Начало R

Raamah (Raamah).
What Raamah s., 1171.

Rachel (Rachel).
Rachel d. the affection of interior truth briefly, 3758, 3782, 3793, 3819;
also the hereditary human of the Lord, 4593:2.

Rag. See CLOTH.

Raiment (amictus).
Raiinent, or covering d. the support of exterior life, 9003.

Rain, To, Rain (pluere, pluvia).
Rain s. blessing and salvation; in the opposite sense, curse and damnation: shown, 2445.
To rain d. to flow in, 8416.

Rainbow (iris). See COLOUR.
The iridal heaven, the great rainbow, and its little images, 1623.
The quality of rainbows in the least forms, seen in the somewhat larger rainbows, 1624, 1625.
Rainbow s. the state of the regenerated spiritual man; whence the rainbow Is the sign of a covenant; and what the rainbow is, 1042, 1043, 1053.

Ram (aries).
By burnt-offerings and sacrifices of rams was rd. purification from evils and falsities in the spiritual, or internal man, 9991.
Rams, which were used in the burnt-offerings and sacrifices, sd. the Divine Spiritual in the Lord, and therefrom the spiritual of the human race, 2830:2.
Rams d. the truths of good, 4170.
Ram d. the internal man as to the good of innocence and charity: shown, 10042;
thence what the burnt-offerings of the ram s., 10042:12.
What the heifer, she-goat, and ram s., 1824.
Bullock, or calf, d. the external good of innocence, ram d. the internal, and lamb d. the inmost: to some extent shown, 10132:12.

Rameses (Raamses, Rameses).
The journeying of the sons of Israel from Raineses to Succoth d. the first state of departure, and its quality, 7972.
Rameses, where the sons of Israel tarried in Egypt, and whence they first journeyed when they went out, d. the inmost of the spiritual in the natural mind, 6104, 7972.

Rapine. See SPOIL.

Rationality. See REASON.

Ravage, To. See To DEPOPULATE.

Raven (corvus).
By raven are sd. falsities, 866.

Ravished, To be. See under WIFE.

Raw (crudum).
Raw d. without love, 7856.

Reaction (reactia). See ACTION.

Ready, To Make (parare). See To PREPARE.

Reagency. See To ACT.

Reason, Rationality (ratio, rationalitas).
Little need be written concerning the rational, because it coincides with the intellectual, and with the spiritual.
See NATURAL throughout, and several matters which are alleged respecting the UNDERSTANDING.

The Lord's Rational.
The Rational with the Lord was conceived and born as with another, but He made it Divine, 1893:2, 1902:3.
How the rational was conceived and born with the Lord, and from the Lord was made Divine, 2093.
How the Lord's Divine Rational was and existed, as to good and truth, 2625:4.
The Lord made His own Rational Divine, both as to good and as to truth, by His own power; and this by the ordinary way, 3141.

The Rational Man, or Mind.
In man there are three things-the corporeal, the natural, and the rational; and they communicate, 4038:2.
With everyone there is an internal man, a rational man, which is the middle, and an external man; and this is unknown at the present time, 1889, 1940:2.
With everyone there is an internal, a rational, and a natural, 2181, 2183:2.
The human of man begins in the inmost of the rational, 2106e, 2194.

The Nature of the Rational Man.
What the rational is; it belongs to the internal man, properly the celestial, which has perception, not to the spiritual man, because this is the interior of the natural, 6240.
What the rational man is; and men are not rational because they can reason; several further things concerning the rational, 1944.
The interior man is the rational man, the middle between the internal and the exterior, 1702:2, 1707:3.
The rational is the middle between the external and the internal, 1702:2, 1707:3, 1732, 1889.
The rational pertains to the interior memory; how the case is with regard to the exterior memory, 2476.
In the rational truth is the chief thing; the affection of good, there, is as the soul in the affection of truth, 2072:2.
In the rational truth predominates; why, 2189:2.
To the rational pertain the imperceptible cognitive things which are of the interior memory, the cogitative things which are perceptive of what is equitable and righteous, also of truth and good, the spiritual affections of what is man's own, 3020:3.
The spiritual is in the rational; and they differ little, 3264.
By means of the influx of love, and of affection therefrom, into scientifics, truths are made manifest and are elevated into the rational, 3074.
How truth is initiated and conjoined to good in the rational; concerning which, see TRUTH.
Man receives a new rational by means of regeneration: illustrated by examples, 2657:2.
The spiritual separate the Divine from the rational, insomuch that they wish that those things which belong to faith should be believed simply, without any insight from the rational; why, 3394.
The rational is cultivated by means of scientifics, and is also destroyed, 4156:4.
The rational conceived at first makes light of intellectual truth, because it does not comprehend it; from examples; it was with the Lord also, on account of appearances, 1911, 1936.
They who have not a conscience have not a rational, 1914:3, 1944.
Why the good of the rational is a brother, and the truth a sister, 2508.
The human rational mocks pure, or Divine, truths, 2654:3;
from examples, 2654:3.
The higher can look upon the things which are beneath, 2654:7.
When truth is appropriated to good in the rational, it opens the rational, and makes man rational; but when falsity is appropriated to evil, it closes the rational, and makes man irrational, 3108:2.

How the Rational is Formed.
How the rational with man is conceived and born, 2093:3.
How the rational is conceived and born, or formed, 2557.
The rational is born from the influx of the internal man, as an agent, into the affection of the scientifics of the exterior man, which is the mother, 1895:2, 1900, 1907, 1910.
How, by means of influx with sciences and cognitions, the rational is formed, 1900.
The rational is procured by means of scientifics and cognitions, but on account of use; and as the use is so is the rational, 1964.
The intellectual is continually approaching to meet cognitions that the rational may be born, 1901.
Concerning the birth of the rational as to good and truth, 2524.
The rational, as to good, is formed by means of an influx by an internal way, and, as to truth, by an external way, 3030.
The Lord similarly made His own Rational Divine, 3030:2.

The Rational and the Natural Man.
There is a rational and a natural with man-the former is internal and the latter external, 5150:2.
Whilst he lives in the body it appears to man as if the rational lives in the natural, 3498:2.
The rational man thinks in the natural; concerning which, 8679:2. See THOUGHT.
The rational lives in the natural: illustrated, 4618:2.
How the rational man is distinct from the natural, 3020.
The rational is distinct from the natural insomuch that the life of the rational can be given apart from the life of the natural; but not the natural apart from the rational, 3498:2.
The rational does not appear distinct from the natural, 3495:2.
In the natural there are general things; in the rational, their particulars; and the natural is formed from the particulars of the rational, 3513.
In the interior there are thousands and thousands of things, which appear as one in the exterior, 5707:2.
By means of influx truths are elevated out of the natural man, and are implanted in the good of the rational; and in what manner, 3085:2, 3086.
Divine truths flow from the Lord into the rational, and by means of this into the natural, and are there presented as the image of many things in a mirror, but in heaven by means of representations in the world of spirits, 3368:2.
From the good of the rational goods and truths inmostly exist in the natural, 3576.
Concerning these see TRUTH and REGENERATION.
It is the rational whence the seeds of good and truth are, and the natural is the ground, 3671.
The natural is regenerated by means of the rational, 3286, 3288. See NATURAL.
In what manner with man a way is successively opened to the rational from infancy to adult age, and how it is closed up, 5126:3.
The rational appears to itself to see nothing, unless the natural corresponds, 3493:2, 3620, 3623.
The natural is beneath the rational, and if they agree, the natural is nothing but the formation of those things which are in the rational, as the general, 4667:2.
Concerning the combats of the rational and the natural man; and of what quality he becomes if the former, or if the latter, conquers, 2183:2.
The rational receives truths sooner than the natural, because the natural is to be regenerated by means of influx from the rational, 3321.
The rational receives goods and truths sooner than the natural, 4612:2.
The rational is regenerated sooner than the natural; why, 3493.
Several reasons why the natural is regenerated later and with more difficulty than the rational, 3321:2.

The Rational Degree.
The intellectual is, as it were, barren, unless it is rational, 1901.
The intellectual, the rational, and the scientific are distinct, 1904:3.
Rational truth without good is described as morose, 1949-1951, 1964;
but when from good, what its quality is, 1950:2.
Rational truth cannot grasp truth Divine; from examples, 2196:13, 2203, 2209.
There is an affection of rational truth, and of scientific truth, 2503.
The doctrine of faith is celestial-spiritual, not from the rational, 2510e;
shown by examples, 2516, 2519.
Rational things are appearances of truth, 2516:2, 3368. See APPEARANCES.
Rational and scientific things are like a covering and clothing to spiritual things, 2576.
It is permitted to those who are in an affirmative state respecting Divine truths, to enter into rational and scientific things; but to those who are in a doubtful and negative state, it is not allowed to enter by means of scientific and rational things into the doctrine of faith, 2556, 2568:2, 2588:2.
The natural, by means of sensual things, communicates with the world, by means of rational things, with heaven; this is so that there may be ascent and descent, 4009.
Concerning those who are deprived of rationality, in the tun, 948.
Man would be born rational, if order were not destroyed with him, 1902.

Reasonings, To Reason (ratiocinia, ratiocinari). See SCIENCE.

Rebekah (Rebecca).
Rebekah d. the affection of truth which is from the good of the nations of the first class, 2865;
Truth Divine conjoined to the Good Divine of the Lord's Rational, 3012, 3013, 3044, 3077.
Rebekah first put on the representation of the affection of truth, 3077.

Rebels, See MUTINEERS,

Receptacles (receptacula).
General things have their own receptacles; concerning which, 5531.

Reciprocal (reciprocum).
All conjunction requires what is reciprocal; and reciprocity is consent, 6047.

Recognize, To. See COGNITIONS,

Recompense. See HIRE.

Recount, To. See To RELATE and To TELL.

Recruit. See NOVITIATE.

Red (rubrum).
There are two fundamental colours, red and white, 9467.
So far as a colour is derived from red it s. good, 9467.
Red d. the good of love, 9865;
and this from fire and blood which are red, 3300:2, 9865;
in the opposite sense, the evil of the love of self: shown, 3309:5.

Red Sea. See SUPH.

Redemption, To Redeem (redemptio, redimere).
What expiation and redemption are: briefly, 9076, 9077.
The price of redemption is the Lord's merit; concerning which; and that also is so far with man as he receives it, 2966.
Redemption is spoken of with respect to slavery, death, and evil; and the Divine Human of the Lord is called the Redeemer: shown, 6281;
and that it is Jehovah, who is so called, thus also the Lord: shown, 6281.
The spiritual are redeemed by means of truth; what and how, 2954.
In particular they are called "redeemed" who emerge from vastation: shown, 2959.
To redeem d. to lead forth from hell, 7205, 7445;
when used with respect to the first-born of an ass, and of a man, d. to give another in its place, 8078-8080.
What the Lord redeemed men by means of blood s., in the external, the internal, and the inmost sense, 10152:2.
What is sd. by the expiation and redemption of the soul, which was to be given if an ox killed a man (vir) or a woman, 9076, 9077.

Redeem, To (redimere). See REDEMPTION.

Reformation (reformatio).
Concerning the state of reformation, and of regeneration, 5080:2.

Refuse, To (renuere).
To refuse d. aversion, 4990.

Regeneration (regeneratio).

The Process of Regeneration.
There is a state of reformation, which precedes, by means of which man is instructed concerning goods and truths, and these are afterwards exterminated, and truths joined to goods are brought back into the light which is in the natural mind from the interior, 5280:3.
Man cannot be regenerated unless he is first instructed in truths and goods, 677, 679, 711.
The state of first instruction, when they are enlightened, 2701;
the second, that they are easily instructed, 2704.
When man is being reformed general things are first arranged into order, and then doctrinal things are removed; concerning which state, 3057:3.
When a man is being reformed, then truths are multiplied with him; but when he is being regenerated, he is apparently deprived of truths, and is enlightened from the interior, and then truths are stored up in their own order, 5270:2.
Reformation, which is the initiation and conjunction of truth and good, is as a virgin when she is betrothed, and afterwards united to a husband, 3155.
When a man betakes himself to evils, if then anxiety overtakes him, it is an indication that he can be reformed; but if not, it is an indication that he cannot, 5470.
They who act from obedience, and not from the affection of good, cannot be regenerated, but can be reformed, 8987;
and this not to eternity, 8991.
The state of a man before he is regenerated, and when he is regenerated, 986.
The quality of a regenerated, and of an unregenerated person is described, 977.
There are states of inversion; but in one way with those who are being regenerated, and in another with those who are not being regenerated, 5159:2.
The regenerated as to external things appear similar to the unregenerated; but as to internal things they are altogether different: illustrated from the love of the body for the sake of the mind, and of the mind for the sake of good and truth, and so forth, 5159:3.
Who can be regenerated, and who cannot; they who can be regenerated are in the affirmative of truth, and are confirmed in it even to affection; they who cannot be regenerated admit doubts, afterwards denials; and the life of evil is the cause with them, 2689:3.
The process of regeneration, 9043;
its quality, 2343:2;
the last becomes the first, the end becomes the beginning, from which it afterwards commences as charity which faith has for an end, 5122:2;
the first state, when good does not appear; and the second, when it manifests itself, 6717.
The process of man's regeneration by means of cognitions and intellectual truths, 1555:3.
The process of regeneration by means of truth, until the man acts from good; concerning which, 2979.
See also GOOD.
In what manner regeneration is effected by means of the truths of faith: first by knowing, next by acknowledging, and by believing; then they are conjoined with good, and afterwards good is acted from: illustrated, 8772:2.
The quality of the truths of the first state, and of those of the second: illustrated, 8772:2.
The process of man's regeneration is represented in this, that the Lord made His own Human Divine, 3043.
The process of regeneration from infancy even to adult age is described: illustrated, 3701:2;
from infancy even to the spiritual life, which is by means of cognitions from revelation, 9103:4.
The process of man's regeneration from a state of external innocence to that of internal innocence, is described, 10021:2.
The process of man's regeneration and that of the glorification of the Lord's Human, are described and illustrated by the circle of life with man, 10057.
Spiritual life comes forth from every age as from an egg, 4378, 4379.
Truth is conjoined to good, and good to truth; the process, 5365:2.
The order of regeneration is not known at the present time; why, 3761.
With a man who is about to be regenerated and one who has been regenerated, no charity and charity, or cold and heat, alternate, 933.
With one who is about to be regenerated there are changes as of cold and heat, 933;
with one who has been regenerated there are changes as of summer and winter, 935;
changes of intellectual things as day and night, 935:2, 936.
The first affection of truth with those who are about to be regenerated is impure, but is successively purified, 3089.
There are societies with one about to be regenerated; and concerning their separation from such, 4110:2, 4111:2.
he man who is being regenerated is led by the Lord as an infant, then as a boy, afterwards as a youth, then again as an adult; and when as an infant boy he has cognitions of external and corporeal truth; concerning which, 3665:2, 3690:2.
He who is being regenerated passes through ages like one who is born, 4377;
he comes again as it were into the womb and comes from the kingdom of the lungs into the kingdom of the heart, 4931:3;
he successively proceeds into the cognitions of good and truth; concerning which progression, 6766:2;
he does not mostly fight from genuine truth, but from the truth of his own church, and then it can be conjoined with good, and becomes an innocent medium, 6765;
he has two states: illustrated by agency and reagency; the agent procures to itself the reagent, and they act as one, and are, as it were, one; good is the agent, and truth the reagent, 10729;
he has many falsities mixed with truths, which are arranged in order when he is regenerated, and he acts from good; and the truths are in the inmost, and falsities are rejected to the ultimate circumferences; it Is contrariwise with the evil, 4551, 4552.
The ordination and providence of the Lord in a man who is being regenerated, are eternal, because to eternity, 10048.
The reciprocal conjunction of truth and good, or of faith and love, is effected with the man who is being regenerated by the Lord: illustrated and shown, 10067:5;
the Lord alone does this, and man nothing; and it is effected by means of love, which belongs to the will: illustrated, 10067:8.
With a man who is being regenerated the case is like that of an infant, who first learns to speak, to think, and to understand what first pertains to science, and next when it becomes of life and flows spontaneously; the spiritual things which are with those who are being regenerated, are so imbued, 3203.
When a man is being regenerated doctrinal matters are first of all, as it were, a chaos with him, 3316;
at first the will wills otherwise than the understanding, 3509:2;
it is done through media and such things as are with the man: illustrated, 4364:2;
he looks to good from truth; but when he is regenerated he looks to truth from good: illustrated, 6247;
he proceeds in spiritual things almost similarly as when he grows up in worldly things, 6751;
former pleasures are removed from him, and new ones of a spiritual origin are insinuated in their place, 8413:2;
general things, which are primaries, are first insinuated, and then the rest; concerning which things, 8773;
the loves of self and the world are to be inverted, that they may be as means, and not as an end, 8995:3;
there are innumerable things which are from the Lord, that hell may be removed, and heaven implanted: illustrated, 9336:2;
goods, which are called fruits of faith, are the first and last, because they are ends: shown, 9337;
the natural man at first supposes he is perishing altogether, 5647, 5650, 5660:2;
afterwards he thinks otherwise, 5650;
Seed takes root by means of the good of charity, 880;
the Lord insinuates good into truths, which are recipient vessels of good, 2063:3;
good flows from the Lord through the angels into the cognitions of truth which the man has, and he is kept in them until he is affected by them, 4096:5, 4099.
What a full state is when a man is being regenerated, and how he is prepared, 2636.
There are innumerable arcana by means of which a man is led, when he is being regenerated, of which scarcely anything is known; concerning which, 3179.
To know and understand truth, to will truth, and to be affected by truth, or to have charity, follow each other, when a man is being regenerated; and afterwards one is contamed in the other, 3876, 3877.
Into what order truths and goods in the natural are reduced, when a man is being regenerated; they are then in the centre, and shine, 5128, 5134.
At the present time the sensual with man is not regenerated, but the man, when he is being regenerated, is elevated from it, 7442:4, 7443.
How truth is implanted in the good of charity, when man is being regenerated, 2189:2.
How the case is with man's proprium, when he is being regenerated, 731.
They who are being regenerated, first do good from doctrinal considerations; when they are regenerated they do good from good; an example, 3310:3;
they are first in a state of tranquillity, before they are in temptations, and after these they return into a state of tranquillity; which state is the end of those states in temptations, 3696:2;
they are elevated from sensual things; concerning that elevation, 6183;
in the beginning, they know internal truths, but do not acknowledge them by faith and act: illustrated, 3906.
The reasons why they who are being regenerated are reduced to the desolation of truth and to desperation: illustrated by examples, 2694:2.
Their state of enlightenment and of joy after desolation, 2699.
General things are insinuated into those who are being regenerated, in which general things there are particulars and singulars, which come forth successively, 4383.
Concerning the two states of a man who is being regenerated: references, 9274.
He ought not to return from the second state to the former: references, 9274:3, 10184.
Concerning the first and second state of man's regeneration; which are described, 10057:4, 10060; Concerning the two states of man's regeneration; which are described and illustrated; and by them are illustrated the two states of the glorification of the Lord's Human, 10076.
The life of the regenerated man is that, in the first state of regeneration, there is immediate influx from the Lord, in the second state a mediate influx, see INFLUX.
The former state is, to be led by means of truth, and the latter is, to be led by means of good, 7923e, 7992, 8505, 8506, 8510, 8512, 8516, 8643, 8648, 8658, 8685:2, 8690:2, 8701, 9224:2, 9227, 9230e, 9274.
He who is regenerated knows what belongs to faith, and to charity; why, 8635, 8638-8640, 8685, 8690;
because a man does not apprehend from himself anything except those that are of the world, and of self, 8636.
Examples of the things which a man does not know from self, but from revelation, 8637.
How fructification and multiplication take place with the regenerated man, 984.
How ideas with the regenerated are bent to wards good and truth by the Lord; and they have consociations with those, in heaven, 2272, 2273:2.
A regenerated man is altogether another and a new man,-not as to the body, but as to the spirit; concerning which, 3212:2.
They come into angelic intelligence and wisdom, 2494.
Man can never be perfected to eternity, 675.
Man can never be regenerated so that he can be called perfect, 894.
Neither a man nor an angel can be regenerated so as to become perfect, 5122:3.
Regeneration continues from infancy even to the end of life, and is afterwards perfected to eternity: references, 9334:3.
The regeneration of man in the world is a plane for the perfecting of his life to eternity: briefly, 9334e.
How the good are regenerated, also in the other life, 2490e.
Concerning the regeneration of the man of the celestial Church, as to voluntary things, and the man of the spiritual Church, as to intellectual things, 5113:2.
The regeneration of the spiritual man compared to a rainbow, 1042, 1043.
The spiritual, in the beginning, before they are regenerated, receive only a little of truth, 2674e.
The first state of the spiritual, before they are regenerated, is, that they are carried away into various errors, 2679.
The things which are insinuated into the spiritual, before regeneration, are continual and varied means to the spiritual life following, 2679.
The spiritual, before they are regenerated, are reduced to ignorance, which is called the desolation of truth; the reason, 2682:2.
The spiritual man, when he is being regenerated, proceeds from doctrinals to the good of doctrinals, from this to the good of truths, and from this to the good of life; and when he is regenerated vice versa, 3332:2.
The spiritual, at the beginning, are left in the proprium, for they think they have good and truth from themselves, 2678.
In what light of truth the celestial are above the spiritual, see CELESTIAL and SPIRITUAL.

The Internal and External in relation to Regeneration.
The life of the natural man is contrary to the life of the spiritual, before the man is regenerated: illustrated, 3913:3.
The merely natural man is in hell, and the spiritual is in heaven; and the man is in hell unless he is made spiritual: illustrated, 10156.
When a man is being regenerated, influx from the Lord is into the good of the internal man, and through the truth there into the natural, 4015.
When a man is being regenerated, this is effected by means of delights and good means, so that he can be led to the new man, 4063:2;
which is effected by means of societies of spirits and angels; concerning whom, 4067:2.
A man who is being regenerated is sent among evils and falsities as to the external, the Lord flowing in and arranging by means of the internal, 6724:2.
There must be influx from the internal into the good of the spiritual Church; otherwise the good there is not good, 6499:2.
Regeneration proceeds from the external to the internal: namely, from the truth of faith to truth in the will, thus to charity, 3868, 3870, 3872e.
Regeneration advances from external to internal, and then from internal to external; this that there may be ascent as by a ladder, and then descent, 3882.
Concerning the dominion of the interior man, and the servitude of the exterior, 5128.
In order that a man may be regenerated the natural should not be able to do anything from itself, but should be subjected to the spiritual, 5651:2.
But when he is regenerated, he then receives a new natural: namely, the spiritual-natural; concerning which, 5651:4;
because the natural is a plane in which influx terminates, 5651:2.
Exterior things are relatively obscure with respect to interior, because they are general, but they become clear when they are reduced to obedience and correspondence with interior things, and when a man can be elevated towards interiors, which is accomplished by means of regeneration, 6454.
By means of the fall the natural man separated himself from the spiritual, and the natural man exalted himself above the spiritual; wherefore regeneration is necessary, 3167:2.
Man is regenerated so that externals should comply with internals, 911, 913.
The rational appears to itself to see nothing, unless the natural corresponds, 3493:2.
The natural, or external man ought to be in correspondence with the spiritual, or internal, that a man may be regenerated; and he is not regenerated until the natural is regenerated: references, 9325e.
When a man is regenerated, a correspondence is made between rational and natural things, 2989, 2990.
The interior man is as dead, if the exterior is not conjoined, and corresponds, to him, 3969.
Man, by means of regeneration, receives a new rational; and how he is regenerated: illustrated by examples, 2657:2.
In what manner the interior natural and the rational are successively opened with man from infancy; and in what manner they are closed, 5126:2.
The natural is regenerated by means of the cognitions of good and truth, and by the delights and pleasantnesses accommodated to it, 3502:2, 3512.
The regeneration of the natural takes place by means of good and truth, 3508.
Things gain a place in the natural according to the delights and pleasantnesses which they introduce, 3512.
Natural good or its delight first serves as a means of introducing truths in order, and this especially when a man is being regenerated: illustrated, 3518.
Good produces truth in the natural almost as life produces fibres in the body, 3579.
The cognitions of truth and good are implanted in the natural as in their own ground, by means of life, and those which are not by means of life are there as historical things, 3762:2.
Cognitions precede before a man can be regenerated, 3786:2;
similarly in general before the Church can be established, 3786:2.
Man is regenerated by this: that good is conjoined with truths in the natural, and afterwards the natural with the rational; the process is described, 4353:2.
Unless the natural is regenerated the rational produces nothing of truth and good, 4588.
The natural must be regenerated before it can be conjoined to the rational; the reason, 4612:4.
When the natural of man is being regenerated, all things are brought together in the scientifics there, 5373:3.
The natural must necessarily be regenerated that there may be influx through the internal from the Lord, or otherwise the internal would be closed, 6299:2.
When the natural is regenerated the whole man is regenerated, 7442:3.
The man is not regenerated unless the natural is also, 9043, 9046e, 9061:2.
The man is not regenerated until the whole man is regenerated, 8742-8747.
With the unregenerate the external man commands, and the internal serves; it is contrariwise with the regenerate, 8743.
The quality of the natural man when not regenerated, 8744.
The quality of the natural man when regenerated, 8745.
The natural man is regenerated by means of the internal; and how, 8746.
The regenerated man is an angel, and has the life of heaven, 8747.
Several reasons why the natural is regenerated later, and with more difficulty, than the rational, 3321:2.
With the spiritual man truths are prior, 3325:2, 3336. See TRUTH.
The natural is regenerated later, and with more difficulty, than the rational; the reasons, 3469.
The rational is regenerated before the natural; why, 3493.
The natural is regenerated at first by means of the influx from the rational into the truth, thus not into the good of the natural, 3509:2.
The natural is regenerated by means of the rational, and so far as the natural does not fight against the rational, it is regenerated, 3286.
The natural is regenerated by the good of.
the rational as a father, and by the truth of the rational as a mother, 3286, 3288.
The rational receives truths sooner than the natural, because the natural is to be regenerated by means of influx from the rational, 3321.
The good and truth of the natural is formed from the good and truth of the rational by means of influx, 3573, 3616;
but there are innumerable media which are treated of in the internal sense of the Word, 3573:2.
From the good of the rational goods and truths exist inmostly in the natural, 3576.

Good and Truth in relation to Regeneration.
All regeneration is by means of the truths of faith, 2046.
There must be truths of faith, that a man may be regenerated; and they must enter with genuine affection; then when truth is reproduced, the affection is reproduced, and conversely; and so man is withheld from evils by means of the angels: illustrated, 5893:2.
A man ought to be regenerated by means of the truths of faith; and how he ought to be amended: illustrated, 9088:2.
They who are in the affection of truth come into anxiety when they are deprived of truths; never the evil, 2689.
Truths not genuine are insinuated, 3470:3;
and then there is pain from combat, 3471.
Man is not regenerated by means of truth, but by means of the good of truth, 2697.
What truth having life from itself is, 3610.
Truths implanted in the life do not appear, 10029.
Truths seek life in scientifics, and good in truths, 6077.
That a man may be regenerated truth must be conjoined with scientifics, 6004:4, 6023, 6052.
Man is regenerated by means of the affection of truth; and one who is regenerated acts from the affection of good, 1904.
With the spiritual, good and truth are implanted in the affection of sciences, 2675.
When a man is regenerated, there is a change, and the truth becomes good, and ascends above external and scientific things, 6507.
What must be the quality of the truths that they may be made good, is described, 8725.
Truths and goods are they that serve for introducing genuine truths and good, when a man is being regenerated, which former are afterwards left, 3665:2, 3690:2, 3982, 3974:2, 4145:2.
Truths which form good are as fibres, but they are led and applied to the form from interior good, 3470:3.
A man is first led through truth to good; and before that he cannot know what good, or charity, is; and afterwards he is led by the Lord through good, 8516:2.
In each Kingdom, the Celestial and the Spiritual, good is implanted by means of truth, but in a different manner in the former Kingdom it is implanted in the voluntary part; in the latter, in the intellectual part; thus in each, men are regenerated differently; concerning which, 10124.
Man is led by means of truths to good; and truth becomes good when it belongs to the will, or love; how this is effected; the process: illustrated, 10367:3.
Good multiplies truths around every truth, and makes it like a little star; also by means of derivations successively, 5912.
Truths are first multiplied, and next conjoined to good, then in desolation, 5376:2.
Concerning regeneration by means of the conjunction of good with truth, and of truth with good, see TRUTH.
Goods and truths with a regenerated man form, as it were, a city, and this from the form of heaven, and influx therefrom, 3584.
When truth is deprived of life from self, it is then conjoined to good, and by means of good receives life itself, 3607.
When a conjunction of good with truth takes place with man, incongruous and opposing scientifics are rejected to the sides, 5871.
Good adopts truths and conjoins them to itself, 8516:2.
The conjunction of good and truth is effected in a state of peace, 8517.
They who are only in truths, and not at the same time in good, cannot be regenerated, 10367:5.
When a man is being regenerated, truth is apparently in the first place, and good in the second, thus in inverse order; but when he is regenerated, good is in the first place, and truth in the second, 3539:3, 3548, 3556, 3570, 3576:2, 3603:3, 3701, 3325, 3494, 4925, 4926, 4930, 5351:2, 10110e.
The quality of the state when truth is in the first place, and when good is, 3610:3.
When a man is regenerated, which comes to pass when good takes the first place, he then undergoes temptations, 4248.
Then another order is introduced among the truths and goods in the natural, 4250, 4251.
So long as truth is predominant, not good, the natural is not subjugated; but when good dominates it is; concerning which subjugation, and the indication when it is, 6567.
Truths and goods are spoken of when the state before regeneration is the subject; but goods and truths, when the state after regeneration is the subject, 9135.
There is a continual endeavour in good to restore a state, so that truth may be subordinate: illustrated, 3610:3.
Natural good is not spiritual good; the former is from parents, the latter from the Lord by means of regeneration, 3470:2.
How natural good is extirpated, and spiritual good is formed by means of truths through regeneration, 3470:3.
Man does not come into heaven until he is in a state to be led b the Lord through good, 8516:2, 8539:2, 8722e, 9832.
No one is regenerated unless he is endowed with charity, 989.
They who exercise charity from obedience are regenerated in the other life, 989e.
What spiritual good is; it is to will and to do good to another from no reason of self, but from the delight of affection; and no one can come to that state except by means of regeneration from the Lord; concerning which, 4538:4.
Man ought to do good, as it were, from the proprium, not let his hands hang down, but yet acknowledge that it is from the Lord, 1712:2.
He who is led by the Lord through good, lives according to Divine order; thus in the Lord, 8512.
With him who lives according to order, a passage is open from the Lord; with him who does not live according to order, the passage is closed; concerning which, 8513.

How the case is with regeneration; and the ground is in man's intellectual part, 875:3.
The ground is prepared by means of temptations, 848.
The vessels recipient of truth are softened by means of temptations, so that they may receive good, 3318:2.
When a change takes place, or when good is to be in the first place, while a man is being regenerated, then there is temptation, 5773.
When a man is in truths he is in combat; when he is in good he has rest; and, in the supreme sense, when the Lord was in combats, He was Divine Truth, and afterwards, when He became Divine Good, He had rest, which is the Sabbath, 10360:3.
Man is regenerated by means of temptations, and without being regenerated he cannot be saved, 5280:2.
Without temptation a man cannot be regenerated, and he must undergo many, 8403:2.
Evil spirits dare not assault the regenerated, for they immediately perceive, from the sphere, a response and resistance, 1695:2.

Evils and Falsities in relation to Regeneration.
Evils and falsities remain with man when he is being regenerated, and they are tempered, 8682.
All evils remain, even when a man is regenerated: illustrated, 4564:2.
Man is nothing but evil and falsity, from hereditary descent; wherefore he must be regenerated, 3701:2.
Falsities form a connection, and make the life with man; and these ought to be extirpated, and truths implanted by the Lord, which also will form a connection; and for this a long time is required: illustrated, 9256:3.
Evils and falsities are removed slowly, while a man is being regenerated; otherwise falsities creep in and fill up: illustrated, 9334:2, 9335:2;
illustrated further, 9336:2.
Affection always adjoins itself to subjects which are brought into the memory, and they are reproduced together; and the affection of good is adjoined to truths by the Lord, with man, in his natural; and by means of the affection of good, truths are reproduced, and so evils and falsities are removed, 3336:2.
All purification from evils and falsities takes place by means of the truths of faith, also all regeneration: references, 9959:3.
Then first there is life when the life of the love of self and the world is extinguished, 3610:2.

Various Truths.
Man ought from himself to compel himself to think truth and to do good, 1937, 1947.
No one can be regenerated except in freedom, see FREEDOM.
Except in freedom, there is no regeneration, 3145, 3146.
With man conjunction is reciprocal: namely, of the Lord with man, and of man with the Lord, 2004:2.
The regeneration of man is an image of the Lord's glorification; a comparison, 3043:3, 3138e, 3212:2, 3296, 3490, 4402, 5688e.
Something concerning the regeneration of man, 653.
The good of life belongs to the will, the good of truth to the understanding, and the good of doctrinals to science, 3332:3.
Regeneration is presented, as in an image, in the formation of man in the womb; concerning which subject, 3570:4.
The regeneration of man is represented especially in trees; concerning which, 5115, 5116.
Regeneration by means of remains; the process, 5342:3.
Regeneration has for its end that charity may reign universally with him, 8856;
even love to the Lord, 8857;
and man is such as his universally reigning and governing love is, 8558.
Concerning the initiament of the new will from infancy; thus concerning the reception of good and truth from thence; and concerning the following state: illustrated, 9296:2, 9297.
Regeneration is effected by means of Divine truths from the Word, successively interior; concerning which, 10028.
Everyone is regenerated according to his capability and understanding, 2967:2, 2975.
All things are elevated and arranged with man according to his ends; concerning which, 4104:4.
Because cognitions respecting regeneration, good, and truth are wanting to-day, therefore what is said concerning them cannot be easily comprehended, 4136:2.
To-day man knows very little respecting regeneration, because he believes there is absolute remission of sins and justification, when yet there are innumerable arcana of regeneration, and they persist through the whole of man's life, yea, into eternity, 5398.
The Lord desires to have the whole man, and not that the man be his own as to a part, 6138:2.
Natural life does not give life and salvation, but spiritual life, which is the life of faith: illustrated, 8772.
All things are formed with man according to the use of life: illustrated, 9297:4.
The Lord dwells in His own with man, thus in the Divine: shown, 9338:6.
The difference between purification and regeneration, 10239:2.
Man enters heaven when he is in good, 10367.
Regeneration, from the Doctrine of Charity, 8548-8553.
He who is not being regenerated cannot be saved, 8548.
What the spiritual life is which man receives by means of regeneration, and what the natural life is which he receives from parents, 8549.
Hereditary evils are from parents and grandparents in a long series backward, 8550.
Man continually superadds evils from himself, 8551;
because these are contrary to spiritual life the man must be altogether created anew, 8552;
and because the very order of life must be inverted, 8553.

Significations Involved.
Washings formerly and baptism at the present time s. regeneration by means of the truths of faith, because waters are the truth of faith, 9088:3.
The words of the Lord in John iii., concerning regeneration by means of water and the spirit, are explained, and the spirit d. Divine Truth from which is man's life, 10240.

Rehoboth (Rechoboth).
Rehoboth (i.e. breadths) d. truths, 3433.

Reins, See KIDNEYS,

Rejection (rejectio).
How the case is with rejections, 1393, 1875e.

Relate, To (narrare).
To relate d. to perceive, 3209, 8668.

Relation (relatio).
All perception is according to relation to opposites, 7812e.


Religion (reliqio). See CHURCH, FALSITY, and TRUTH.

Relish. See FLAVOUR.

Remains (reliquiae).
What remains are: briefly, 661:2.
What remains with man are; what tenths and remains with the Lord are, 1738.
What remains are; man receives the remains of good from the Lord, in infancy, afterwards the remains of truth; and without remains he could not be a man, 1706.
Remains with the Lord were Divine, and His, by means of which He united the Human Essence to the Divine, 1906:4.
What remains are; they are goods and truths stored up by the Lord, in the interior man, 2284.
Remains are stored up in the interior of the natural; and how they serve for use; and that they are destroyed: illustrated, 5135:4.
Goods and truths which are of the Lord are stored up, but not those which are of man, 7564.
Remains cause a man to be alive; concerning what remains are, and whence they are, 1050.
All spiritual life is from remains, 5898.
There are remains that there may be something human, for by their means a man communicates with heaven, 7560.
Concerning the procuring of remains by means of conjunction with the angels, 5897.
By means of remains man communicates with the second heaven; concerning which subject, 5344:2.
The procuring of remains, and regeneration by means of them; the process, 5342:3.
Without remains man would perish; concerning remains in general and in particular, or in the Church and in man, 468:2, 530, 560, 561.
When the way to remains is closed up a man perishes, 660.
The way to remains is closed up by means of false principles, 798.
They are the inmost and the middle with respect to the Church abstractly from the nation, 5897.
The quality of the remains of the antediluvians, 560, 562, 563.
Remains are remitted in the natural, when man is being regenerated, and not otherwise than in this manner, 6156.
Remains d. the goods and truths stored up by the Lord, in the interior man, 5897.
Escape d. deliverance from damnation by means of remains: shown, 5899.
Ten and tenths sd. remains, 576, 1738.

Remember, To (recordari).
To remember d. conjunction, 5169;
what is perpetual in thought, 8885;
when predicated respecting the Lord, foresight; and to hear d. providence, 3966.
That the Lord remembered d. that He had mercy, 840, 1049.
Remembrance, when used respecting the Lord, d. deliverance and preservation, from mercy, 840, 1049, 9849.
To be mindful with himself, when spoken respecting Joseph, d. the reception of faith, 5130.

Remiss (remissus). See IDLE.

Remit, To (remittere).
To remit sin d. to regard, not from evil, but from good, 7697. See SIN.
To remit, when used respecting sin, also d. not to oppose, 10504. See EVIL.

Removal. See REJECTION.

Removal to a Distance. See LENGTH.

Remuneration (remuneratic). See MERIT and HIRE.

Rending (discerptio).
Various penalties of rending, 829.
The nature of the penalties of rending; they are diverse; and for whom, 957;
the renders act in the form of a cone, 958.
Sirens undergo the penalties of rending, when they ensnare in sleep, 959.
The penalty of rending as to thoughts, 962.
See also TEARING.
The penalty of rending d. to perish by falsities which are from evils, and by evils: shown, 5828.

Rent, That Which is (discerptum).
That which is rent d. evils, but not his own fault: shown and illustrated, 4171.
By rending he has rent d. to perish by evils and falsities, 5828.

Repay, To (rependere). See FINE.
What "to repay" s., 9087.
To repay d. restitution, 9097;
the corresponding penalty, 9102.

Repent, To, Repentance (paenitere, paenitentia).
Repentance ought to be in a free state, not in a forced one; concerning which, 8392.
What repentance is, 8389.
What daily repentance is, 8391.
If a man relapses after repentance, he profanes, and his latter state becomes worse than his former, 8394.
Confession without the recognition and acknowledgment of evils with one's self is not the confession of repentance, 8390.
Jehovah does not repent, 587.
Jehovah repenting s. having mercy, or Mercy, 587, 588.
To repent, when used respecting the Lord, d. mercy; and He does not repent: shown and illustrated, 10441.

Rephaim (Rephaim). See NEPHILIM.

Rephidim (Rephidim).
Rephidim d. the quality of temptation as to truth, 8561.

Reply. See ANSWER.

Representation (repraesentatio).

The Nature of Representation.
What a representative is; and what a Representative Church is, 1361.
What representatives are: illustrated from those things which appear with spirits, 10276:3.
The most ancient people had their representatives from dreams, 1977e.
The ancient pagans knew representatives; an example, 7729:8.
The knowledge of representatives has altogether perished: illustrated by the rituals respecting the coronations of kings, 4581:3.

The Principles of Representation.
The law of representation is that it is not reflected on that which represents, but on that which is represented, 1361.
Representations do not regard the person, but the subject, 665, 1097:3.
Representatives had regard to holy things, and not to persons: references cited, 9229:9.
It matters not what the quality of the person who represents is, as the quality of a king or priests, 3670.
Evil kings and evil priests can also represent the Lord, 4281:3.
Internal things are they that are represented, and external things are they that represent: illustrated, 4292:3;
and therefrom Jacob was called Israel, 4292:3.
Representations are continued in him who follows, after the death of the former representative, 6302.
The Jews could represent holy things better than other people, because they worshipped the external as Divine, 8588:5.
Representatives passed from them to the simple angelic spirits who relate to the cuticle, and from these to interior angels, 8588:6.
Festivals and sabbaths were to be celebrated, that the Jews might be in a fully representative state, 7891;
wherefore no works were then done that had regard to earthly and worldly things, 7893.

Representations in the Spiritual World.
The heavens are full of representatives, 1521, 1532.
In heaven there are continual representatives of the Lord and His kingdom, 1619.
The spiritual representations are made in heaven of those things which were representative in the Jewish Church, 1003.
The ideas of angels are turned into various representatives in the world of spirits, and with man when he sleeps, 1971, 1980, 1981.
Divine truths flowing from the Lord into the rational are p resented in the natural as the image of many things in a mirror, an d with the angels through heaven into the world of spirits as representations, 3368.
Whence representatives appear in heaven; thus, what and wherefore representatives are: illustrated, 9457:2, 9481:2, 9576, 9577.
They are seen with the eyes of the spirit; how this is, 9577.
The Divine of the Lord in the heavens is what is represented, and not His Divine above the heavens, 9946.
Angelic influx takes place by means of representatives; an experience, 6319.
Speech by means of sheer representatives, 1764.
Visions before good spirits are beautiful representations, 1971.
Representatives by means of which infants are introduced into intelligence, 2299.
Into what phantasies lusts are turned in the other life, 954.
The Word of the Lord is, as it were, heaven in ultimates: illustrated from representatives in the other life, 10126.

Representatives in the Word.
The Word through Moses and the Prophets was written by means of representatives and significatives, and could not be written in another style, so as to hold the internal sense by which the communication of heaven with the earth is made, 2899.
All things in the sense of the letter of the Word are representative and significative, 1404, 1408, 1409.
The Lord spoke by means of representatives and significatives, because from the Divine Itself, 2900.
Whence the representatives which are in the rituals, and in the Word, arise, 2179:3.
There are many things in the Word arising from representatives in the other life, and from correspondences, 2763.
Representatives in the Word are not interrupted by the death of those who represent, but are continued, 3256.
The laws laid down with respect to servants relate, in the internal sense, to correspondences, representatives, and significatives, 2567:8.
Scientifics are, as it were, a mirror in which the image of interior things appears, 5201.

Representatives in the Church.
The Most Ancient Church was in Canaan, and part of the Ancient Church; and the representative characters of places were therefrom; wherefore Abraham was commanded to go thither, and Canaan was given to his posterity, that thus a Representative Church might be instituted with them, 3686:3.
A man of the Most Ancient Church had not the external things of worship, as the Ancient Church had, and he could not receive them unless his internals were closed, 4493:3.
There is conjunction of the Lord with man by means of representatives; thence there was a Representative Church, 9481:2.
It was a Representative Church that was with the ancients, and a representative of the Church that was with the posterity of Jacob; the former was with those with whom the internal is in the external, the latter with those with whom the external is without an internal: illustrated, 4288:2.
With the posterity of Jacob there was a representative of the Church, not the Church, 4281:2.
The representatives of the Church had good in them; but as for the posterity of Jacob, who were in them, they had no good, 4444:2.
The statutes, judgments, and laws commanded to the posterity of Jacob were known in the ancient churches, 4449:2.
When they became idolatrous, they worshipped the devil, 4449:3.
By means of the Jews, notwithstanding they were idolaters, the genuine state of the Church could yet be represented, 4208:2, 4211:3.
When the Jews became idolaters they represented infernal things, 4444:4.
By means of representatives something of the Church was presented with the Jews and Israelites before the Lord's coming, and they were strictly kept in the rituals, that representations might exist, 3149:9.
The holy external with the Jews, when they were in worship, was miraculously elevated into heaven by the Lord, outside them, not within them, 4307:2, 4311:2.
With the Israelitish and Jewish nation there were representatives of the interior things of the Church and heaven, 10149.
The representatives of the Jewish Church were truths in the ultimate of order, 10728.
The representatives of the Church ceased through the coming of the Lord: illustrated, 4835.

Representatives in Nature.
All things of nature represent: illustrated, 5116:2.
All things which are in the world in its three kingdoms are representative of the spiritual and celestial things of the Lord's kingdom: references, 9280;
and all things are correspondents: references, 9280.
In universal nature there are representatives of the Lord's kingdom; an example, 2758.
Actual representatives in nature are from the Lord's influx, 1632, 1881.
The representatives on the earths are also seen in the world of spirits, 1807, 1808:2.
All representatives in nature relate to the human form: illustrated, 9496.
Representatives in nature relate to the human form, 10185.

Representatives and Significatives.
Concerning the significatives of the Most Ancient Church, which became representative, 920:4.
In what manner representatives and significatives were from the Most Ancient Church, 2896.
Whence representatives are; they are from the significatives of the Ancient Church, and these were from the perceptions of the Most Ancient Church, 1409:2.
In the Ancient Church there were representatives and significatives from the Most Ancient Church, 2897.
There were representatives and significatives with the ancients such as there are in the Word; concerning which, 3419:2.

Representations and Correspondences.
All parts of the body correspond to the Grand Man, 3021.
Concerning the correspondence of man and all things which are with man, with the heavens: references, 10030e.
Representatives and correspondences were known to the ancients, and were esteemed by them, 3021.
How much the science of representations and correspondences excels other sciences, 4280:3.
The science of correspondences and representations was with the Orientals: shown; but it was afterwards obliterated, especially in Europe, 10252:6.
Concerning representations and correspondences, 2987-3003, 3213-3227, 3337-3352, 3472-3485.
Between spiritual things and natural things there are correspondences, but those things which exist in natural things are representations, 2987, 2989-2991, 3002;
illustrated from the expressions of the face and the actions of the body, 2988.
The things which are in the natural world exist from those which are in the spiritual world, 2989, 2999.
An experience showing that when a man thinks about the viscera of the body, the angels follow the connection by means of spiritual things, 2992.
All things of the vegetable kingdom are therefrom, and all derive their origin from good and truth, which are from the Lord, 2993.
Man cannot know this; the reason, 2994.
The men of the Most Ancient Church could communicate, as to ideas, with the angels, because they saw heavenly things in natural things, 2995.
Heavenly societies correspond to all those things which are in the body, 2996, 2998.
This can be known from the influx of the internal man into the external, 2997.
All things in the universe represent the Lord's kingdom, 2999, 3000;
illustrated from worms which become butterflies, 3000.
There is one only life, and the recipients correspond to it; and it is adequately received by those who are in love and charity, 3001.
Angelic ideas and speech fall into representatives with spirits, 3213.
Representations exist in a long series, 3214.
Towns are represented when angels have discourse about doctrinal matters, 3216.
Horses are represented when angels have discourse about intellectual things, 3217.
Animals of various kinds are represented when the angels have discourse about various affections-beautiful, tame, and useful when the conversation is about the affections of good; ugly, fierce, and useless when it relates to the affections of evil, 3218.
Birds are represented when the angels discourse about thoughts and influx, 3219.
A vision representing obscure and deformed birds, also noble and beautiful birds; and some who were in falsity respecting influx, fell down from an angelic society, 3219.
When angels discourse about those things which are of intelligence and wisdom, paradises, vineyards, forests, and meadows are represented, 3220.
By clouds are represented affirmative and negative things, 3221.
The loves of good are represented by flames; and truths, by lights, 3222.
Between the two lights of heaven and the world there are correspondences; and the things which exist in those that are of the light of the world are representations, 3225.
A man comes into representative perception, after death, without instruction, and into the act of presenting them when he speaks, 3226.
Concerning representatives in the speech of spirits and angels, 3342-3345. See SPEECH.
A representation of the human mind, 3348.
A representation of a crown about the Lord's head, 3350.
Representatives, according to their degree, are more perfect in the heavens; and inwardly in these are seen those things which are in the higher heavens, and so forth, 3475.
Universal nature is a theatre representative of the Lord's kingdom, and this theatre is a representative of the Lord, 3483e.
Representations in the other life are appearances, but alive, thus real, because from the light of heaven, which is wisdom and life; and they which are from the light of the world are not real, except so far as they are conjoined with those which are of the light of heaven, 3485.
Enoch d. those who collected representatives and their significatives, 2896.

Reptile (reptile).
By reptile is sd. the sensual, and what is pleasurable, 746, 909.
Reptiles s. both clean and unclean things, because they d. pleasures, 994.

Resen (Resen).
What Resen s., 1190.

Resin (resina).
Spices, resin, and stacte d. interior natural truths: shown, 4748.
Resin d. the truth of good, 5620.

Respiration. See BREATHING.

Rest (quies). See also SABBATH.
An odour of rest d. what is perceptive of peace, 10054.

Resurrection (resurrectio).
At the present time few believe in the resurrection, Pref. to Gen. xvi. ante 1886.
Very many do not believe in the life after death; the reason, 4622e.
That man lives as a man immediately after death is not believed on our earth, for the reason that men think, from sensual things, that their bodies alone live; and yet in a state removed from what is taught respecting the Last Judgment, they believe that they will live immediately after death: illustrated by various things, 10758.
Man can know many things concerning the state of life after death from himself, if he will; concerning which things, 3957.
Some believe that the soul is only thought, others that they become like ghosts, and others that they will rise again with the body in the Last Judgment; concerning which, 4527.
The Lord alone rose again in the body, 2083e.

Man's Resurrection.
Man, after death, is led into heaven slowly or quickly; two examples, 317-319.
How the case is with man when he is raised, and afterwards when he returns into his own life, and thence, 2119.
Man, after death, appears as he was in internals, not as he was in externals, 6495e.
In the other life all things in general and particular of the life of everyone are manifest, 4633.
Man is, when he dies, such as he was from his previous life, so also he remains, 8991.
Man, immediately after death, rises again, and is in a body, and he does not rise again in the Last Judgment: illustrated, 5078:3.
The state of the body in the other life; its nature, 5079:2.
Experience concerning the resuscitation of man from the dead, 168-189.
The efficacy of the Lord's mercy is strong attraction, 179.
I have spoken with men when their bodies were being buried; what they then said, 4527:2.
All come into the other life immediately after death; an experience, 5006:4.
Man rises again immediately after death; from experience, 8939:2.

Seriatim Statement.
The doctrine concerning resurrection, 10591-10597.
Man can believe in God, and love God, therefrom be conjoined to God and live to eternity, 10591.
He has an internal which receives it, and which is called the soul, and an external which effects it, and is called the body, 10592.
The external body in the world is accommodated to uses there; the external in the other life is accommodated to uses there,-this is called the spirit, 10593.
The spirit of man appears in the human form, 10594.
He leaves his external in the world, and does not resume it, 10594.
This is resurrection, 10595.
The last does not take place in the Last Judgment; the reason it is so believed, 10595.
The life of man after death is the life of love and faith; with whom is the life of hell, and with whom is the life of heaven, 10596.
That man lives after death confirmed from the Word, 10597.
That the saints who were dead were seen in the holy city (Matth. xxvii.53) explained, 9229:10.

Resuscitation. See under ANGEL and RESURRECTION

Retaliation (talio).
Whence is the law of retaliation, 1011.
Evil has its penalty with it; and good its reward in the other life; thus there is a law of retaliation: illustrated, 8214;
shown, 8223, 8226e.
That good is conjoined with its own reward, and evil with its own penalty, illustrated from the law of order; concerning which, 9049.
The Lord's words respecting an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, and giving a cloak to one who wishes the coat, are explained, 9049:4.

Return, To (redire).
To return d. to live therefrom, 5614. See also To TURN BACK.
To return d. to reflect, 4894.
To turn back d. presence, 6518;
the successive of the life, 7016;
reply, 9423.
Turned back d. what is continuous of the former life, 7014.
To return to the Father, spoken by the Lord, d. the Divine union: shown, 3736.

Reu (Reu).
What Reu s., 1347.

Reuben (Reuben).
Reuben's birthright was taken away, 6346-6350.
Reuben d. faith, 3861, 3866, 6342-6345.
The quality that Reuben s., is faith in the understanding, or doctrine, which is the first of regeneration, in the aggregate; he d. the truth of doctrine by means of which the good of life can be arrived at, 3861, 3866.
Reuben also rd. faith separated from charity; concerning which, 3870:2;
in the opposite sense, faith separated and also profaned: shown, 4601.
Reuben also d. the good of faith: shown, 4605;
confession of faith of the Church in general, 4731, 4734, 4761.
The two sons of Reuben d. the doctrine of truth and the doctrine of good, 5542.
They who separate faith from charity cast themselves into falsities and evils, and this is rd. by Cain and Abel, by Ham and Canaan, by Reuben, and by the Egyptians, whose first-born were slain, 3325:11.

Reuel (Reul).
Reuel, the father-in-law of Moses, d. the good of the Church where they are who are in the truth of simple good, 6778, 6782.
See also JETHRO.

Reumah (Reumah).
Nahor's concubine; what she s., 2868.

Revelation (revelatio). See also WORD (Verbum).
There is revelation from perception, which the angels and the man of the Most Ancient Church had, and there is revelation from speech with angels by means of whom the Lord spoke, which took place with the prophets in the Jewish Church, 5121.
Concerning varied revelation in the four successive Churches; concerning which, 10355.

Revenge (vindicta).
Concerning the hells of those who lived in revenges and hatreds, 815.
To be revenged, or to take revenge, d. the punishment of death, 9036.

Reward, See HIRE.

Rezin (Rezinus).
Rezin king of Syria s. the cognitions of evil, 6952e.

Rib (costa).
By a rib of the breast is sd. their proprium, 147-149.
Ribs, when they are sides, see SIDES,

Riches (divitiae). See WEALTH.
Pleasures, power, and riches are not a hindrance to entering into heaven, if only they are not held as an end, 945, 1877.
Eminence and opulence, if regarded as means, are good, 7820.
Riches ought not to be procured for their own sake alone, but had for the end that thereby they who have them may be in a state of doing good, 6933-6938.
Riches, pleasures, and the delights of life are not opposed to spiritual life, 3425:2.
Spiritual good may be present in the delights of riches: like the pleasure of eating that there may be a sound mind in a healthy body, 3951:2.
The rich without charity at first dwell in palaces, then in meaner dwellings, and at length beg alms; and they exhale the stench of teeth, 1631.
What wealth and riches are in the internal sense, 1694;
they d. goods and truths, and, in the opposite sense, evils and falsities, 1694.
Riches, wealth, and treasures d. truths and goods, also their cognitions: illustrated and shown, 10227.

Ride, To. See under ASS and HORSE.

Rider. See HORSE.

Right. See UPRIGHT.

Right Hand (dextra).
The good are to the right hand of the Lord, the evil to the left, 1276;
it is around a man and an angel, 1274, 1276, 10810.
The right hand d. good from which is truth, and, in the opposite sense, evil from which is falsity: shown, 10061:3;
power; and the right hand of Jehovah d. the Divine Power of the Lord: shown, 10019.
What the right hand and the left s., 1582, 7518.
The right hand d. the good of celestial love; and the left, the good of spiritual love: illustrated, 9511.
Toward the right hand d. to be in the first place; toward the left d. in the second, 6267, 6269, 6271.
On this side and on that side, or to the right hand and to the left d. everywhere: illustrated, 8613.
Those parts which are on the right with man relate to good from which is truth, and those parts which are on the left relate to truth by means of what is good, 9556, 9604, 9736.
By the conjunction of both sides is sd. the marriage of good and truth, 9495.
To sit at the right hand d. a state of power, 3387:4, 4592, 4933, 7518, 8281:2, 9133.

Righteousness, Righteous (justitia, justus).
What justified and righteous mean; it is that which is from the Lord, 9263:2.
The Lord was made righteousness, as to the Human Essence, by means of temptations and victories from His own powers, 1813.
That the Lord is righteousness is spoken of in the Prophets, 1813:3.
The Lord by His own power procured all things, and so alone was made righteousness, 2025, 2026.
The Lord's righteousness was and is the continual subjugation of the hells, and the reduction of the heavens into order, from His own power, as also the glorification of His Human: shown, 9715;
and it also is the good of merit, 9715.
The Divine power of the Lord which He acquired to Himself in the world, is to save man by removing hell, and that power belongs to the Lord alone: shown, 10019:3.
The one only good that reigns in heaven, and makes heaven, is the good of the Lord's merit and righteousness, shown, 9486.
They are called righteous who are in the good of charity, and who believe themselves from themselves to be unrighteous, but righteous by the appropriation of the Lord's righteousness, 5069.
Man can never become righteousness from himself, 1813:2.
The quality, in the other life, of those who claim righteousness to themselves, 2027:2.
They who claim heaven to themselves on account of their own righteousness, are in the judgment of Gehenna, 942.
See also MERIT.
Good and truth, righteous and equitable, honest and decorous follow each other in order, and upon them conscience is based, 2915.
The conscience of moral and civil good and truth, or of what is righteous and equitable is in the natural; concerning which, 4167:2, 9119.
Righteousness, or righteous, has respect to the good of charity; integrity and entire have respect to the truth of charity, 612.
Righteousness is predicated respecting good, and judgment respecting truth, 2235.
Righteousness, when used with respect to the Lord, d. Divine holiness, 3997.
Innocence d. interior good, and righteous d. exterior good, which are from the Lord, and which are the Lord's: shown, 9263:3.
To justify d. to absolve, 9264.
What "the Lord redeems man by His own blood" d., in the external, the internal, and the inmost sense; in the last sense it d. that He subjugated the hells, and reduced all things into order, and that man could not otherwise be saved, 10152:2;
and this was done by means of His Divine Human: shown, 10152:4.
Psalm cx., where the Lord's combats in the world are treated of, is explained, 9809:2.

Rim. See BORDER.

Ring (annulus).
Ring d. a confirmative; to remove a ring from oneself, and give it to another d. a confirmative that one resigns a power he had, and gives it to another, 5317, 5318.
Rings in which are the staves d. the conjunction of good and truth, 9493, 9495;
and the sphere of Divine Good, by means of which there is conjunction, 9498, 9501, 9882.

Rise Up, To. See TO ARISE.

Rite, Rituals (ritus, ritualia). See WORSHIP.

River (fluvius).
Great rivers were the first and last boundaries of the land of Canaan, 4116.
Waters and rivers are described, where there are gardens and plantations: shown, 2702:14.
Rivers d. intelligence, 3051.
River d. the boundary, 5196, 5197.
The river of the garden of Eden s. wisdom, 107, 108.
The river of Egypt d. the extension of spiritual things, and the river Euphrates the extension of celestial things, 1866.
The river Nile of Egypt d. the sensual things of the intellectual part, 5196.
The river (flumen) of Egypt d. falsity: shown, 6693:2.
The ultimates of the land of Canaan were representatives of the ultimates in the Lord's kingdom, 4240.

Roar, To (tonare).
Speech sounding as if of many, 1763.

Roast, To (assare).
Roasted with fire d. good which is of love, 7852.

Robber (latro).
Robbers and pirates love stinking urinous substances, 820.
Concerning Jewish robbers in the wilderness, 940, 941.

Robe. See CLOAK.

Rock (petra). See STONE.
In the other life, they who are in the good of faith are upon rocks, 10438.
Rock d. faith, Pref. to Gen. xxii. ante 2760;
the Lord as to faith, and faith which is from the Lord: shown, 8581.
The cleft of a rock d. the obscurity and falsity of faith, 10582.

Rod (baculus).
Rod d. power: illustrated, 4013, 4876;
and whence, 4876, 4936;
and magicians appear to themselves with rods, 4936.
Rod d. power, and this is from representatives in the other life; concerning which, and concerning magicians there; they have rods, 7026.
Rod, when spoken of respecting the Lord, d. His own power, 4013, 4015e.
Hand d. the power proceeding from the Lord's Divine Rational, thus interior; rod, d. power proceeding from His Divine Natural, thus exterior, 6947.
Rod d. natural power; hand d. spiritual power, 7011.
What an iron rod (virga) s., 4876:9.

Roof (tectum).
Roof d. the inmost, the same as the head: shown, 10184.

Roof (trabes).
The shade of the roof; what is sd., 2367.

Room. See CHAMBER.

Rooms, See MANSIONS,

Rope. See CORD,

Rottenness, See PUTRIDITY.

Round (rotundum).
Round is predicated respecting good, 8458.

Round About, Circuit (circum circa, circuitus).
Round about and boundaries d. those things which are at the greatest distance from the middle, or from good and truth, 2973.
What "they went round the city of Jericho" and so its walls fell s., 2973:6.

Ruby, Topaz, Carbuncle (rubinus, topazius, carbunculus).
The ruby, topaz, and carbuncle d. the celestial love of good, or the internal good of the inmost heaven, 9865.

Rule, To. See To COMMAND (imperare).

Run, To (currere).
See also To MEET (occurrere).
To run d. of the propensity, or mind, 3127, 3131.
To run to meet d. to explore, 3088;
influx, 4350.