Начало K

Kadesh (Kadesch).
What Kadesh s., 1958;
truths and contentions about truths, 1678;
the affection for interior truths proceeding from rational things, 2503.

Kadmonites, See KENITE.

Kedar (Kedar).
Kedar, which is Arabia, was named from the son of Ishmael, 3268:3.
Nebaioth and Kedar d. those who are of the spiritual Church, especially with the nations: shown, 3268:2.
The Arabs in the wilderness d. those who are not in good, 3268:5.

Keep, To. See To GUARD,

Keeper (custos). See CUSTODY.

Kenite (Kenita).
The Kenites, and the Kenizzites, and the Kadmonites d. the falsities which are to be expelled from the Lord's kingdom, 1867.

Kenizzites, See KENITE.

Kesithae (kesithae).
Kesithae, which were coins, d. truths 4400.

Keturah (Keturah). See also ABRAM.
What Keturah s., 3237, 3239-3242.
The sons of Keturah d. doctrinals and worship of the Lord's Spiritual Kingdom, 3243.

Key (clavis).
Key d. power: shown, 9410:1.
What "the key of the kingdom of the heavens' s.; shown, Preface to Gen. xxii. ante 2760, 3750:2.

Kid (haedus).
He-lambs and she-lambs s. the innocence of the internal, or spiritual man, and kids and she-goats s. the innocence of the external, or natural man, consequently their truths and goods: shown, 3519.
A kid of the she-goats, because it s. the innocence of the external man, d. the conjugial pledge: shown, 4871.

Kidneys (renes).
The operation of heaven into the kidneys observed, but obscurely, 3884:4.
Concerning the correspondence of the kidneys, the ureters, and the bladder with the Grand Man, 5380-5386.
The nature of those who constitute the peritoneum, when they are infested by renal spirits, 5378.
They who constitute the kidneys, the ureters, and the bladder are they who explore and who chasten, 5381-5384.
When it is said, in the Word, that Jehovah searcheth the kidneys and the heart it d. spiritual things, or what things belong to truth, and celestial things, or those that belong to good: shown, 5385;
and also, in the Word, chastisement is ascribed to the kidneys, 5385.
Succenturiate kidneys, or renal capsules; their use; and that chaste virgins constitute that province in the Grand Man; concerning which matters, 5391.
Kidneys d. truth exploring, purifying, and chastening: shown, 10032.

Kill, To (occidere).
To kill d. to deprive of life that which does not coincide with it, and thence vivification; so the contrary, 3607;
to take away the spiritual life, or faith and charity: shown, 6767;
not to receive, thus also not to choose, 7043;
to withdraw spiritual life from anyone, also to extinguish faith and charity, thus to hold the neighbour in hatred: shown, 8902.
To kill a brother and a companion d. to close the internal lest good and truth enter, because thus spiritual life is taken away, 10490, 10492.
To be killed, when predicated of good and truth, d. not to be received, 3387, 3395.
To slay a beast d. preparation for purification, 10024.

Kindle, To (accendere). See FIRE.

Kine. See COW.

King (rex). See also KINGDOM, and under TO ANOINT.
A merciful and mild king punishing the wicked, 2447.
How far a king puts off the representative character of holy kingship, 3670:2.
Kings are fathers; why, 3704:5.
Kings were formerly adored; when, 5323:2.
Glory is ascribed to kings in the Word; why, 5922:15.
Kings are guardians of the law, 5323:2.
What kingship in the world is, 6482:2, 10800.
Who is a just and good king, 8717:2.
What a king is, 10793.
A king who is wise, and one who is not wise, 10802.
What the priesthood, and what the kingship of the Lord are, 1728.
What the Lord as a king is, and what as a priest, 2015:10.
The Divine Spiritual of the Lord is that which is also called His kingship, 3969:15.
The Divine Spiritual, or the Divine Truth is that which is also called the Lord's kingship, 4669.
The Lord is called King from Divine Truth, 4973:3.
The Lord called Himself King; why, 5068.
Kingship is the Law, which is in itself the truth of the kingdom, 5323:2.
Kingship in heaven is Divine Truth, 9212:6.
Kings, kingdoms, and peoples s. truths, 1672.
Kings d. truths: shown, 2015:3, 2069;
references, 6745:3;
truths in one complex, 2089.
Divine truths: references, 10360.
By kings are sd. those who are in the truths of faith: references, 9406:2.
All kings whatsoever and whosoever they are, by means of their very kingship, r. the Lord, 3670:2.
Kings, the evil equally with the good, r. the Lord's kingship, 4281:3.
The kings in the Jewish Church rd. the Lord as to the Divine Spiritual, or the Divine Truth, 4677:2.
Kings r. the Lord as to Truth, 4876:10.
The truth which king sd. is from good, 3009.
King r. Divine Truth which is from Divine Good, 4966:3.
King d. the Lord as to Divine Truth: references, 6125:6.
By king is understood the truth of the faith of the Church in the complex, 9146:2.
By king, in the genuine sense, is sd. truth, and, in the opposite sense, falsity, 7220e.
By king is sd. the same as by people, 7224e.
A judge is spoken of in the Word, also a prophet, as also a king, where truth is treated of; and a priest where good is treated of, 9806:2, 9809:9.
King, in the internal sense, d. the truth which belongs to what is doctrinal; what the king of the Philistines s., 3365.
Kings, and also the sons of a king, s. the interior truths of faith, 2069:2.
What a king and at the same time a priest, d., 6148:3.
Kings of the peoples who will be from Sarah s. spiritual truths which flow in from the Divine Truth of the Lord, 2069:4.
The king of the south s. those who are in goods and truths; and the king of the north s. those who are in evils and falsities, 2468:3.
The king of the south d. those who are in the true light; and the king of the north, those who are in shade and thick darkness, 3708.
By the king of the south is sd. the light of truth from the Word; by the king of the north, reasoning from scientifics about truths, 9642:7.
The king of the north stands for falsities, or for those who are in falsities, 3322:5.
Kings from the loins s. truths from the Divine Marriage, 4575.
What the king of Syria s., 4720:2.
The kings of antiquity s. truths of the Ancient Church, 5044:4.
The king of Egypt d. the natural man, 5077, 5079, 5095;
separated scientifics which are against the truths of the Church, 6673;
one who is in sheer falsities, 8142.
Pharaoh, king of Egypt, s. scientific truth, 6015:7.
A new king over Egypt d. a false scientific, 6651, 6799.
The son of a king d. what is primary, 7779.
What the King of the Jews s., 9144:10.
The daughter of a king s. such things as pertain to the affection of truth and good from the Lord, in the Church, 9942:7.
What the anointing of kings s., 9954:10.
What the king of Asshur s., 9960:3.
Kingship, in the internal sense, d. the holy of faith, 3875:4.
Kingship r. the Lord as to Divine Truth, 5164:2;
s. the Divine Truth which proceeds from the Lord, 5313:3.
The Lord's kingship c. to His Spiritual Kingdom, 8625.
The kingdom of priests r. the Divine Good from which is the Divine Truth; but the kingdom of kings, the Divine Truth apart from the Divine Good, 8770:2.
The queen of the heavens d. all falsities, 4581:8.

Kingdom (regnum). See HEAVEN.
Man is the Lord's kingdom, 29:2.
The kingdom of the Lord is immense, 1810.
Empires and kingdoms were made on account of the loves of self and the world, 7364:2.
Concerning two forms of government,-from love towards the neighbour and from the love of self, 10814.
By kings, kingdoms, and people are sd. truths, 1672.
Kingdom d. the truth of doctrine, 2547.
The kingdom of the priests d. those who are in the good of truth, 8770:2.
To reign is predicated of truths which are of the intellectual; and to rule, of goods which are of the voluntary: shown, 4691:2.
Jehovah shall reign, He shall reign to eternity, was a customary formula with the ancient Churches; and it d. that all things are from the Lord, and that the Lord is the Lord of heaven and earth: shown, 8331.

Kingship. See under KING.

Kirjatharba (Kiriath arba).
Kirjatharba, which is Hebron, d. the Lord's Church: Kirjatharba as to truth, Hebron as to good, 2909.

Kiss, To (osculari).
Kissing d. unition and conjunction from affection: shown, 3573, 3574, 4353;
conjunction from affection, 4215;
also hypocritical simulations and deceits, 4215:3;
in like manner it d. love, 3800.
To kiss d. adjunction from affection, 5929;
conjunction from the affection of truth, 6260.

Kitchen (culina).
Two women in a kitchen, 2125.

Kneading-Troughs (mactra).
Kneading-troughs d. the delights of the affections, also of the lusts in the exterior natural, 7356.

Knee (genu).
The knees d. of conjugial love, 3915.
What to bear upon the knees s., 3915;
d. to acknowledge as one's own, 6585.
To sink down upon the knees d. to dispose oneself to what is holy, 3054.
Bending the knees and sinking down upon the knees c. to adoration from humiliation and holy fear, 5323.

Knife (culter).
The knife used for sacrifices d. the truth of faith it is called a small sword, as is the knife made of stone for circumcisions, 2799.
Knife is rarely mentioned in the Word, because there are spirits called "knifers"; concerning whom, 2799:22.

Know, To (scire). See SCIENCE, also To ACKNOWLEDGE.

Knowledge. See COGNITIONS and SCIENCE.

Known (notus).
I have spoken for a long time with persons known to me, 5, 448, 1114.
I have spoken with nearly all who were known to me, 1636, 1880.
They who are known to each other find each other in the other life, 1114;
also they who are known from fame, 1114.
They who are known are present in person immediately they are thought of, 1274.
They who were known recollected all things, in the other life, 2486.