Начало O

Oak (quercus).
To hide under an oak d. in perpetuity, 4552.
Oak d. the truths and goods which are in the lowest things of the natural, and, in the opposite sense, the falsities and evils therein: shown, 4552;
what is entangled, 4552.

Oak-Grove (quercetum). See OAK.
Oak-groves s. perceptions, but from scientifics, 2144.
The oak-grove of Moreh d. the Lord's first perception; what oak-grove signifies, 1442, 1443.
The oak-groves of Mamre d. interior perception, 1616, 2144.

Oath, See To SWEAR.

Obey, To, Obedience (obedire, obedientia).
To hearken to the voice d. the union of the Lord's Divine Essence with His Human by means of temptations: shown, 3381.
Concerning the Hebrew servants and freemen, or lords: illustrated, 8990:3.
Hebrew servants d. those who act from the obedience of faith, or from truths, and not from a corresponding good; but freemen and lords d. those who act from the affection of charity, 8987.
The distinction between them, 8987, 8988.
There is no knowledge of the distinction to-day; why, 8987:3.
To bore through the ear at the door d. to assign to perpetual obedience, 8990.

Obscure (obscurum).
Natural and spiritual obscurity; what the difference is; and spiritual obscurity is from the falsity of evil, ignorance of truth, and in exterior things being preferred to interior things, 5092.
Obscurity is where truths are exterminated; and this obscurity can be enlightened, but not obscurity from falsities, 5219.

Observe, To, Ordinances (observare, observanda).
Ordinances d. all the things of the Word in general: shown, 3382.
To observe the ordinance is the same as to keep those things which are to be kept, 3382:3.

Obsession (obsessio).
There are not external obsessions at the present time, but internal, by sirens, 1983:4.
There are interior obsessions at the present time; concerning which, 4793.
Whence obsessions are; spirits flow in from their own exterior memory, 2477:2, 2478.
Sirens attempt to obsess the interiors of man, 4793.
Adulterers wish more than others to obsess man, 2752.
Adulterous and cruel spirits wish to flow into the corporeal things of man, thus to obsess him, but they are kept shut up in the hells, 5990.
An evil man is obsessed interiorly as to thoughts, and only restrained by means of external bonds, 5990.

Odour. See SCENT.


Offering. See PRESENT.

Oil (oleum). See OLIVE and ANOINTING.
The reason why aromatic oil was made was on account of agreeable perception, 9474:2.
The aromatics from which the oil of anointing was made, pertain to the celestial class: shown, 10254:3.
They poured oil upon the head of a pillar to d. the good from which is truth, 3728.
The olive s. the good of charity; oil s. the celestial of love: shown, 886.
Oil d. the good of love; and by setting up a pillar, offering a drink-offering, and pouring oil upon it was rd. the progress of the Lord's glorification, and of man's regeneration, from truth to celestial good, 4582.
Oil of the olive d. good both celestial and spiritual: shown, 9780;
Divine Celestial Good, 10261.
Where the ten virgins are spoken of, lamps d. truths; and oil d. good, 4638:3.

Ointment (unguentum). See To ANOINT, and SPICE.

Old, Old Age, Elder (senex, senectus, senior).
From a boy to an old man d. recent and confirming things, 2348.
Old man d. wisdom in which is innocence, 3183.
Old d. what is new of life, 4620;
illustrated from experience, 4676.
What it is to he buried in a good old age; and what old age s., in the internal sense, 1854.
What old age s., 2198:2.
Old age d. to put off the human, 2198, 3016;
what is new of representation, 3254;
the putting off of a former state and the putting on of a new one, 3492;
the end of a representation, 6257.
Elders d. the principal things of wisdom, thus the things which agree with good, and old men d. wisdom: shown, 6524.
Elders also d. the things which agree with truth, 6625;
the intelligent, 6890;
those who are in good from truths, 9404;
those who are in the external sense alone, 9421.
The elders of Israel d. primary truths, 8578, 8585.
Moses called the elders of Israel d. that they had enlightenment of the understanding who are of the spiritual Church, 7912.
Seventy elders d. the principal truths of the Church, 9376.

Olive and Olive Tree (oliva et olea).
The olive d. the good of charity; oil d. the celestial of love: shown, 886. See OIL.
The olive d. celestial love, and the olive tree d. the perception and affection of that love: shown, 10261.
The vine d. the good of the spiritual Church, and the olive tree d. the good of the celestial Church: shown, 9277:4.

Olive Tree, Olivet (alea, Olivetum). See OIL and OLIVE.

Omer (omer).
Omer d. as much as is sufficient: illustrated, 8468, 8473. See HOMER.
Omer d. power, 8473.

Omnipotence (omnipotentia).
Omnipotence is predicated respecting the quantity of magnitude, concerning the Divine Will, concerning the Divine Love, and the Infinite Good therefrom; but omniscience is predicated respecting the quantity of multitude, concerning the Divine Intelligence, and concerning the Divine Truth, 3934.

Omniscience (omniscientia). See OMNIPOTENCE.

Onan (Onan).
Onan, the son of Judah, rd. evil from the falsity of evil, 4823, 4824, 4836, 4837.

Once (semel).
Once in a year d. perpetually, 10209.

One (unum).
Every one thing is from several harmonious things; and the whole heaven forms one, 457, 687.
The Trine is one: namely, the Divine Itself, the Human Divine, and the Proceeding, 2149, 2156.
All things are kept in connection and form when they have respect to one end, 9828.
One and a half d. what is full, 9488, 9489.
One d. something, when it is a half, 9530.

Onycha (onycha).
Fragrant onycha d. the affection of interior natural truth, 10293.

Onyx Stone (schoham lapis).
What the onyx s., see STONE.
Onyx stones d. the truths of faith from love, 9476, 9872:3;
what further, 9873:7.

Oppress, To (opprimere).
To afflict d. to infest by falsities of doctrine; to oppress d. to infest by evils of life, 9196.

Oracles (oracula), 1574e.
See Doctrine of the New Jerusalem concerning the Sacred Scripture, 44.

Order (ordo). See INFLUX and DEGREE.

Principles of Order.
What wisdom, intelligence, and order are, from a wise gentile, 2592.
What successive order is: illustrated from fruits; the interior and exterior things are distinct, and yet conjoined, 8603.
How the case is with successive order according to degrees, 10099. See DEGREES.
The laws of order are the Divine truths and the statutes in externals, 7995.
He who is led by the Lord by means of good, is led according to order, and is in the Lord, 8512.
There is an opening from the Lord to him who is in Divine order, and a closing to him who is not in Divine order, 8513.
Evil is contrary to order, and good is in order; and so far as men are in evil, or contrary to order, they appear in the other life as monsters, but so far as they are in good, or in order, they appear as men, 4839:2.
Order is, that truths and goods which are directly under the view of the internal sight are in the middle, as, comparatively, are the things which are directly under the external sight; concerning which, 6068.
Higher things are together in the ultimate of order, 3739.
Everything is possible which is according to Divine order, and impossible which is against it: illustrated, 8700:2.

Order of Influx.
What the order of influx is, see INFLUX.
The order of influx and of instruction is from scientifics, in which intellectual and celestial things present themselves, 1495:2.
The order of influx about instruction, 1495:2.

Order in Relation to the Divine.
The Lord is order itself thus above order in the heavens, 1919:4.
The Divine Truth proceeding from the Lord makes order, and is order, 8700:2, 8988:3.
The Divine Truth is order, and the Divine Good is the essential of order, 1728.
The essential thing of order is the Divine Good, which raises all into heaven, and the second thing is Divine Truth, which condemns all to hell; concerning which, 2258:2.
All order is from the Lord, and all things are ruled from good and truth; its laws are therefrom; and they are ruled from will, good-pleasure, leave, and permission, 2447:2.
Where order is, there the Lord is present, and where the Lord is present, there life is, 5703:2.
Where order is not, there the Lord is not, 5703:2.
The universal, in which are the most particular things, proceeding from the Lord, arranges all things into order, in general and in every part, 6338.

Order in Heaven and Human Society.
The order of heaven is a life of uses, and doctrine, so far as it is from that life, 7884.
The order of heaven, after the Lord began to govern heaven and earth from His own Divine Human, 7931:2.
Order cannot be kept in the world without governors, 10790.
If there were no governors the human race would perish, 10791;
among the governors there ought to be order, 10792.

Goods and Truths arranged in Order.
Concerning the order in which truths must be, that they may enter into good, 4302:3.
The man who is being regenerated has many falsities mixed with truths which are arranged into order, when he is regenerated, and acts from good; the truths are then in the inmost, and the falsities are rejected to the ultimate circumferences; it is contrariwise with the evil, 4551, 4552:2.
Scientifics which are in genuine order, are arranged to the form of heaven, but those who are in inverted order, are arranged to the form of hell, 5700:2.

Ordinances, See To OBSERVE.

Ordure (stercus). See EXCREMENT.

Ornament. See ADORNMENT.

Orphan (pupillus).
In the celestial sense, orphan d. one who is in good, but not yet in truth, and who is led by means of truth into the good of life, or of wisdom, 4544:5, 9198.
In the spiritual sense orphan d. one who is in truth, and not yet in good, and still desires good: shown, 9199.
What in the opposite sense, 9207.
When a sojourner, widow, and orphan are spoken of, in one sense, they d. the reciprocal conjunction of good and truth within the Church, 9200.

Ouches, See SOCKETS,

Oven (clibanus).
Oven d. the delights of the affections, and, in the opposite sense, the delights of lusts in the natural: shown, 7356.

Oven (furnus). See FURNACE.

Over Against (obviam). See To MEET (occurrere).


Ox, Bullock (bos, juvencus). See also under ASS.
Ox s. the good of the Church, 4502:2;
the natural, or external, good of charity, 6357;
the affection of natural good, 8912, 8937;
the affection of good in the natural, and, in the opposite sense, the affection of evil in the natural, 9065, 9083.
Oxen d. goods in their own power, 10236:5.
Oxen, the sons of an ox, and bullocks, in the Word and in sacrifices, s. celestial-natural things, 2180.
Ox and bullock s. goods of the natural, 5642.
Oxen by which ploughing was done s. goods in the natural, 5895.
Beasts which constituted the herd, as oxen and bullocks, in the sacrifices, sd. the external goods of charity and goods of the external man, 5913.
An ox wont to attack with his horn d. an affection of evil, 9070.
A live ox s. the affection of truth which injured another's affection of truth, 9092.
A dead ox d. the affection of evil and falsity in the natural, 9094.
The ox of an enemy d. the good of the external man, not genuine, 9255.
Twelve oxen drinking at the brazen sea s. all the goods of the natural and sensual man in the complex, 10235:6.
Cows, or heifers s. truths of the natural; oxen, or bullocks s. goods of the natural, 5198.
By an ox and an ass are sd. the natural man as to good and truth, 2781:10.
Ox d. exterior natural good, and ass d. exterior natural truth, 4244.
Ox or ass d. good or truth in the natural 9086.
Flock d. rational goods, herd d. natural goods, 2566.
Flock s. interior good, herd s. exterior natural good, 5913.