Начало J

Jabbok (Jabbock).
The passage, river, or ford of Jabbok d. the first insinuation: shown, 4270, 4271.

Jacob (Jacobus). See also ESAU, ISRAEL, JEW, and ABRAM.
Esau was understood when Isaac blessed Jacob, 3576.
Jacob worshipped other gods, especially the God Shaddai, 3667:2.
Jacob was not a servant with Laban, 3974:2, 4113.
A bed is attributed to Jacob; and he appears in a bed; why, 6463. See BED.
"Jacob" means his posterity: shown, 4281.
Because internal things are they which are represented, and external things represent them, therefore Jacob was named "Irsael," 4292:4, 4570.
That he is sometimes called "Jacob," and sometimes "Israel," is on account of the internal sense: shown, 5973.
In the Word, Jacob himself, or through him the people, is nowhere meant, when he is named, 3305:2.
By Jacob is sd. the Jewish Church and the external Church of the gentiles, 422.
Jacob d. the Ancient Church, 4439, 4680:4;
and also the primitive Christian Church, 4706;
the external Ancient Church, 4614;
in particular, the Church as to truth, 4520;
the Jewish religion from the Ancient Church, 4700, 4703;
the Church, 5536, 5540;
the doctrine of natural truth; in the supreme sense, the Lord's Natural as to truth: shown, 3305;
natural truth, 3509, 3525, 3546, 6001;
thus also the natural as to truth, 6236.
Jacob at first r. the truth which was of the natural good of the Lord's infancy, and after this the Divine made Divine Truth of the Lord's Divine Natural, 3599.
Jacob r. truth to which good is about to be conjoined, when he entered into the land of Canaan, 4234.
Jacob rd., in the beginning, the Lord's Natural as to truth; in progress, as to the good of truth; and, in the end, as to good, 4538;
d. truth in general, 6641;
r. the good of truth, 4273, 5506, 5533, 5535;
d. the good of truth, that is, truth in the will and act, 4337:2.
See also JEW.
Jacob d. the truth of good, and variously r. it as far as good is in the natural, because even the state of truth and good is other in the beginning than it is in the progress and the end, 3775, 4234;
general good, 3829;
the good of the natural, which approaches nearer to the Divine, 4073;
good, 4538:2.

Jacob and Israel.
The Lord, in the supreme sense, is Jacob and Israel: shown, 4286:4.
Jacob d. the external Natural of the Lord, and Israel the internal, 4570:2.
Israel s. the Lord as to interior natural truth; Jacob, as to exterior; Israel also s. the interior Spiritual Kingdom of the Lord, and Jacob the exterior, 3305:7.
Jacob d. the external of the Church; and Israel, the internal: shown, 4286:7.

Jacob and Esau.
Esau and Jacob, after the Lord's Natural was glorified, r. the Divine Natural as to good and truth, 3576:2.
Jacob also d. the good of natural truth, after he took the primogeniture of Esau, and his blessing, 3659:2.
The primogeniture and blessing which Jacob took away from Esau involve that his posterity succeeded to the promise respecting the land of Canaan; and it rd. Divine-celestial and Divine-spiritual things, but fraudulently, 3660.
Jacob is rd. the good of truth, and Esau rd. the good from which is truth, 3669, 3677.

Jacob and Isaac.
As by Isaac is rd. the rational, by Jacob is rd. the natural; and by the sons of Jacob, the sensual, 4009e.

Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.
By Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is sd. the Lord and by Jacob, His Natural Man, 1893.
What is rd. by Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, in the supreme sense, or in the Lord; and what in the representative sense, or with man, 6098.

Sons of Jacob, see TRIBE.
How evil the sons of Jacob were: shown, 4316.
Concerning the sons of Jacob; they rd. truths and goods, and the Church, see TRIBE.
The sons of Jacob d. things alienated from the truth, 6557, 6571.
The sons of Jacob, or the brothers of Joseph, d. the Church which turns away from charity to faith, and at length to faith separated, 4665, 4671, 4679, 4680, 4690.
The ten sons of Jacob d. the natural, 5680, 5882;
the truths, of the Church in the natural, 5403, 5409, 5419, 5427, 5458, 5512.
Joseph and Benjamin d. the internal; the ten other sons, who were born of Leah, d. the external, 5469.
See also under Jacob and Isaac above.
The sons of Israel d. spiritual truths, 5414, 5877, 5879e.
Because Jacob went down into Egypt he sd. that natural truth was being initiated into the scientifics of the Church; concerning which, 6004.
The Mighty One of Jacob d. the Divine Human of the Lord: shown, 6425.

Peter, James, and John.
Peter, James, and John stand for faith, charity, and the goods of charity, see Preface to Genesis xviii. 2 ante 2135.

Jah (Jah). See JEHOVAH.

Japheth (Japhet).
Japheth s. external worship in which there is internal, 1062, 1140, 1141;
who is described, 1150.

Jasper (jaspis).
Beryl, onyx, and jasper d. the spiritual love of truth, or the external good of the Spiritual Kingdom, 9872.

Javan (Javan).
What Javan s., 1152, 1153:3, 1155.

Javelin, To Shoot (jaculum, jaculari). See BOW.

Jawbone (maxilla).
An explanation of the Lord's words concerning a blow on the right jaw, and concermag the coat, 9049:6.
To smite the jawbone d. to destroy truth: shown, 9049:8.

Jebusite (Jebusaeus).
Jebusite d. what is idolatrous in which there is something of truth, 6860.

Jegar-Sahadutha (Jegar Sahadutha).
What Jegar-Sahadutha, the heap placed by Jacob and Laban, d., 4195.

Jehovah (Jehovah). See LORD and GOD.
Respecting Jehovah nothing can be predicated but that He Is, all else is spoken of according to the appearance, 926.
Jehovah, or the Infinite Esse, cannot be manifested to man, thus cannot flow into man, except by means of the Human Essence, so by means of the Lord, 1990:3.
Concerning the Divine Esse and the Divine Existere, 6880.
Jehovah, the Divine in Itself, is far above the Divine in heaven, 8760.
The Essential is not in the nature of things, but only in the Lord, who is the Esse, or Jehovah; and all things beside are instrumental: illustrated, 5948:3.
The Lord's Divine Human from eternity was Jehovah passing through heaven, 6280.
All things that are done by Jehovah are done by means of the Truth proceeding from Him, 7795.
The Lord is called, and is Jehovah, 1736.
Jehovah, in the Word, is the Lord, 3035.
The Lord was and is Jehovah in the human form: shown, 9315:3.
The Trine in the Lord is Jehovah, 2156:2, 2329:3.
Jehovah is called the Redeemer; He is the Lord: shown, 6281.
The Internal of the Lord was Jehovah, because conceived by Jehovah, 1815.
The Lord was one with Jehovah His Father, who was His Internal, to whom He united the Human, 2004, 2005, 2018, 2025.
So far as the Lord was united to Jehovah, He spake with Jehovah as with Himself; otherwise, as with another, 1745:2.
Why in the Old Testament Jehovah is sometimes mentioned, Jehovah Zebaoth sometimes, the Lord Jehovih sometimes, and God sometimes, 2921.
The Lord is called the Lord Jehovih especially in temptations, 1793.
By Jehovah no other than the Lord was understood by the ancient and most ancient people, 5663:2.
The Most Ancient and the Ancient Church called the Lord Jehovah, 1343.
The Hebrew nation distinguished itself from others by this, that they called their God Jehovah, 1343.
The posterity of Jacob, and even Moses, lost this name, 1343:2.
The Jews place worship in this, that they name Jehovah; which effects nothing, 1094:3.
The Jews worshipped Jehovah only as to name, 3732e.
Jehovah was seen by Moses as a very old man sitting, with a long beard, 4299:5.
The Jews had such an idea respecting Jehovah, and that He could do miracles above other gods, 4299e.
No one can see Jehovah face to face and live; why: shown, 4299:4.
Jehovah s. love, 1735.
By Jehovah is sd. the Lord's Divine Itself, 5041.
The Lord as to the Divine Human is what is meant by Jehovah, in the Word; the reason is that the Divine cannot otherwise be approached: illustrated, 8864.
Jehovah, in the Word, d. the Lord: references, 9373.
Jah d. the Divine Truth proceeding from the Lord, 8267.
The Lord Jehovih means, O Good Jehovah! 9167:3.
"Jehovah Zebaoth," or of Hosts, is from Divine truths; and because He fights for man, 3448:6.
in the Old Testament, the Lord is the same as Jehovah Zebaoth, and as Jehovah; and in the New Testament the Lord is mentioned instead of Jehovah: shown, 2921.
"Jehovah" is from essence, "God," is from power, 300.
Why He is called "Jehovah," and why "God," 709, 732, 840e, 1096:2.
"God" is used where truth is spoken of; "Jehovah," where good is spoken of, 2586, 2769.
Jehovah and God d. the Lord: shown, 6303.
Jehovah God d. the Lord: Jehovah as to the Divine Esse, or Divine Good, and God as to the Existere, or Divine Truth, 6905.
Jehovah, Jehovah God d. the Trine in the Lord, 10617.
I am Jehovah the God d. every good of love and truth of faith is from the Lord, 10158.
I am Jehovah, and Jehovah said, d. irrevocable confirmation from the Divine: shown, 7192, 7202.
In like manner "Jehovah said" occurs in the Prophets: shown, 7192.
What "Jehovah saying" d., 1791, 1815, 1819, 1822.
What "Jehovah caused it to rain from Jehovah out of heaven" s., 2444-2447;
it is the Lord as to the Trine, 2447:6.
Jehovah the God of heaven d. the Lord as to the Divine Essence; and Jehovah the God of the earth d. the Lord as to the Human, 3023.
To see God face to face d., in the internal historical sense, that the Lord is representatively present, 4311.
Jehovah being seen d. the appearance of the Divine of the Lord in the Human, 6945, 6956.
I am That I am d. the Esse and Existere of all things in the universe, 6880.
There is none like Jehovah God d. there is one God, and none beside Him, 7401;
and in like manner what else, 7444, 7544, 7598, 7636.
The Song of Jah d. that everything of faith, and of glory therefrom is from Divine Truth, 8267.
Jehovah is His name d. that it is the Lord alone from whom all things are, 8274.
The throne of Jah d. the Spiritual Kingdom of the Lord, 8625.
Before Jehovah d. from the Lord: illustrated, 10146.

Jerusalem (Hierosolyma).
Jerusalem d. the Church, 36542;
the doctrine of truth from the Word, 9166:6.
What is sd. by the holy Jerusalem, 402.
What the new Jerusalem d.; the new Church in general and particular, 2117.
Concerning the filthy Jerusalem where the Jews are, 940:2.

Jest, To. See To PLAY.

Jesus (Jesus). See CHRIST.
What the two names of the Lord Jesus Christ s., 3004-3011. See CHRIST.
Jesus Christ is in each single thing of the Word, 5502.

Jethro (Jethro).
Jethro the father-in-law of Moses d. the good of the Church which is in the truth of simple good, 7015.
See also REUEL.
Jethro d. Divine Good, 8643.

Jew and Judah (Judaeus et Jehudah).
Why the Jews had all things by means of representatives; and it was not granted them to know the interior things of faith, 301-303.
Why the interior things of the Word were not uncovered to the Jews, 2520:5.
Interior things were not uncovered to the Jews lest they should profane them; and, therefore, they are also kept in unbelief to-day, 3398:3, 3479.
The Word was altogether closed to the Jews, 3769:2.
They could not receive interior truths, 4433:2.
They extinguished interior truths, 4429:2, 4433:2.
The posterity of Jacob could not receive the internal of the Church, 4680:4.
The internal of the Church could not be given with the Jewish nation; the reason, 4544:2, 4845, 4547:2.
The Jews consider the internal things of the Church not otherwise than false: illustrated, 4865:2.
Interior things were veiled with the Israelitish and Jewish nation when they were in representatives; and this was their sanctification, 8788:2, 8806.
The interiors were closed with the Jews when they were in what is holy, 9962.
The internal was altogether closed with the Israelitish and Jewish nation, 10490:2.
If the internal were opened with them they would perish, 10533.
The internal of the Israelitish nation was filthy, thence it was closed in worship; the reason is that the internal might not be defiled, and the representative perish, 10575:2.
Interior things were closed with the Israelitish nation when they were in worship, because they were filthy, 10629.
The worship of the Jews was only external, 1200.
The Israelites and Jews wished to know nothing at all about the internal things of the Word, of the Church, and of worship, because they were in externals separated from the internal, 10396:2, 10401, 10407.
Therefore the Church could not be instituted with them, but only a representative of the Church, 10396:4.
See below.
The Jews did not wish to know the internal things of worship and the Word, 3479.
But still they could represent holy things and the Lord Himself; for the reason that they could be in a holy external, 3479:2;
and, therefore, they have been preserved to this day, especially because they are in what is holy when they hear the Word, 3479:3.
But nothing of the internal holiness affects them, 3479:4.
They were surrounded by evil spirits, even when they were in what is holy, 4311:2.
The Jews were mostly in external things, because they were in avarice, 4459:7.
That they had an external without an internal is shown by their doctrinal principle that it was allowed them to treat their enemies cruelly, and also did so treat them, 4903:2.
The Jews and Israelites above every other people could represent holy things, because they worshipped external things as Divine, without an internal, 8588:5.
How the Israelites and Jews were in externals without internals; also a representative of the Church, not the Church, was instituted with them and they were the worst nation: references, 9320:4.
The sons of Jacob were in an external without an internal: references, 9380.
The Jews were in an external, and not in an internal: illustrated, 9373, 9391:18.
They could be in external humiliation more than others, but still they were not in internal illustrated, 9377:2.
The Israelitish nation could be in external things and at the same time in what is holy, and could obstinately insist that they were above others; but they were in the love of self, 10430.
The external sense of the Word was changed and made other on account of the Israelitish nation, about whom it there treats: illustrated and shown, 10453:3, 10461.
With the Jews the internal was closed that there might be communication by means of external things, and lest internal goods and truths should be profaned, 10492.
A miraculous communication was made with heaven by means of their external things of worship; and for this two things were requisite: namely, that the internal should be closed, and that they could be in a holy external, 10500.
The external of worship of the Israelitish nation could communicate with heaven miraculously; concerning which, 10602:2.
This could not be granted them after the Lord's advent, and, therefore, they were expelled from the land of Canaan: illustrated, 10500:3.
The Jews saw the Word from the outside, not from the inside, 10549-10551.
The Jewish nation, inasmuch as it was an external without an internal, did not sustain spiritual and internal things, because they relate to the Lord and His kingdom, and to love and faith in Him, 10694, 10701, 10707.
Concerning those who are in an internal, those who are in an external in which is an internal, and those who are in an external without an internal, 10683:2.
With the posterity of Jacob there was a representative of the Church, not the Church, 4281:2.
Their Divine worship was only external, and separated from the internal, thus idolatrous; but still they were able to represent, and they were driven to that worship through external means, 4281:2.
With the posterity of Jacob there was not a representative Church, but a representative of the Church, 4288:2.
A representative of the Church was not instituted with the posterity of Jacob until after they had been vastated as to internal holiness; otherwise they would have profaned what is holy: illustrated, 4289.
The Church was not with the Jews, but a representative of the Church, 4500e, 4706.
The representative of the Church had good in itself, but with respect to the posterity of Jacob it had no good, 4444:2.
With the Jewish nation there was a church, but not in that nation: illustrated, 4899:2, 4912.
With the Jews there could only be instituted the representative in an external form, not in an internal, and yet by this there was then a communication with heaven, 6304.
With the Jewish and Israelitish nation there was a representative of the Church, not the Church, 7048.
How the representative character passed from them first to simple angelic spirits who relate to the cuticle, and from these to interior angels, 8588:6.
With the Israelitish and Jewish nation all things were representative of the interior things of the Church and heaven, 10149.
The Church was not with them, but a representative of the Church, 10526, 10531.
By means of representatives something of the Church was present with the Jews and Israelites, and in their rites they were strictly bound to present the representations, 3147:10.
How unclean things with them were removed when they represented, 3480.
The Jews are Canaanites, 1167.
The Jews derived their origin from a Canaanite, and from whoredom with a daughter-in-law, 4818:2;
and that origin involves evil from the falsity of evil with them, 4818.
The Jews also were from whoredom with a Canaanite, 4820.
With the Jews there was no conjugial principle, in either sense, 4837:2.
The conjunction of their religious faith with the internal of the Church was not otherwise than with a harlot: illustrated, 4868.
The conjunction of the external Jewish Church with the internal is as that with a harlot; also of the internal with the external, as of a daughter-in-law with a father-in-law under the pretext of doing the duty of a husband's brother, 4874:2, 4913.
The internal of their Church was conjoined with the external, as a daughter-in-law with a father-in-law under the pretext of doing the duty of a husband's brother; but that of the external with the internal, as with a prostitute, 4899:4.
It is explained that the conjunction of the external with the internal is as that with a prostitute, in that nation, 4911:2.
The Jews even from the time of their fathers were of such a character that each wished to have his own god; and they worshipped Jehovah only as to name, 3732:2.
It was peculiar to the families of Abraham that each acknowledged his own god; and they were idolaters, 4208:2.
Still the genuine thing of the Church could be represented by them, 4208:3.
The fathers of the Jews-Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob-worshipped each one his own god; and their fathers in Syria did the same; and thence the Jews and Israelites were such, 5998.
The Jews acknowledged several gods, and only worshipped the name of Jehovah; the reason, 6877.
The Jews at heart believed in several gods, 7401.
The worship of several gods was seated in the heart with the Jews more than all other nations: shown, 8301:4.
The Israelitish nation worshipped Jehovah as to name only: illustrated, 10559-10561, 10566.
They worshipped Jehovah that they might become more eminent than all others in the whole earth, 10566, 10570:2.
They were idolaters continually, who only worshipped external things: illustrated, 4825;
and this derives its rise from an idolatrous internal, which is of the love of self and the world, 4825:2.
The posterity of Jacob was most prone to worship external things; why, 8871:3.
They applied the Divine statutes to idolatrous things, 8882.
The Jews were not chosen, but obstinately insisted that they were the Church shown, 4290:2, 4293:2.
They were such that they could be in a holy external without an internal: illustrated, 4293:2.
How erroneously they think who believe that the Jews in the end of the Church will be converted and brought back to the land of Canaan, 4547:3.
Converted Jews fluctuate, 788.
It is believed, even by Christians, that the Jewish nation was chosen, and that it was introduced into the land of Canaan; there are several reasons; confirmatory passages from the Word here brought forward; and the quality of that nation is shown from the Word, 7051:2.
The Jews and Israelites were not better than other nations, and in no respect chosen for heaven, though they were called the people of Jehovah: shown, 7439:2.
The error that the Jews are to be chosen again, 8301:6.
They insisted that Jehovah was with them, and so they were the Church, for the sake of their eminence over others shown, 10535.
The Jews were in corporeal and worldly love, without internal love, 4307.
What the character of that nation was is clear from the Lord's parables, and from several things which the Lord spoke concerning them, 4314:2.
The Jews were such from the first of their fathers, and afterwards: shown, 4316:2.
Their hereditary evil was such that they did not admit of regeneration: shown, 4317.
They succumbed in temptations which were only external, 4317:6.
In the Church with the posterity of Jacob all things were false and evil in general and in particular, 4503:2.
The tribe of Judah declined into a worse state than the rest of the tribes: shown, 4815:3.
With the posterity of Judah there was the falsity of evil, or the falsity of doctrine from the evil of life, 4832.
The Lord appeared to the Israelitish people from Mount Sinai according to the quality of the people, thus in smoke, cloud, and thick darkness, 1861:10, 6832.
It was permitted to the Israelites and Jews to destroy nations, because they were such, and the worst nation, 9320:2.
The interior things of the Israelitish nation are described, 10454-10457, 10462-10466.
The Jews could be in a holy external from the fire of the love of self, or for the sake of eminence above others, 10570:2.
The sense of the letter of the Word was changed for the sake of the Jewish nation; how: illustrated by examples, 10603:3.
Matters respecting the Jews gathered into one, 10396:5.
The Jews had an idea of Jehovah as of a very old man with a long beard, who could do miracles above other gods, 4299:5.
The Lord was representatively present with them, that is, the holy external was miraculously elevated into heaven outside them, 4307:2, 4311:2.
The statutes, judgments, and laws commanded to the posterity of Jacob were known in the Ancient Churches, 4449:2.
The representatives in the Jewish Church were not new, but existed formerly in the Ancient Church, 4835.
The Jews from their own religious faith also affirm internal truths, when they look upon them as their own; but how: shown by examples, 4911.
What the kingdom of the judges, the kingdom of the priests, and thereafter the kingdom of the kings were with the posterity of Jacob; and they were ultimately divided into two kingdoms; what they represented, 8770:2.
Because the Israelites were in the greatest obscurity as to the truths of faith, and in falsities from evil, therefore the Lord appeared to them in a dense cloud, in smoke, and in fire on Mount Sinai, 8814, 8819;
and this was according to their quality, 8819.
The Lord appears to all according to their love: as a creating and renewing fire to the good, and as a consuming fire to the evil; so to the Jews, 9434:3.
The tribe of Judah was the first tribe, when Reuben, Simeon, and Levi were cursed, 10335:2.
The worship of the Jewish nation will have an end at the end of the Christian Church in Europe, 10497e.
Moses urged that the people be accepted, through which urgency it was consequently done, 10632.
Avaricious Jews are, as it were, where hogs are being scraped, 939.
They are discerned by the stink of mice, 940.
Robbers in the wilderness, 940.
The filthy Jerusalem, 940:2.
Concerning the other Jerusalem of the Jews, between Gehenna and the swamp, 941.
I have spoken with Jews in the other life, concerning the Word, the land of Canaan, and the Messiah, 3481.
Concerning the hell of cruel adulterers where such as are of the Jewish nation are, 5057.
How cruelly the Jews treated the nations from delight, 5057.
The Jews and Israelites were cruel towards their enemies; perceived from experience, 7248.
Judah is in general the nation from Jacob, in particular that from Judah, 4815, 4842.
The Jews (in the first place Judah), in the supreme sense, d. the Lord and the Divine of His love; in the internal sense, the Word and the Lord's Celestial Kingdom; in the external sense, doctrine from the Word which pertains to the celestial Church: shown, 3881.
Judah (the Jewish nation), when it continued in the statutes, rd. the Celestial Kingdom of the Lord, and when it turned away to idolatrous practices, the kingdom of the devil shown, 3881:10.
See also To CONFESS.
From which Judah was named, 3880.
When they became idolatrous they rd. infernal things, 4444:4.
Judah d. the religious faith of that nation, 4864;
the good of the external Church, 5583, 5603;
the good of the Church, 5603;
illustrated, 5782, 5794, 5833;
the celestial Church and the Divine Celestial, 6363.
The sons of Israel in the land of Canaan rd. celestial things; and the nations there, infernal things; and, therefore, they were given to their devotion; and it was forbidden them to enter into a covenant with them, 6306.
When the Jews worshipped other gods they rd. infernal things, 9284.
By the sons of Israel are sd. those who are in externals without an internal, 10692.
The Israelitish nation rd. the Church; and the Church was not with it references, 10698e.
The brothers of Judah d. the truths of the celestial Church, 6364.
Judaea d. the Church of the Lord, 3654.
Judah d. those who are against all good whatsoever, 4750.
By the seed of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is not meant their posterity, because that nation was the worst of all, but those who are in goods and truths from the Lord, 3373:2.
Such were Jews and such their church that they were rd. by Judas Iscariot, 4750, 4751e.

Job (Hiob, Job).
The Book of Job is a book of the Ancient Church, not among those which are called The Law and the Prophets, 3540e, 9942:5.

Jobel (jobel). See TRUMPET.
The jobel being prolonged, also to hear the trumpet, d. to be in a general perception of celestial good, 8802.

John (Johannes).
John rd. the good of charity, Preface to Gen.xxii.2 ante 2760.
John reclined at Jesus" breast, because he rd. good works, 3934e;
because he rd. the good of charity, 10087:2.
The Lord's words to Peter and John, concerning Peter loving Hun and feeding the lambs and sheep, and concerning John following Him, are explained; also what they s., 10087:2.
Peter, James, and John stand for faith, charity, and the good of charity, see Preface to Gen. xviii. 2 ante 2135.
It is according to the order of heaven that a spirit is sent before the angels who come to men, and prepare them, as John the Baptist before the Lord, 8028:2.
John the Baptist d. the Word, and his dress and food sd. the external things of the Word, 7643:10;
shown, and the things concerning him explained, 9372:2;
also how he was Elias, 9372:2.

Jokshan (Jochschan).
Jokshan and his sons; what they s., 3240.

Joint, To be Out of (luxari).
What to be out of joint s., 4278.

Jordan (Jordanes).
Jordan s. those things which are with the external man; why; Euphrates also s. external things, 1585;
d. initiation into the cognitions of good and truth, and the first and last of the Lord's kingdom, or Church: shown, 4255.

Joseph (Josephus). See also ARK.
The sons Ephraim and Manasseh are meant by Joseph, 6275.
Joseph d., in the external sense, fructification and multiplication, 3971;
d. the Divine Human Spiritual of the Lord, 4669.
By Joseph the Divine Truth especially respecting the Divine Human of the Lord is rd., 4723, 4727.
Joseph d. the celestial-spiritual man from the rational, or the Lord's Internal, 4963;
the celestial of the natural, 5086, 5087, 5106;
the Lord as to the celestial of the spiritual, 5249;
the celestial of the spiritual; concerning which, 5307;
internal good, 5805, 5826, 5827;
the celestial internal, 5869, 5877;
the internal, 6177;
or the celestial internal and internal good, relative to greater or less lower things, 6224;
the spiritual Church; in the supreme sense, the Divine Spiritual of the Lord, 6417.
The natural under the internal is rd. by Joseph, 6145.
What the celestial of the spiritual is, which is Joseph, 5307, 5331, 5332.
The celestial of the spiritual, which is Joseph, is truth from the Divine: illustrated, 5417.
Joseph, when he is called the man (vir), d. truth from the internal, or spiritual truth, 5584.
The things mentioned about Joseph r. the glorification of the Lord's Human, 5688:3.
The house of Joseph d. celestial things of the spiritual, 6526.
Joseph and Benjamin d. the angelic societies constituting the uniting medium signified by the veil before the ark, 9671:2;
the internal; and the remaining sons of Jacob d. the external, 5469.
Benjamin d. the spiritual of the celestial: shown; and Joseph d. the celestial of the spiritual, 4592:5;
each is intermediate, 4585:5, 4592:6, 4594:2.
Joseph d. the celestial-spiritual man who is from the rational; Israel d. the celestial-spiritual man who is from the natural, 4286:3.
By the four first births of Leah-Reuben, Simeon, Levi, and Judah-is rd. the progress of the celestial man s regeneration; and by the seven remaining as far as Joseph, the progress of the spiritual man's regeneration, 3921:3.
By the words "God hath gathered the reproach, Joseph" is rd., in the supreme sense, the Lord as to the Divine Spiritual; in the internal sense, the Spiritual Kingdom and the good of faith; in the external sense, salvation, also fructification and multiplication: shown, 3969.

Joshua (Joschua).
Joshua d. Truth combating; concerning which, 8595;
Divine Truth surveying and apperceiving, 10454;
Divine Truth ministering in the absence of Moses, 10557.
Joshua, as the minister of Moses, d. what is representative, 9419.

Journey, To (proficisci).
What motions and progressions are in the other life, 9440. See PLACE.
Journeyings in the other life are changes of the state of the interiors illustrated, 10734;
and from experience, 1273-1277.
To journey s. the order and purposes of life, 1293e;
to progress, 1457;
what is continuously successive, 8181, 8397;
orderly arrangement; when, 8192;
what is progressive of spiritual life, 8557.
The journeyings and encampments of the Israelites in the wilderness s. spiritual states and their changes, 8103.
According to the journeyings (namely, of the sons of Israel in the wilderness), d. according to the order to receive the life of heaven, 8559.
To journey and to go d. what is successive, 4375, 8345;
what is continuous, 4554, 4585, 5996.
To go d. to live, 3335;
whence: illustrated, 4882, 5493;
life: illustrated, 5605;
when spoken of the Lord, to give life, to be present, and to lead, 10567.
To go and to walk d. to live; why, 8417, 8420.
To go forth d. to live more remotely, 3690.
To go forth to meet d. reception, 7000.
To go from thence d. to leave, 3416.
To enter d. communication, 6901.

Joy (qaudium). See HEAVEN.
Many have so general an idea respecting heaven and heavenly joy that it is no idea, 449.
The opinions of several concerning heavenly joy, see HEAVEN.
Experiences concerning heavenly joy, see HEAVEN and HAPPINESS.
Heavenly joy, its quality and whence it is, 10722-10724. See HEAVEN.
The Divine joy on the reception of good and truth is infinite, because love, from which joy is, is infinite, 8672.
Joy is predicated of good; gladness, of truth: shown, 8339e.
Gladness d. the spiritual, or of truth; joy d. the celestial, or of good, 3118;
shown, 4137.

Judea. See under JEW.

Judah (Jehudah). See JEW.
The tribe of Judah declined into a worse state than the rest of the tribes: shown, 4815.
The tribe of Judah was the first tribe when Reuben, Simeon, and Levi were cursed, 10335:2.
"Judah" is in general the nation derived from Jacob, and in particular that from Judah, 4815, 4842.
Judah d. the religious faith of that nation, 4864;
the good of the external Church, 5583;
the good of the Church, 5603;
illustrated, 5782.
Judah, in the Word, s. the good of celestial love and Israel, the good of spiritual love: shown.
By the four sons of Jacob in order, Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, is rd. the progress of the regeneration of the celestial man; and by the remaining seven to Joseph, the progress of the regeneration of the spiritual man, 3921:3.
The brothers of Judah d. the truths of the celestial Church, 6364.

Judas Iscariot. See under JEW.

Judgment (judicium).

What judgment is.
It is the penalty of evil, 1311:2.
Judgment belongs to the Lord's Divine Human and the Holy proceeding, 2319-2321.
Judgment is effected from Truth, 5068.
Judgment is from good and truth; what judgment from good is, and what from truth; and the Lord never adjudges anyone to hell: shown, 2335:2.
Judgment has relation to the upright and the wicked, 7206:2.
Several matters concerning the separation of the good from the evil; how the case is, 2438.
Damnation to hell takes place by degrees of exploration, 7273e, 7295e.
The Lord does not judge anyone, but arranges him; he is judged according to reception, 8685.
A man is judged according to the will, not according to acts, because the will is the man himself, 8911.
The angels have a sort of jurisdiction, but still the Lord is the only Judge, 7811.
The quality of Christians to-day; they are without faith and charity, in contempt, aversion, and enmity against the truths of faith and the Lord, and in inward hatred against one another, 3489.
There is no destruction of the world, 4059.
The distinction between the precepts which relate to life, the judgments which relate to the civil state, and the statutes which relate to worship; in general, between judgments and statutes: shown, 8972:3.
The Lord's appearance in a cloud, in the human form, and then in splendour, with the inhabitants of a certain earth; and spirits were gathered to the right and the left, and so separated, 10810;
and at that time also in the lower parts of the earth there, 10810:2.

Last Judgment.
What is meant by the Last Judgment, 900, 9312, 1311:2, 1850.
Concerning the Last Judgment, 2117-2133.
Men suppose it will come with the destruction of the world, and this from the Word prophetic concerning the new heaven and the new earth, 2117.
It is the last time of the Church, as every Church has had its own judgment, 2118.
There is a last judgment to every man there; how man is resuscitated: he is received by angels in order, until he returns into his own life, and therefrom either descends into hell or is elevated into heaven, 2119.
How it is to be understood what the Lord spoke concerning the sea, the sun and moon, the stars, and the nation against nation, 2120.
The Last Judgment is at hand in the other life, when they who are from the Christian world fill the world of spirits and its interior sphere; the reason why they are there; what evils reign among them, 2121.
Many who are from the Christian world are satiated with the love of self and the world; they are in deceits; and make nothing of faith, 2122.
Hereditary evils are augmented, and equilibrium begins to hang to the side of evil, 2122.
Goods and truths are turned in a moment into evils and falsities, 2123.
In the most ancient times voluntary good was destroyed, and to-day intellectual good begins to perish, 2124.
The quality of Christians to-day represented by black spirits, by boys who were being combed, by a tree into which a viper ascended, by a dog, and by women in a kitchen, 2125.
Such as are against innocence represented by an infant whom they wished to treat very badly, and to kill, 2126.
In the world such do not appear, but their internals are such things, 2126.
In the other life there appears, as it were, a kind of last judgment, 2127.
When societies badly crowded together were dissociated, it was by means of a flying company of spirits which dissipates; concerning which state, as it were, of the Last Judgment, 2128.
Similarly there are conflicts of thoughts and reasonings; concerning which; what their qualities are, 2129.
It is disputed whether the twelve apostles upon twelve thrones judge the twelve tribes of Israel, and whether others than those who have suffered misery and persecution enter heaven; how these things are to be understood, 2129:2.
An idea of the Last Judgment, when they are intromitted into heaven; what went on respecting the wolf: they were delivered; the twelve, then eight, societies were admitted; and they who came afterwards were not; and others also wished to be admitted; so that it was understood what is meant by their coming too late, knocking, and lacking oil, 2130.
How those who are intromitted are received into heaven; they are transferred from a society into others according to their desires, 2131.
What one that entered not being clad in the wedding garment s.; it d. those who are in hypocritical deceit, who insinuate themselves into heavenly societies, but are cast of themselves into some hell, 2132.
A general glorification of the Lord heard throughout an immense space, and seen like a down-flowing radiation, which takes place when they are in a state of tranquillity and peace, 2133.
The Last Judgment is the end of the Church with one nation, and the commencement of it with another, 3353, 4057.
At different times there has been a last judgment; concerning which, 4057.
The Lord has come as often as there has been a last judgment, 4060:5.
The Last Judgment is the rejection of the old Church and the establishment of a new, 4333.
On this globe there has been a last judgment four times, 4333.
The Last Judgment is not the destruction of the world, but the last time of the former Church and the first time of a new Church, 4535.
It is the last judgment to everyone when he dies; and he does not rise again with the body: illustrated, 5078:6, 5079:2.
Some believe that the soul is only thought, others that they will be like spectres, others that they are to rise again at the Last Judgment, and then with the body; concerning which matters, 4527.
What things the Lord taught respecting the Last Judgment, or His Coming and the consummation of the age, in Matth. xxiv. 3-8, are explained, 3353-3356;
what things are in that charter, verses 8-14, are explained, 3486-3489;
verses 15-18 explained, 3650-3655;
verses 19-22 explained, 3751-3757;
verses 23-28 explained, 3897-3901;
verses 29-31 explained, 4056-4060;
verses 31-35 explained, 4229-4231;
verses 36-41 explained, 4332-4335;
verses 42-51 explained, 4422-4424;
a summary of what things are in that chapter, 4422.
The things which are in Matth. xxv. 1-13, respecting the Last Judgment, explained, 4635-4638;
verses 31-46 explained, 4661-4664;
verses 31-33 explained, 4807-4810.
There is a last judgment for every man when he dies; concerning which the Lord spoke in Matth. xxv. 31-33, 4807, 4808.
Verses 34-36 explained, 4954-4959;
verses 37-46 explained, 5063-5071.

To judge.
To judge d. the arrangement of truth, 8685.
"God judging me, and also hearing my voice" (from which Dan was named), d., in the highest sense, righteousness and mercy; in the internal sense, the holy of faith; in the externa1 sense, the good of life, 3921.
To judge the people d. truth in its own office, 6397.
May Jehovah see and judge d. Divine arrangement, 7160.
Judgment d. Divine Truth, doctrine and life: shown, 9857;
also to judge to life or to death, 9857:10.
Judgments d. exterior truths such as are in the civil state, where the representative Church is: shown, 8972;
truths references, 9260;
truths of the natural state, and "words" d. truths of the spiritual state, 9383.
Judgments and laws d. truths and truths of good, 8695.
Great judgments d. according to the laws of order, thus according to Divine truths, 7206.
Righteousness is predicated of good, judgment of truth, 2235.
What consummation s., 1857.
The day of visitation d. the last state of the Church, in particular and in general, when there is a judgment; how it then takes place briefly, 10509.

Juggler. See SORCERESS,

Jupiter (Jupiter). See PLANETS and EARTH (tellus).
The Lord was seen by the spirits of Jupiter such as He appeared to them in their earth, 7173e.
Concerning the spirits and inhabitants of the planet Jupiter, 7799-7813.
Several things respecting them, 7799.
They and the planet appear in front towards the left, at some distance, 7800.
There are three kinds of spirits with whom I have spoken, chastisers, instructors, and holy angelic spirits, whose faces shine, 7801.
Spirits speak with the inhabitants there, 7802.
The chastising spirits come to man; and when they come they strike terror; their qualities are described, 7803.
Instructing spirits also come; concerning whom, 7804.
Angelic spirits are present, at the head, and govern the former, 7805.
They see two signs: an old man with a white face, signifying that they speak the truth, and a face in a window, that they may depart, 7806.
Then the face of a man there was kept cheerful and smiling, the mouth being open and the region of the lips prominent, 7807.
A man is severely punished if he does evil again, 7808.
Spirits speak with man, not man in return, except a few words; and to say to anyone that a spirit has spoken with him is forbidden, 7809.
The kinds of punishments: shown, 7810.
Angels have a sort of jurisdiction, but to the appearance only, 7811.
Spirits afterwards come who urge contraries, from evils, 7812.
A spirit applying himself under the left elbow, with a harsh speech, is sent before angels when they come to man, 8021.
The speech of angels with me was at first grosser, then purer, and at length still purer; concerning which, 8022-8026.
A spirit interrupted and admonished one to act modestly with angels, 8027.
It is according to the order of heaven that a spirit is sent before the advent of angels, who prepares the way, as John the Baptist came before the Lord, 8028.
Spirits are carried into heaven when they become angels, by means of bright horses as it were of fire, as Elijah was, 8029.
Angels there in the first heaven appear clad in blue, and that colour is loved by them, 8030.
These spirits cannot have consort with spirits of our earth; why, 8031.
The approach and influx of a spirit of Jupiter is gentle and sweet, 8111.
The signs when there are disagreements among them are a bright white radiation, or little wreaths, 8112.
They kept my face smiling and cheerful, and they had tranquillity and delight, 8113.
They have interior happiness, because the interiors are open to the Lord, 8114.
Angelic choirs please them greatly, 8115.
In that earth there is a great multitude of men, because they can be nourished, 8116.
They are distinguished into nations, families, and houses, and do not desire to command, nor to possess the goods of others, 8117.
It was similar in ancient times on our earth; concerning which, 8118.
The faces of the inhabitants of Jupiter are beautiful, 8242.
They believe that after their decease their faces will become larger, 8243;
and that then the fire of heaven will make their face, 8244.
Therefore they wash and cleanse the face many times, not so the body, 8245.
The faces of the inhabitants of our earth do not please them, 8246.
Smiling and cheerful faces they love; the reason is that they are such as themselves: not in solicitude concerning the future nor in care concerning worldly things, 8246, 8247.
They love faces which are prominent about the lips, because they speak by means of the face, 8246, 8247.
Their speech is by means of their faces: shown, 8248.
They also have vocal speech, 8248.
The most ancient people had speech by means of the face; and several things respecting its excellence above speech by words, 8249, 8250.
The inhabitants of Jupiter do not walk erect, but as it were leap; concerning which, 8371.
They always keep the face forward, and never backward, 8372.
How they sit, 8373.
They freely desire the face to appear; why, 8373.
Thence the spirits appear as if they were swimming, 8374.
They are naked, and do not blush at it, because their minds are chaste, 8375.
When they lie down, they turn their face towards the chamber; why, 8376.
They eat for a long time, for the sake of discourse then, and at the time they sit upon the leaves of a fig tree, 8377.
They do not prepare food for the taste, but for the use; concerning which, 8378.
Of what character their dwellings are; inwardly they are like the face of heaven, 8379.
Of what character their tents are, 8379.
They want nothing beyond necessities; they love infants, 8380.
They have great horses, but in forests, and they have a natural fear of them, 8381.
The spirits of Jupiter are infested by the spirits of our earth, 8382, 8383.
They meditate upon what they say; why, 8384.
They are informed concerning printing, the Word, doctrinal matters, what is written, and thus published, 8385.
They acknowledge our Lord, whom they call the only Lord, and say that He is a man; they have seen Him on their earth, 8541.
The doctrine of faith is there derived from parents to children, 8541.
Wrong thinking concerning the only Lord is most especially prevented, 8542.
He is the same as our Lord, 8543, 8544.
They do not attend to scandals injected by spirits of our earth, 8545.
All good is from the Lord; a discourse with them, 8546.
The Lord is the only man, and they are men so far as they are His images, 8547.
Their wisdom is transferred from parents to children successively, 8627.
They do not care for the sciences, because they say they are like clouds before the sun, and cause blindness, 8627, 8628.
They cannot be with the spirits of our earth; why, 8630.
They are distinguished from others by means of their spheres, 8630.
An example of their perception and wisdom, from a representation of how the Lord turns evil into good, 8631.
They asserted from their angels, that the Lord does evil to no one, 8632.
They do not care for artificial things, 8633.
They have no festal days, but hold worship at sunrise and sunset, 8633.
The speech of the spirits of Jupiter is inwardly voluble finishing in a murmur, 8733.
Concerning their saints; their quality, 8735-8740.
They say they are mediatory lords, 8735;
they call the Lord the supreme Lord, not the only Lord, 8735.
They say the dwelling of the supreme Lord is in the sun, and, therefore, they adore the sun, 8736.
The instructing and chastising spirits do not come to them; why, 8737.
They have a turreted hair-cap, 8738.
In the other life they sit, and shine from fire in the face, but still they are cold, 8739.
They cut wood, because they ascribe merit to themselves, 8740.
Who the spirits of Jupiter who are called sweepers of chimneys, are, 8846.
They relate to the seminal vessels, and intensely desire to be introduced into heaven; concerning whom, 8846-8848.
The conscience is made heavy with them from a trifling evil; an experience, 8849.
They who are to die within a year see as it were a bony baldness, 8850.
They who have lived well do not die from an evil, but as if in sleep, 8850.
They do not care about death, because they know they will live afterwards, 8850.
They do not live beyond thirty years, by reason of the great multitude of men on that earth, 8851.

Just and Justice. See RIGHTEOUSNESS,

Justification (justificatio).
What justification is, 2116, 2694:4.
Because men believe in justification, they know little respecting regeneration, 5398.