which are called forth from the memory have a material nature in the middle, which round about appears as a wave; but it is not so when the thought is in the sensual, 6200.
Critical ideas are like a texture made of thread ends, 6621.
How deified and filthy are the ideas of the thoughts of those who lived evilly, and thought evil therefrom, 6625.
According to the idea of a subject, and the affection, is the understanding of that subject, 3825:2.
Ideas of thought extend themselves abundantly into societies on both sides, 6599-6613.
The ideas of thought with man are varied, multiplied, divided, and variously consociated, 6610.
Ideas have a consociation and correspondence with societies, in the other life, 2470.
Spiritual speech is effected by means of ideas; thence spirits can converse with all, 2470-2479.
Concerning the speech of spirits being of the ideas of thought, see SPEECH and THOUGHT.
The nature of the internal sense of the Word is illustrated by means of the interior and more interior idea of thought with man; concerning which, 10604:2, 10614.
Doctrinals are founded upon scientific truth, and this upon sensual things; and otherwise an idea about doctrinals cannot be had, 3310:4.
Every truth of the Church has with it ideas from scientifics, which, in the other life, are wont to be shown, 5510:2.

Idleness, Idle (otium, otiosus).
They who have been abandoned to idleness and inactivity only, and no business, in the other life induce heaviness in the stomach, 5723.
They who are idle d. they who are not sufficiently infested, 7118;
the text here reads, they who are remiss (remissi).

Idolatry (idolatria). See also IDOLS
Kinds of idolatry, 1357.
Idolatries are internal and external, 1205.
Idolatry is external and internal; the difference, 1363, 1370.
There is an idolatrous external and internal; in general the worship of falsity and evil, 4826.
An idolatrous internal is of the love of self and the world, 4825:2.
It is idolatrous to worship external things without internal: illustrated, 4825.
The Lord was designated by various names in the Ancient Church, from which names idolatries had their own gods, 3667.
The ancients designated various Divine things which appeared in effects, by various names; as also the Divine attributes; and idolatries were therefrom, 4162:2.
What the lot of those of the Ancient Church who became idolaters is; thus what the lot of those who are interior idolaters is, 2605.
Out of idolatry the representative Church was made, 1361.
Concerning idolaters in the other life; their state and lot, see NATIONS
Idols were of stone, wood, silver, and gold; and those of gold were the worst of all, because by them were sd. the evil of doctrine and the evil of life from the love of self, 10503.
By idols, molten images, and graven images, in the Word, are sd. doctrines from the external sense of the Word without the internal, which sense is explained, from one s own intelligence, according to the inclination of the love of self: shown, 10406.
See also IDOLS.
Graven images, molten images, idols, and strange gods d. the things from one's own intelligence, which thus have no life in themselves: shown, 8941.
Graven images d. the things from one's own intelligence; and molten images d. the things according to love: shown, 10406:6.
To form an idol with a graving tool d. from one's own intelligence: shown, 10406.
By the nations in the land of Canaan are sd. idolatries, 1205.

Idols or Graven Images (idola vel sculptilia).
The idols which the Israelites worshipped, 8932:2.
What the graven image and the molten image d.: shown, 10406:6.
Graven images d. the things from the proprium, which men desire should be adored as Divine: shown, 8869.
Graven images, molten images, strange gods, and idols d. the things from one's own intelligence, and which have no life in themselves, 8941.
The gods of gold and silver d. evils and falsities, 8932:8.

Ignorance (ignorantia).
The spiritual, before they are regenerated, are reduced to ignorance, which is the desolation of truth, 2682:2.
Men are kept in ignorance lest they profane holy things, 301-303.
Holiness dwells in ignorance, also with the angels; not with the Lord, 1557:2.
The good of infancy, the good of ignorance, and the good of intelligence; what the difference is, 2280:2.
To be ignorant and not to know d. to be obscure, 3717.

Illusion. See FALLACIES,

Illustration. See ENLIGHTENMENT.

Image (imago).
The spiritual man is an image; the celestial man, a likeness, 50:3, 51.
What an image of God is, and what a likeness is, 1013.
An image of God is charity, or love towards the neighbour, a likeness is love to the Lord, 1013.

Immaterial (immateriale).
What comes forth from phantasy respecting the immaterial, 1533.

Immersed, To be (immergi). See INUNDATION.


Impatience (impatientia).
Impatience is a corporeal affection; and so far as a man is in it, he is in time, and so far as a man is not in it whilst he is in heavenly affection, he is not in time, 3827.
To hasten s. impatience, 5766.

Imposthume. See ABSCESS,

Incantation. See ENCHANTMENT and MAGIC,

Incense (suffitus). See ODOUR, SPICE, FRANKINCENSE.
Because odour corresponds to perception, frankincense, incenses, and odours in ointments became representative, 4748:2.
Incense d. those things of worship which are gratefully perceived: shown, 9475;
and thence it was aromatic, 9474:3.
Incenses d. confessions, adorations, and prayers, which are from the truths of faith that are from love: shown, 9475:3.
Incense d. spiritual worship, which is effected by means of confessions, adorations, and prayers, 10298.
The aromatic scents of incense d. the affections of truth from good in worship, 10291;
and they pertain to the spiritual class, 10295.
The altar of incense d. a representative of the hearing and grateful reception of all things of worship, which are from love and charity from the Lord; thus a representative of such things of charity as are elevated by the Lord: illustrated and shown, 10177.
To offer incense d. elevation of worship, because it is fume from a fire, which is love, 10198.

Incredulity (incredulitas). See FAITH.

Indefinite (indefinitum). See INPINITE.

Indolence. See IDLENESS,

Inertia (inertia). See IDLENESS,

Infant, Infancy (infans, infantia).
Love towards infants, unless it be for the sake of the Lord's kingdom, is not unlike that of brutes, 1272.
Evil spirits cannot excite anything of evil and falsity with infants and the simple at heart, 1667:2.
The Word when read by infant boys and girls is better perceived by the angels, 1776.
How the states of infants succeed from the first which is a state of innocence, 3183.
Changes of the affections from infancy even to adult age were seen in the face, and how much of infancy remained, 4797:2.
The innocence of infancy became the innocence of wisdom, 4797:2.
When a man becomes old and as if an infant, the innocence of wisdom should be conjoined with the innocence of ignorance which he had when an infant, and so he should pass into the other life, 5605e.
True infancy is at the same time wisdom, 1616:5.
Cognitions are implanted in the celestial things of infancy, 1616:4.
By means of cognitions man is implanted with the celestial things of infancy at childhood, 1616:4.
What are the goods and truths that are procured from infancy to youth, 5135:3.
See REMAINS, Good is implanted in man from infancy that it may be a plane for receiving truth, 10110:4.
The difference between the good of infancy, the good of ignorance, and the good of intelligence, 2280:2.
The good of infancy is not spiritual good, but becomes so by the implantation of truth, 3504.
Man without the goods of infancy would be a wild animal, 3494.
What is imbued in infancy appears to be natural, 3494.
Innocence with infants is outside, and hereditary evil inside; but innocence is inside with the regenerated, and hereditary evil outside, 4563:2.
It is true that infants are sons of the Lord, and also adults who retain the goods of infancy in wisdom, 3494:2.
Infants are instructed in heaven, and easily, 1802:3.
Infants grow up in heaven from spiritual nourishment; concerning which, 4792e.
Infants of some years are with those who constitute the interiors of the nostrils, 4627:3.
The quality of those who at this day are against innocence was represented by an infant whom they treated very badly, 2126.
An infant thrust the antediluvians down, 1271:2.
The atmospheres of sporting infants, in the other life, 1621:2.
Concerning infants; from experience, 2289-2309.
All infants are raised up into heaven; hence it is manifest how immense is the Lord's heaven, 2289.
Infants in heaven know nothing more than infants, but they are instructed; an experience, 2290.
Their intellectual is tender, but their ideas can be opened by the Lord, because nothing has yet closed their ideas, 2291.
They are instructed there according to all their faculty in a heavenly order, 2292.
They are initiated into this, that they have no other Father than the Lord, and that they have life from the Lord; hence they suppose that they have been born in heaven, 2293.
Spirits urge them, but they resist; which is their temptation, 2294.
Otherwise they cannot be infested by evil spirits, 2295.
They are adorned with garlands of flowers, and they walk in paradisiacal gardens, 2296.
Around infants there are most beautiful atmospheres, as it were living; hence they suppose all things to be alive, 2297.
In the ideas of infants it is as if all things were living, 2298.
Representatives for infants, whence is wisdom, and by means of which they are introduced into intelligence; concerning which, 2299.
Infants are of a different genius, from hereditary nature, 2300.
What infants are of a celestial genius, and what of a spiritual genius, 2301.
Which societies have the care of infants, 302, 2303.
Who are the angels with infants successively on the earth, 2303.
Infants are not angels, but become angels by means of intelligence and wisdom, 2304.
Then they no more appear as infants, but as adults; an example of one, of a quality of mutual brotherly love, 2304.
Infancy is not innocence, but innocence dwells in wisdom, 2305.
The innocence of infancy represented as wooden, the innocence of wisdom as living; and these appear to themselves and others as infants, 2306.
Infants are nothing but evil, and, that they may know this, they are remitted into their own hereditary evils, 2307, 2308.
How very bad the education of infants and boys is on the earth; an experience of boys fighting, to which they were incited by their parents, 2309.
Infants d. innocences: shown, 5608;
thence infants d. interior things, 5608.
Infant, when sons, thus boys, youths, and young men are meant, d. truth, 7724.
By sucklings, infants, and little children are sd. the three degrees of love and innocence, 430.
One who gives suck and a nurse d. innocence: shown, 3183.
When a man is about to be regenerated the case is similar to that of an infant, who first learns to speak, think, and understand, and then imbibes life; thus with one about to be regenerated spiritual things flow spontaneously, 3203.
Good is the elder son, or first-born: illustrated from the state of infants, in that they are in a state of innocence, love to their parents and wet-nurse, and of mutual charity towards their infant companions, 3494.

Infestation (infestatio). See VASTATION and TEMPTATION.

Infinity (infinitas).
Concerning the Infinite Divine, 1382.
The indefinite is an image of the Infinite, 1590.
Truths and goods, and all things are indefinite, because from the Infinite: illustrated, 6232:2.

Influx (influxus).

The Nature of Influx.
Because anything respecting heaven is doubted, and also denied, it is not known that there is any influx therefrom, and a correspondence, 4322.
That good is freely given by the Lord to man, men do not perceive to-day, both because they are in worldly things, and thus they do not believe in any influx, 5649:2.
Angelic societies know this well; an experience, 5649:3.
Of what nature influx is; it is from the Lord through celestial things, then through spiritual things into natural, 775:2.
The quality of influx with the Lord, 1707:2.
All influx with man is effected by means of societies of spirits and angels; concerning which, 4067:2.
What influx is: illustrated by a comparison with the heat and light of the sun flowing into all things of the earth, and with other things, 6128, 6190.
Influx and enlightenment are actual elevation by the Lord into heaven among angels, and communication there, 10330.

The Order of Influx.
Influx is according to the three degrees of intellectual things, 657.
Influx is according to successive order; concerning which order, 7270:2.
Influx is from the Lord through the celestial, then the spiritual, and thereafter the natural, which so succeed each other, 880:2.
The order of influx is from celestial things through spiritual into natural, 1096:2.
There is an influx from the Lord through heaven in order even to man; and man is in the lowest place, 9216:2.
There is influx from the Lord through man's internal into his rational, and therefrom into scientifics, 1940:2.
The things which are in the exteriors flow in from the interiors, and solely from the Lord, 1954.
Influx is from the interior; and it appears that it is from the exterior through the external senses; but this is an appearance and fallacy, 3721.
Exterior things cannot flow into interior, 5119.
The exterior does not flow into the interior, but the interior into the exterior; thus the Divine into all things and every thing, 5259.
The external does not flow into the internal, but the internal into the external: illustrated, 5779.
The hells can be seen from the heavens, lower things from higher, and evils from good; but not contrariwise, 8237.
The order of influx is about the same as instruction; 1495:2.

The Kinds of Influx.
Besides an influx according to successive order, the Lord also flows immediately into the ultimate of order, 7270:4.
The influx of the Divine is through the inmost into lower things, and into lower things mediately and immediately, 5147, 5150.
The Lord flows into the ultimates of order, thus not only mediately by means of heaven, angels, and spirits, but also immediately: illustrated, 7004:2.
That the natural may live, there must be immediate influx from the Lord, and mediate influx by means of the spiritual world, 6063:2.
There is an immediate influx from the Lord into the most singular things, and a mediate influx by means of the spiritual world, 6058.
The Lord flows immediately into good, and mediately into truth, 10153.
Concerning the Lord's mediate and immediate influx: references, 9682e;
illustrated, 9683.
There is a general influx, and a particular influx, 5850.
General influx is with animals, because they are in order; particular influx is with man, because he is not in order, 5850.
The corporeal things of man are ruled from a general influx, 5990, 6192, 6211.
There is a spiritual, and not a physical, influx; an experience, 9110.

Influx from the Lord
There is an influx from the Lord through the internal, with man. See INTERNAL.
Mediate influx is as well from the Lord as immediate, 8717:2.
There are six degrees of Truth Divine, 8443.
How the Divine Truth proceeding from the Lord flows in: illustrated by means of radiant circles, which are spheres from Him; and how man is elevated into the light of heaven, 9407:14.
The Divine in the highest regions is silent and peaceful, and by degrees becomes unquiet and tumultuous, when it descends: illustrated, 8823.
Concerning the internal things which are in everything from the Lord, 8868.
Everything of life with man flows in through heaven from the Lord: references, 9276e.
The Lord is in His own, thus He dwells in the Divine with man: shown, 9338:6.
Everything of worship, which is true worship, is from the Lord, and not from man, 10299.

The Connection of Influx with Good and Truth, and with Evil and Falsity.
Divine influx is through good and truth, 5482.
Celestial truth flows in with the celestial man, and spiritual truth with the spiritual man, 2069e.
Divine Good and Truth are turned with everyone according to the quality of him who receives them: illustrated, 7343.
The Lord flows in by means of angels as to everything good that becomes of faith and charity, and also as to all arrangement; and angels flow in from themselves with such things as agree with man's affections not good, but still are means for introducing good, 8728.
When a man is being regenerated, good is outer and truth is inner; but when he is regenerated, good is inner and truth is outer; the nature of influx in the first state, and that in the second, 3563.
Spirits flow into thoughts, angels into ends, and, by means of good spirits, into those things which belong to faith and charity with man, 5854.
What the manifestation by means of influx is, 5885.
Angels flow into the truths of faith with man: illustrated, 5893:2.
Concerning truth proceeding immediately from the Lord, and its conjunction with truth proceeding mediately from Him; the conjunction is with those who are in good: illustrated, 7055, 7056, 7058:2.
Why truths ought to be confirmed gradually; of what nature the things which are believed instantaneously appear, is described, 7298.
Good provides the faculty of receiving influx from the Lord, but not truth without good, 8321e.
There is immediate influx of the Lord when a man acts from truth, but both immediate and mediate when he acts from good, 8685:2, 8701.
Concerning the influx of good and truth from the Lord: references cited in one connection, 9223.
Everything of life flows in; thus all evil from hell, and all good from the Lord: illustrated, 4151:3.
Man believes all things are in himself, when yet they flow in; and he may know from the doctrinal that good and truth are from the Lord, and evil and falsity from hell, 4249:2.
As good and truth flow in from the Lord, so evil and falsity are removed; and contrariwise, 2411.
Good flows in from the Lord, when those things which belong to the love of self and the world, or the lusts of evil and the persuasions of falsity, are removed, 3142, 3147.
They who are in Divine worship are averted by the influx of impure things, 7454:3.

The Connection of Influx with the Internal and External.
Heaven corresponds to the Lord, and man as to all things and each thing to heaven, and therefrom heaven is the Grand Man, 3624-3649.
See MAN (homo).
Of what nature the influx of the internal man through the interior, or rational into the external, by means of celestial, or by means of spiritual things, is, 1702:2, 1707:2.
Unless the natural is subordinated, as with the regenerate, interior things cannot be presented there; thus neither can there be faith in those things which are above sensual things, 5168:2.
There is no conjunction of the Lord with the external apart from the internal, 9380.
Truths are called forth from the natural man by means of influx; they are elevated and implanted in rational good; and how, 3085, 3086.
Internal good flows into external good, not into truths, except by means of good, 6027.
When the influx of good and truth from the Lord is not received in the natural, the internals are closed, 6564.
Influx through the internal man, when not in the external, is stopped, that it may not be received; but evils and falsities oppose it: illustrated, 5828:2.
Something concerning influx, 2701.

The Relation of Influx to Affection and Thought.
That man can mentally view things, think, analytically conclude, and will, is from influx: illustrated, 5288.
All things which a man thinks and wills flow in with him, 5846.
Everything of thought and of will flows in thus the truth of life, 2886-2888.
All things that belong to the understanding and will flow in: illustrated, 10219:2.
Those things with man which pass from thought and will into the body, flow into act by means of general influx according to correspondences, 5862.
The exterior natural is a plane and, as it were, a face in which interior things see themselves; and thence a man is able to think, 5165:2.
Everything of thought flows in, 7147:2.
Thoughts flow in from within, not from without; an experience respecting some who fell from an angelic society, because they were in falsities, 3219.
Evil is from hell, good from the Lord; thence there is an influx of all things into thought, 904:3.

Seriatim Statement of the Doctrine.
Concerning influx and the intercourse of the soul with the body, 6053-6058, 6189-6215, 6307-6327, 6466-6496, 6598-6626.
Nothing can be known respecting influx and the intercourse of the soul with the body, when what the soul is is unknown, 6053.
All things in general and particular flow in with man, 6189, 6206, 6211e.
All things in general and particular flow into the thought and will; from multiplied experience, 6191;
they flow into the thought by means of spirits; an experience, 6194, 6197-6199.
Spirits enter into all things of man's memory, and believe them to be their own, 6192, 6193, 6198, 6199.
Spirits do not know that they are with man, 6192.
Into the actions and speech of the body there is a general influx, 6192, 6211.
General influx is a continual endeavour into every single thing of man's life, 6211e.
The angels know that every good and truth is from the Lord, and that all things flow in; but evil spirits are not at all willing to know this, 6193:2.
Ideas which are called forth from the memory have a material nature in the middle, which round about appears as a wave, 6200;
but it is not so when the thought is in the sensual, 6201.
There is another influx, when a society of some speak among themselves, and this is communicated; when this comes to pass anxiety is induced in the region of the stomach, 6202.
Man casts himself into hell when he does evil from consent, thereafter from purpose, and then from delight of the affection; therefrom he opens to himself a corresponding hell, which flows in, 6203.
Hence evil inheres pertinaciously, 6203.
Spirits rule a man as a servant, from absolute power; but the angels gently, by means of freedom, 6205.
Evil is appropriated to man, because he believes, and thinks, and wills from himself; if otherwise it is not imputed, 6206.
The influx of angels is into those things which belong to man's conscience, 6207, 6213.
The influx of angels is like that of a river, of light, and of flame, 6209.
The quality of influx with prophets; from experience, 6212.
It can hardly be believed that spirits know the thoughts; an experience, 6214.
When yet in the other life the most singular things are known; concerning which matter, 6214.
Influx is from the spiritual world by means of angels and spirits; from my own continued experience, 6307.
Evil spirits assault, and angels disperse them; such is the order of influx, 6308.
Nothing hurts which enters into the thought; but what enters into the will, and so goes forth, thus what goes forth, hurts, 6308.
Influx when man is in sensual light, see SENSUAL.
Angelic influx comes to pass by means of representatives; an experience, 6319.
Spirits with man perceive as the man thinks, not as he sensates with the body, 6319:2.
Angels flow in by means of the affections; and few things are received by man, 6320.
Man cannot live unless there is angelic influx; an experience; they who in part carry away influx, 6321.
External things do not flow into internal, so that there is no physical influx; an experience: illustrated, 6322.
Although all things flow in, yet a man becomes guilty, because he appropriates evil to himself by believing that what he does is from himself, 6324;
if he should believe otherwise then evil is not appropriated to him, 6325.
If a man is in the state that he believes all good is from the Lord, and all evil from hell, he is gifted with peace, and is in freedom itself; concerning which freedom, 6325.
Everything of life is from the Lord, and is as the principal and the instrumental cause, which act as one cause, and it is felt in the instrumental, 6325e.
Mediate influx from heaven is from the Lord, 6466.
All life flows in from the Lord, see LIFE.
The Lord flows in through heaven mediately, and from Himself immediately; from Himself both into man's interiors and into his exteriors, 6472;
but as He is received, such is the life of thought and of will, 6472.
The Lord rides the last things of man, and his first; which may be concluded from order, 6473.
An experience of how influx is from the Lord, 6474.
Influx is from the Lord into the most singular things: confirmed by means of various things, 6475-6478.
When I was reading the Lord's Prayer, I manifestly perceived the influx, 6476.
Doubts about influx of life from the Lord cannot ho removed, so long as there are fallacies and unknown things, and the negative reigns, 6479.
Concerning the influx of life from the Lord, see LIFE.
The Lord rules the world by means of the evil just as by means of the upright, leading them by their loves, 6481:2, 6495.
Thought and affection extend themselves far into societies on both sides, 6599-6613.
There are innumerable things present in the ideas of thought, 6613-6626.

Information (informatio).
The order of influx around instruction is from scientifics, which meet intellectual, or spiritual, and celestial things, 1495:2.
Concerning instruction after desolation, 2702:4, 2704.

Infundibulum (infundibulum).
Concerning those who relate to the infundibulum, 4050.

Inhabit, To. See DWELLING.

Inhabitant (incola). See also DWELLING.
To be a sojourner and an inhabitant d. to be unknown, and still to be with them, 2915.

Inherit, To, and Inheritance. See HEIR.

Iniquity (iniquitas).
Transgression, iniquity, and sin; what is the difference, 9156.
See SIN.

Inmost (intimum).
The inmost is the all in its lower things, 3562.
See also MIDDLE.

Inn (diversorium).
Inn d. the exterior natural, 5495.

Innocence (innocentia). See INFANT.

General Statements.
What innocence is, 7902e.
What and of what nature innocence is, seen by comparing infants" behaviour towards parents, 6107:2.
Innocence consists in acknowledging and loving the Lord, and in believing that all things are from the Lord, thus in being led by Him, and not by self, 10210.
The process of man's regeneration, from a state of external innocence to a state of internal innocence, is described there, 10021:2.
There are three degrees of innocence, 5236:2.
Some things concerning innocence, 3519:4.

Innocence, Infancy, and Wisdom.
Innocent persons in heaven appear as infants variously adorned, 154e.
The quality of those to-day who are against innocence was represented by an infant whom they treated very badly, 2126.
Infancy is not innocence; but innocence dwells in wisdom, 2305.
The innocence of infants was represented as wood; the innocence of wisdom, as living and naked; and they who are in the latter appear to themselves and others as infants, 2306.
Concerning the innocence of infancy with those who are wise, 3494e. See INFANT.
The innocence of infancy becomes the innocence of wisdom, 4797:2.
The innocence of infancy is external, and in ignorance; and that of the regenerated is internal in wisdom: references, 10021:3.
What their difference is, 10021:3.
The cognitions of truth and good are implanted in the innocence of infancy, and is a plane: references, 10021:3;
and several things concerning innocence referred to, 10021:3.
How the states of infants follow from the first which is that of innocence, that innocence may be inmostly in all, 3183.
Concerning the innocence of wisdom and the innocence of ignorance; their quality, 9301.
The good of the innocence of wisdom must not be mixed with the truth of the innocence of ignorance, 9301e.
The innocence of wisdom consists in knowing that in itself there is nothing of good and truth, but that all things are from the Lord, 9938:2.

Innocence and Good and Truth.
Innocence makes good to be good, 2526.
Good without innocence is not good, 7840.
There is no good with man unless he is in innocence, 9262:2.
Innocence is in the state of peace; and love and faith have innocence in themselves, which is their essential, 2780.
There must be innocence and charity that truth may be received, 3111.
Innocence is in charity and in love to the Lord, 3994.
There must be innocence in truth with man that it may be genuine, 6013.
Innocence is the uniting medium of good and truth; truth is not so without it, 6765e.
There must be innocence in all good and truth therefrom, that they maybe good and truth, 10134:2.
The good whose quality is from falsity is accepted by the Lord, if there be ignorance and therein innocence, and the end is good, 7887.
What the truth of the good of innocence is, 7877:2.
All purification, or removal from sins, is effected through the good of innocence, 10210.

Innocence and the Proprium.
The proprium vivified by charity and innocence is beautiful and delightful, 164.
The proprium of innocence consists in acknowledging that there is nothing but evil and falsity in self, and that everything good and true is from the Lord, 3994.
What the black proprium of innocence is, 3994, 4001.
How the case is with those who are admitted into heaven, and desire to be innocent from themselves, 546.

Innocence and Heaven.
The nakedness of innocence is beautiful; examples showing that spirits testify innocence by means of nakedness, 165.
Conjugial love is innocence; and they who are in it are in the heaven of innocence, which is the inmost, 2736.
No one can enter heaven unless he has something of innocence, 4797:2.
The influx of innocence arranges goods in heaven, that is, the societies of angels, 7836:4.

Innocent d. interior good; just d. exterior good, 9262.
The innocent blood of one thrust through when lying in a field (Deut. xxi. 1-10) is explained, 9262:3.
An old man d. wisdom in which is innocence, 3183.

Insect (insectum). See WORM.
Insects in general d. falsities and evils in man's outermost things: shown, 9331:3.
Hence what the fly, bee, worm, moth, cockroach, and several others, s.: shown, 9331:4.
Baneful flying thing d. the falsities in the extremes of the natural mind, or in the sensual, from evils there, thus the falsities of malevolence, 7441.
The fly of Egypt d. falsity from evil in the sensual, 7441:2.
The hornet d. the dread (laesio) of those who are in falsities of evil, thus the dread (formido) of them: shown, 9331.

Inspiration (inspiratio). See also WORD (Verbum).
All things of the Word have an internal sense in them; and this is inspiration: illustrated, 9094e.
By means of breathing the most ancient people perceived the state of love and faith, 97.
What to breathe through the nostrils s., 96, 97.
What breath s., 97.

Instruct, To. See To COMMAND (prcecipere).

Instruction (instructio). See INFORMATION.

Instrumental (instrumentale).
Essential things, not instrumental, ought to be as the end, 5948:2.
Essential things so far perish as instrumental things are as the end, 5948:2.
If essential things are as the end, there would be instrumental things in plenty, 5949.
There is nothing essential in the nature of things, but only in the Lord, who is the Esse, or Jehovah; and all things beside are instrumental, 5948:3.
Everything of life is from the Lord, and it is as the principal and instrumental cause which act as one cause; and it is felt in the instrumental, 6325.

Insurgents, See MUTINHERS,

Integrity (integritas).
Righteousness and righteous have reference to the good of charity; integrity and entire, to the truth of charity, 612.
What entire s., 1994.
Integrity d. the Divine Truth in effect, or the life according to the Divine precepts, 9905:3.

Intellectual. See UNDERSTANDING.

Intelligence. See UNDERSTANDING.

Intercession (intercessio).
The Lord in the state of humiliation interceded, not in the state of glorification: then He commiserated; mercy is intercession, 2250.
What the intercession of the Lord with the Father is: it is the mercy which is in Divine Truth, which proceeds from the Lord: illustrated, 8573.
What mediation and intercession are: illustrated, 8705.
The idea of mediation and intercession with the simple is that of a son with a king-father: illustrated, 8705.
Mediation and intercession are of the Lord with Himself; it is said of the son with the father, because the idea of the human is held, not the idea of the Divine without the human, 8705:4.

Interest, Money-Lender (faenus, faenerator). See also USURY.
Money-lender d. one who does good for gain; one who is not a money-lender d. one who does good from charity: shown, 9210.

Interior. See ABOVE, To ARISE, and INTERNAL.

Intermediate (intermediurn). See MIDDLE.

Internal (internum).

The Internal and the External.
An example showing that the internal is in the external, 161.
The internal must be in the external that it may exist; and thus the external has its quality from the internal, 9922:2.
The external lives from the internal; but the internal clothes itself with such things by means of which it can enact effects in that lower sphere, 6275:2, 6284;
illustrated, 6299:2.
The internal can see all things which are in the external, but not contrariwise, unless there is a correspondence and medium: illustrated, 5427:2, 5428, 5477.
Without correspondence the internal appears from the external as strange and hard, 5422, 5423, 5511.
What it is to see internal things from external, 1806, 1807.
Concerning those who are in externals without an internal, see EXTERNAL.
What it is to be in externals alone, and what in internals: illustrated, 4459:4.
They who are in external truths alone are feeble, they waver and are faltering; but they who are at the same time in internal truths are firm: illustrated, 3820.
The Jews were not chosen, but obstinately insisted that they were the Church: shown, 4290:2, 4293:2;
they are such that they can be in a holy external without an internal: shown, 4293:4.
External things are further from the Lord than internal; wherefore they are comparatively disordered: illustrated, 3855.
A delight becomes baser in proportion as it approaches to the external, 996.
The internal is a lord, and the external comparatively a servant: illustrated, 10471.
The internal is a man's heaven; the external, his world, 10472.
They who are in the external without the internal cannot endure internal things: illustrated, 10694, 10701;
the reason, 10707.
The Lord from the internal, where He is pacific, rules the external, where there are disordered and tumultuous things; from experience, 5396.
The light of truth in the external of the Word is from the internal for those who are in the internal, 10691, 10694.
In each heaven there are internal and external angels, 4286:2.
In the other life external things are withdrawn, and all are remitted into their interiors, 8870:3.

Exterior things cannot flow into interior; but contrariwise, 5119.
The external does not flow into the internal, but the internal into the external: illustrated from experience, 6322.
What is holy flows from the internal into the external, with those who hold the Word holy, and partake of the Holy Supper holily; they being ignorant thereof, 6789:2.

The Internal Man.
What the internal man is, and what the external; the internal man is not the thought; but he is known from such things in the other life, 978.
What the internal, the interior, and the external man are, 1015.
There is with everyone an internal, a rational, and a natural, 2181, 2183:2.
That with everyone there is an internal, a rational which is the middle, and an external man, is known to-day, 1889, 1940:2.
There is an internal and an external man, which may be known from several things, 6309.
The internal man is described; it is of the Lord, 1999:3.
The internal man is of the Lord, 1594.
The internal man is of the Lord with man; the rational is, as it were, of man, 1904:3.
What the spiritual and the natural man, or, what is the same, the internal and the external man, are: namely, the spiritual, or internal man is wise from the light of heaven, but the natural, or external man from the light of the world, 3167.
The internal and the external man are altogether distinct; and the internal lives after separation from the external, 5883.
The internal man is in the light of heaven, the external in shadow, as to spiritual things: illustrated, 10134:4.
The internal man is an image of heaven; the external, an image of the world 10156:4.
The external man is in hell, unless he becomes spiritual by means of regeneration, 10156.
In the external man there are things which agree, and things which disagree, with the internal man, 1563:2, 1568.
The external man is not united to the internal, only with the Lord, and so far as the Lord unites, 1577.
What separates the external from the internal, 1587.
What separates the external of man from the internal is the love of self; what conjoins them is mutual love, 1594.
Man separates himself from that internal; and it is dissension, not disjunction, 1999:3;
illustrated, 2018.
The beauty of the external man conjoined to the internal, 1590.
The internal man can perceive what is in the exterior, not contrariwise, 1914:2, 1953.
The internal man thinks in the external, 3679:2. See THOUGHT.
The internal man receives truths, when he is being regenerated, sooner than the external, and thence is the combat of temptations, 3321.
So far as heavenly things, which are of the internal man, dominate, truths are multiplied; and so far as worldly things, which are of the external, dominate, truths are diminished, 4099:2.
Unless the external man is conjoined with the internal there is no fructification: illustrated, 3987.
The external man ought to be wholly subject to the internal, and to be without freedom from the proprium: illustrated, 5786.
The internal man is open with those who are in faith and love to the Lord, but closed above and open beneath (thus to hell) with those who are in evil, 9128:3.
It is not perceived by man in the world what is being transacted in the internal man, but what is in the external, 10237, 10240e.
The internal man is actually in the internal sense of the Word, when he is open, but he cannot be enlightened, except according to the cognitions in which the external is: illustrated, 10400:3.
The inhabitants of this earth are external sensual; concerning their combat with those who are internal sensual; an experience, 4330:2.
Concerning the internal man, the regenerated and the not regenerated natural, 8744, 8745.
Concerning the internal and the external man 9701-9709.
It is believed that it is the internal man who thinks and wills, and the external who speaks and does, 9702;
but the case is otherwise; in one way when conjointly, and another when separately, 9703.
When a man thinks well, he thinks from the internal; when evilly, he thinks from the external, 9704;
so far as he thinks from heavenly love, he thinks from the internal; so far as he thinks from the love of self and the world, he thinks from the external, 9705;
because the internal man is formed to the image of heaven, and the external to the image of the world, 9706.
So far as he thinks and wills from heaven, or the Lord, he does so from the internal, and the internal is opened; but so far as he does so from self and the world, the external is opened, and the internal is closed, 9707.
The external is reduced to order by means of the internal, so far as it is subordinated, 9708.
The quality of those whose internal man is closed, and of those with whom it is open, 9709.

The Internal Church and Worship.
The quality of the man of the internal Church, and of one of the external, 1098.
There is an internal and an external Church, 1242.
The external Church is of no value if not internal, 1795.
When the internal ceases, the Church ceases, 6587:3.
The internal Church is charity towards the neighbour in willing, and from willing in acting, and therefrom faith in perceiving, 4899:4.
The Church is in the internal, and not in the external apart from it, 10698.
The internal things of the Church, which the Lord taught, were known to the ancients; and He abolished external representatives, 4904:2.
They who are in the internal of the Word, of the Church, and of worship, love to do truth for the sake of truth; and also they who are in the external in which there is an internal, but with a difference; they who are in the external without an internal do truth for the sake of self and gain, 10683:2.
What it is to do truth for the sake of truth: illustrated and shown, 10683:4.
What internal and external worship are; and their quality, 1083:4.
External worship apart from internal is no worship, 1094.
They who are of the external Church have an internal in their worship, if they are in charity, 1083:4.
From what things it may be known whether there is an internal in worship, 1102:3, 1151, 1153.
What it is to make internal worship external, 1175.
Internal things are those which vivify worship, 1175.
In proportion as interiors are profane external worship is profane, 1182.
They who do not believe in eternal life have no internal worship, 1200.

Interior things with man are distinct, and follow each other, 6342.
What and of what quality the distinction according to degrees is; thus how the case is with interiors towards exteriors illustrated, 3691:2.
One thing is formed from another successively and they do not become purer continuously; thence interior and exterior things are distinct among themselves; they follow in order; and interior things are in exterior, 6465.
Interior things exist in exterior, and there they exist in such an order that the inmost may be in the middle, and so forth, 6451:2.
Interior things cease and rest in exterior, and have a connection with them: illustrated, 9216.
Interior things are they which produce exterior, 994:2, 995.
Interiors in things successive arrange themselves in the middle, or centre, thus in order in simultaneous things, 5897.
Exterior things should be subject to interior, or sensual and natural things to the rational illustrated, 5128.
Exterior things ought to serve interior; and exteriors were formed for that end: illustrated, 5947.
Perfection increases toward interiors: illustrated, 9666:2.
Exterior things are relatively obscure, because they are general, 6451:3.
What interior and exterior things are; and the interior are more perfect, because nearer to the Divine, 5146:2, 5147.
There are a thousand things in the interior which appear as one in the exterior, 5707:2.
Perception is clearer so far as it is more interior, 5920.
Everyone has communication with interiors, wherein he is ruled for use, 1399.
The interior man is the rational, intermediate between the internal and the external; concerning which, 1702:2, 1707, 1732.
What is meant by the interior with the Lord, 1926.
The interior is expressed by the higher, or the high, 2148.
The exterior and the interior are the same as the lower and the higher, 3084.
To know interior things was wisdom with the ancients; to-day there is no affection for them, on account of the affection for exterior things, 5224:2.
The interiors of man actually turn themselves according to his loves, 10702:2.
When men die the interiors lie open such as they had been, 4314e.
The progress towards interiors appears manifestly in the other life, as from mist to light, 4598:2.
When man is elevated toward interior things, he comes into a milder light; and this elevation from sensual things was known to the ancients, 6313.
The man who is elevated by being in the good of faith, is alternately in this and in that light, 6315.
When the influx of good and truth from the Lord is not received in the natural, the interiors are closed, and at length even to the sensual, 6564.
The interiors of the evil are defiled, howsoever it appears otherwise exteriorly, 7046.
The interiors are occupied by falsity, when the exteriors are, 7645.
Good is in the interiors, and truth in the exteriors: illustrated, 7910;
and the conjunction of good and truth is in the interiors, 7910e.
Everything good, that it may be good, must have good interiorly in itself, 9912, 9975.
Interior truths are those which are implanted in the life, and not those which are only in the memory, 101l99:8.
Interior truths in the memory only are exterior truths, 10199:8.
Thought is interior and exterior: illustrated, 5127:2.
The things which are born afterwards, from the internal, are more interior, 6239.

General Statements
Why a man ought to be in internals: illustrated, 4464:3.
Concerning those who do not care for internal things; from experience, 4946.
Man is such that he can look inwardly, or to the Lord, and outwardly, or to himself and the world, 7601:2, 7604, 7607.
He who is led by means of good from the Lord, or he who is in order, has his internal opened by the Lord; but he who is not in order has it closed, 8513.
Concerning the internal things which are in all things in general and particular from the Lord: illustrated, 8868, 8870.
In all things in general and particular there must be an internal that they may exist and subsist: illustrated, 9473:3.
The internal is closed by means of evils and falsities from the love of self and the world; and how: illustrated, 10492:2.
Why the internal was closed with the Jews, and is closed with Christians, with whom and with the intelligent it is more so than with the simple, 10492:3.

Internal Sense. See SENSE.

Interpretation (interpretatio).
The interpretation of a dream d. what it had in itself, or what is in it, 5093, 5107.
To interpret d. to happen, or what should happen, 5141;
and prediction, 5168.
An interpreter between them d. that spiritual things are apprehended altogether differently, 5478.

Interrogation. See To Asa.

Intestine (intestinum).
Concerning the correspondence of the intestines with the Grand Man, 5392-5395.
How the case is with those who constitute the colon; they infest the peritoneum, 5379.
Where and of what quality they are who constitute the colon intestine, 5393.
Intestines d. last and lowest things, 10030;
illustrated, 10049.
Why they were to be washed, 10049.

Inundation (inundalio). See FLOOD.
A flood and inundation of waters s. temptations, as also desolations, 705, 739, 756, 790.
What an inundation is; from experience, 5725.
An inundation d. to be immersed in lusts, and also to be immersed in falsities, 5725.
What to be immersed in falsities is; and how it appears, 6853.

Invoke, To. See To CALL UPON.

Iron (ferrum).
Iron d. natural truth, 425, 426.

Isaac (Isacus). See also under ABRAM.
Isaac means laughter, that is, the affection of truth, because the Divine Rational of the Lord, 2072:2.
Isaac r. the Divine Rational of the Lord, 2083, 2630;
d. the Divine Marriage as to the Lord's Human, 2774;
the Divine Rational as to good, 3012, 3194, 3210.
Jehovah the God of Isaac d. the Divine Human of the Lord, 3704.
The dread of Isaac d. the Divine Human of the Lord; whence, 4180.
By Ishmael is sd. the rational first conceived with the Lord; by Isaac is sd. His Divine Rational, 1893:2, 2066.

Ishmael (Ismael).
By Ishmael is sd. and sd. the first rational of the Lord; but by Isaac, the Divine Rational, 1893:2.
What Ishmael s. is described: namely, rational truth, 1949-1951.
By Ishmael is also sd. those who are truly rational, or spiritual, 2078, 2691:2.
By Ishmael the Lord's Spiritual Kingdom, or the spiritual Church is rd., 2699.
Ishmael and the Ishmaelites d. the spiritual who are in simple good as to life, and therefrom are in natural good as to doctrine, 3263.
The Ishmaelites d. those who are in simple good, 4747.
By the twelve sons of Ishmael are rd. all things of the spiritual Church, especially with the gentiles, 3268.
Mahalath the daughter of Ishmnael the son of Abraham d. truth from a Divine origin, 3687.

Islands (insulae).
Islands d. the particular tracts of land, and more remote forms of worship, 1158.

Israel (Israel). See JACOB, and under ARMY.
Israel d. the Lord, 3305:4;
the Divine celestial-spiritual, 4286:4;
the celestial-spiritual of the natural, or the good of truth, 4598;
spiritual good, 5801, 5803, 5806, 5812, 5817, 5819, 5826, 5833;
the spiritual Church, and, in the highest sense, the Spiritual Kingdom of the Lord, 6426.
The Holy One of Israel, also Israel, d. the Lord, 3305.
The God of Israel and the Holy One of Israel d. the Lord: shown, 7091.
That he is at one called "Jacob," and at another "Israel" is on account of the internal sense: shown, 5973.
What Jacob and Israel s., 3305.
Israel d. the internal of the Church; Jacob, the external: shown, 4286:7;
no one is Israel except one who is made spiritual by means of temptations, 4286:8.
The Lord, in the supreme sense, is Jacob and Israel: shown, 4286:7;
because internal things are those which are represented, and external things represent them, therefore Jacob was named Israel, 4292:2, 4573:3.
Jacob d. the external Natural of the Lord; Israel, the internal, 4570:2.
What is sd. by the sons of Jacob were hearkening to Israel, when they were being blessed, 6339, 6340.
See also TRIBE.
Judah d. the good of celestial love; Israel, the good of spiritual love, 3654:6.
The sons of Israel d. spiritual truths, 5414, 5879e;
concerning which truths, 5951;
d. the Church, 6637;
those who are of the Spiritual Kingdom, 6862, 6868, 7035, 7198, 7201, 7215, 7223;
those who are in truths by means of what is good, and in the truth which is from good, 7957;
illustrated, 8234.
By the sons of Israel was rd. the spiritual Church: see references, 9340:6.
By the twelve sons of Israel are rd. all things of the spiritual Church; Israel is the celestial-spiritual man who is from the natural; Joseph is the celestial-spiritual man who is from the rational, 4286.
The people of Israel d. the spiritual Church as to good in which are to be implanted the truths of faith, 8805:3.

Issachar (Jischar). See also HIRE.
Issachar, in the supreme sense, d. the Divine Good of truth, and the truth of good; in the internal sense, celestial conjugial love; in the external sense, mutual love, 3956:2, 3957.
Issachar d. remuneration, 6388.

Isthmus (isthmus).
The quality of those who relate to the isthmus in the brain, and the glandular nodules, 4051.
The quality of those who relate to the isthmus in the brain, and correspond to the ganghia in the body, 5189:3.

Ithamar (Ithanmar). See ELEAZAR, 9811:2, 9812.