Начало S

Sabbath (sabbathum).
Festivals and sabbaths were to be celebrated, as they were then in a fully representative state, 7891;
wherefore they were then to do no work, that is, they were not to look to earthly and worldly things; why, 7893.
The sabbath at the present time is a day of instruction: variously shown, 10360:8.
The celestial man is the sabbath, and the spiritual the sixth day, 84-88.
It is the sabbath when good is conjoined to truth, and this comes to pass when a man or an angel is led by means of good by the Lord, 8510.
The Lord was Divine Truth when in combats, as also men are when in combats, and they have rest when in good: shown, 10360:3.
It is the sabbath when a man is in good, and then in heaven: references, 10668.
Sabbath, in the supreme sense, rd. the union of the Divine and the Divine Human in the Lord; in the relative sense, the conjunction of the Lord's Divine Human with the human race; in the internal sense, the conjunction of good and truth, thus the heavenly marriage, or heaven: shown, 8495;
in the supreme sense, the union of the Divine Itself and the Lord's Divine Human; in the relative sense, the conjunction of the Lord with heaven, also of heaven with the Church; and, in general, the conjunction of good and truth, 10356.
Sabbath, or rest, d. that when the Lord united the Divine Itself to the Human, He had rest, and the heavens and also men on the earths had peace and salvation: illustrated, 10367:6, 10374.
Man has salvation therefrom: illustrated, 10370.
By the sabbath was rd. the union of the Human and the Divine Itself in the Lord, and the conjunction of good and truth with man, by the Lord, 10730.
By the sabbath is sd. peace in the heavens and on the earths, which is by means of that union and conjunction, 10730:8.
Sabbath and the seventh day d. the second state, when man is in good, and he is led by the Lord; then he is in heaven and in the tranquillity of peace: briefly shown, 9274.
The rest of the sabbath day d. a representative of a state of peace, in which conjunction takes place, 8494.
Rest on the sabbath rd. the Lord s rest, because then He leads by means of good; and six days of labour rd. the labour which precedes, 8510.
Rest on the sabbath day d. when man is in good, thus in heaven, 8890, 8893.
A sign between Jehovah and the sons of Israel, when it relates to the sabbath, d. the principle by means of which those who are of the Church are known in the heavens, 10337.
A sign, when it relates to the sabbath, d. that by which those who are of the Church are distinguished from those who are not of the Church, 10372.
Labour on the sabbath day rd. that which is from the proprium: shown, 8495:4.
By the works of the sabbath day is sd. to be led from oneself, and from one's own loves, and not by the Lord: shown, 10360:5, 10362:2, 10366:2.
The six days which precede the sabbath d. combats, and they prepare for the heavenly marriage, 8888;
the state of truth while there are combats, and the seventh d. the state of good, 9431.
The six days of labour before the sabbath d. the states of combat before a man becomes a church, or enters heaven, thus when he is in good, and is led by the Lord, 10360;
in the supreme sense, they d. when the Lord was in the world, and fought with the hells, before He united the Human to the Divine, and then had rest when there was union, 10360.
Six days of labour d. the state when a man is in truths and in combats: references, 10667.

Sack (saccum).
They put sackcloth on the loins sd. mourning on account of good destroyed, 4779.
Sack is representative of a receptacle in the natural, 5489, 5494, 5531.
What further a sack and a wallet s. in the Word, 5489, 5494, 5497, 5531.
In the mouth of the wallet d. in the entrance of the exterior natural, 5497.

Sacrament of the Supper (sacramentum caenae). See SUPPER.

Sacred Scripture (Scriptura Sacra). See WORD (Verbum).

Sacrifice (sacrificium).
The Most Ancient and the Ancient Church knew nothing about sacrifices, but the Hebrew Church did; and they descended therefrom to the posterity of Jacob, and their worship consisted in sacrifices, even before they were commanded; so they were permitted, and, therefore, commanded, and why: shown, 2180:4.
The quality of those who were of the Ancient Church seen, when they instituted sacrifices, 1128.
That the Lord was about to come into the world and be made a sacrifice, was known to the Ancients, is plain from this, that they sacrificed their own sons, 2818:2.
The Hebrew nation was distinguished from others by means of sacrifices, and, therefore, they were hated by the Egyptians, 1343.
The sacrifices of the posterity of Jacob were permitted, lest they should offer their own sons, 2818e.
Representative worship with the Israelitish nation principally consisted in sacrifices and burnt-offerings; these in general sd. the regeneration of man by means of the truths of faith and the goods of love from the Lord, and, in the supreme sense, the glorification of the Lord's Human, and everything of worship according to its various things: shown; and therefore, various kinds of animals were commanded; concerning which animals according to their own classes, 10042:3.
Sacrifices were not commanded, but charity and faith were, 922:2, 1241.
Sacrifices were expiations from sins: briefly shown, 9959:3.
In the burnt-offerings lower things were arranged under higher things, and in what manner, 10051.
Burnt-offerings and sacrifices were representatives of internal worship, and such beasts as were sacrificed represented, 922.
The rituals of sacrifices and burnt-offerings contain everything of heaven: illustrated, 10057.
All sacrifices were called bread, 2165:2.
That not only flesh was sacrificed, but also the meat-offerings, which were bread and cakes, was because sacrifices were not accepted in heaven, but bread was, therefore both were used, 10079.
By means of the representatives in sacrifices and burnt-offerings the process of man's regeneration is expounded, and, in the supreme sense, the process of the glorification of the Lord's Human, 10057:3.
Sacrifices sd. various kinds of celestial and spiritual things, 2180;
all worship in general, 6905.
By sacrifices are sd. purification from evils and falsities, the implantation of truth and good, and their conjunction: illustrated, 10022.
To sacrifice to Jehovah, when it relates to the first-born, d. to assign to the Lord, in like manner as to sanctify and to cause to pass over, 8074, 8088.
Eucharistic sacrifices d. the things which are from freedom, 10097.
The beasts in sacrifices sd. celestial and spiritual things, 922, 1823.
The ram in the sacrifices sd. the Divine Spiritual, and so the spiritual of the human race: shown, 2830:2.
Burnt-offerings in general sd. all worship in general, 923.
Burnt-offerings of inaugurations s. the Lord's glorification; concerning which, 10053.
Sanctifications were made by means of burnt-offerings, 2776;
and the offering of the burnt-offering d. sanctification, 2776, 2805.
Burnt-offerings and sacrifices sd. various kinds of celestial and spiritual things, and of those who were being sanctified, 2805, 2807, 2830, 3519:2;
Divine things in the Lord, thence those things which are from the Lord in the Church and with man, 2805, 2807:2, 2830.
Burnt-offerings and sacrifices were worship in general and in particular, according to the state of the spiritual of everyone, 8936.
Sacrifices and burnt-offerings of bullocks d. purification from the evils and falsities which are in the natural man, 9990.
Burnt-offerings d. worship from the good of love; and sacrifices d. worship from the truth of faith, 8680.
Sacrifices sd. purification from evils and falsities, and the implantation of truth; but burnt-offerings sd. the conjunction of truth and good in the Lord, and, in the representative sense, with the man who is being regenerated, 10053.
Purifications of the internal and external man were rd. by the sacrifices and burnt-offerings of various animals, 9990.
The purification of the spiritual, or interior man, was rd. by sacrifices and burnt-offerings of rams, 9991.
Flesh in particular sd. spiritual good; bread sd. celestial good, 10079e.
To cleave the woods of the burnt-offering d. the merit of righteousness, 2784, 2812.
What to place the hand on the head of a beast which is to be sacrificed s., 10023. See HAND
What was left of the sacrifices until the morning d. that which was not conjoined to good, 10114.
What is sd. by the sacrificed things which were eaten, 2187.
By eating together of the sacrificed things was sd. appropriation of good, and consociation through love, 8682.
What was left from the sacrifices until the morning not being eaten d. that it ought not to be mixed with the proprium, 10115;
profanation, 10117.

Sad (triste).
What is sad and melancholy is from those who are in the region of the stomach, and also from the avaricious there; concerning whom, 6202.

Salem (Schalem).
Salem d. a state of peace and perfection, 1726;
the tranquillity of peace, 4393.

Salt (sal).
Concerning the signification of salt, 1666.
Salt d. the vastation of truth and of the affection of truth, 2455:2;
and, in the good sense, the affection of truth, 2455:2;
truth desiring good: shown, 9207:2;
the desire of truth for good, and their conjunctive quality: shown, 10300;
in the opposite sense, destruction and vastation: shown, 9207e.
The Sea of Salt s. the base things of falsities, 1666:2.
What things the Lord said about salt are explained, 9207:2.

Samson (Simson).
Whence he had strength on account of long hair, 3301:4.

Sanctification, To Sanctify. See HOLY.

Sanctuary. See HOLY.

Sand (arena).
Sand d. falsity, 6762;
scientific truth: shown, 6762.
The sand of the sea-shore d. scientifics, 2850.

Sapphire (sapphirus).
The work of sapphire d. what is translucid from internal truths, and all things from the Lord: shown, 9407.
Sapphire, in the general sense, d. the external of the Celestial Kingdom: shown, 9873:4.
Chrysoprase, sapphire, and diamond d. the celestial love of truth, which is the internal good of the internal heaven: illustrated, 9868.

Sarah. See under ABRAM and SARAI.

Sarai (Sarai). See also ABRAM.
Sarai d. truth adjoined to good, 1468;
the intellectual adjoined to good, 1901.
Sarai was called Sarah that she might r. the Divine Intellectual of the Lord, and therefore H was added from the name of Jehovah, 2063.
Sarah d. the truth of Good, or the Divine Intellectual, 2063, 2065;
also r. the Lord's Human as to Truth, and Abraham d. the Lord's Human as to Good, in that state, 2172, 2173, 2198.
Sarah the wife d. spiritual truth conjoined to celestial, 2507;
truth conjoined to good, 2904:2.

Satiate, To. See To SATISFY.

Satisfy, To (satiare).
To satisfy to satiety d. as much as they will: then it refers to the evil, 8410;
but when it refers to good, it d. as much as they can receive, 8432.

Saturn (Saturnus).
Concerning the spirits and inhabitants of the planet Saturn, 8947-8957, 9104-9110.
They appear in front at a distance, 8947;
they appear small; why, 8948.
They worship the Lord, and He sometimes appears to them, 8949.
They speak with spirits, 8949.
They appear to wish to kill themselves with knives, when any attempt to lead them astray; what, 8950.
There are they who call the nocturnal light the Lord, but they are rejected, 8951.
The belt appears to them as a snowy lucid thing in heaven, 8952.
They relate to the medium between the spiritual and the natural sense, 8953.
Two of them live together with their children, thus in families, 8954.
They esteem the body as nothing, and cast it forth after death, 8955.
Their diet consists of fruit and pulse, their clothing is light, because they are encompassed with a thick skin, 8956.
The spirits of Saturn are surprised that spirits of our earth should ask what God they worship, 9105.
They acknowledge the Lord as the only one God, 9105.
Spirits of Mercury come to them and elicit what things they know, 9106.
A collision between the internal, or spiritual man and the external, or natural separate from the internal, through the spirits of Saturn and of our earth, 9107, 9108, 9110.

Savoury Meats, See DAINTIES,

Sawers, See MOWERS,

Say, Speak, To (dicere, loqui).
To say d. to perceive, 1898, 1919, 2080, 2506, 2515, 2552, 2862, 3509, 5687;
to give the faculty of perception, 5877;
response out of perception from the interior, 6251;
response, 7103, 7394;
to perceive and to think; more manifestly, 3395;
thought, 7094, 7244, 7937;
to communicate, 3060, 4131, 6228;
communication, 6228;
influx, when from the internal, 6152, 6291;
enlightenment and perception: references, 10290;
information, 7769, 7793, 7825, 8041;
instruction, 7304, 7380, 7517;
exhortation, 7033, 7090, 8178, 10398, 10473;
command, 7036, 7310;
the will, 7107;
what is concluded, 10602;
various things, 7107.
When predicated respecting the Lord, to say d. to foresee, 5361.
When predicated in relation to the internal, to say d. elevation, 6262.
To say, with respect to the one who receives, d. perception, but with respect to the one who speaks, it d. influx, 5743, 8660.
To say, when from truth with respect to good, d. what is reciprocal, which is in the response, 8691.
In saying to say d. exhortation, 5012.
By God said is sd. the new perception, 2061, 2238, 2260.
God said d. foresight, 8093.
God said, that He might say unto them, d. instruction, 6879, 6881, 6883, 6891.
Jehovah said s. perception, 1791, 1815, 1819, 1822;
foresight, 6946;
also providence, 6951;
instruction, 7186, 7267;
enlightenment and confirmation in that state, 7019.
He said d. influx, 8221, 8262.
Thou shalt say d. influx and communication, 7291, 7381.
What "Jehovah said unto Abram" s., 1602.
Jehovah said unto Moses d. enlightenment and perception by means of the Word from the Lord: illustrated, 10290.
To speak d. to think, 2271, 2287, 2515, 2552;
also to will, 2626, 3037;
and influx, 2951, 5481, 7270, 8128;
to persuade, 4478;
preaching, 6999, 7063;
exhortation, 7191, 7215;
admonition; 7220, 7228, 7237, 7243;
the will, 7959.
To speak the word d. influx, and thence reception, 5797.
To speak to the heart d. trust, 6578.
For God to speak d. what is new, but continuous with the former, 7191.
For Jehovah to speak d. command, 7240, 7286;
instruction, 7241.
Jehovah spake d. instruction, 8127;
instruction anew, 7226.
Jehovah spake unto Moses d. enlightenment by means of the Word from the Lord, 10215.
According as Jehovah hath spoken d. according to the promise in the Word, 7933.
Moses spake unto the sons of Israel d. the information of those who belong to the Church, by means of the Word, 10355.
What to say, and what to speak, s., 2619.
When to say and to speak are mentioned, the former d. to perceive, the latter to think, 2619.
To speak and to say d. instruction, 8041;
when used respecting Jehovah, they d. instruction: references, 10280e.
Jehovah spake unto Moses saying d. the perceptive of enlightenment by means of the Word from the Lord, 10234;
and also something revealed anew, 10234.

Scale (squama).
Scaly skin, 5556. See SKIN.

Scandal (scandalum). See STUMBLING-BLOCK.

Scarcity (penuria). See STOREHOUSE.

Scarlet (coccineum).
Scarlet and double-dyed d. spiritual good: shown, 4922;
in the opposite sense, evil if opposed to good, 4922:7.
Scarlet d. good, double-dyed d. truth: shown, 9468.

Scent, Fragrant (odor, odoratus). See NOSE and BREATHING.
The spheres of love and faith are turned into grateful scents, and thus scent became representative therefrom, 9252.
The scents of faith and charity are grateful, 1519.
The spheres of spirits are turned into scents, 1514, 1518, 1519.
The scent of simulators, of eloquence, from voluptuaries of adulterers, of hatred and venegance, of the avaricious, of those that persecute the innocent, 1514.
Whence a vinous scent is, 1517.
From whom are the stench of teeth, 1631.
The scent of a dead body with the celestial angels, 175, 1518.
Continuation concerning the Grand Man, and concerning the correspondence of smell and the nostrils with him, 4624-4634.
They pertain to the region of the nostrils who are in general perception, 4624, 4625.
The spheres of perceptions are turned into scents, 4626.
Grateful scents are perceived from those who are in good, ungrateful and evil-smelling from those who are in evil, 4628.
Stenches and stinks are grateful to those who are in hell, 4628.
The sphere of scandals against the Lord was perceived as the scent of putrid water and water corrupted with refuse, 4629.
The stench of teeth and the smell of burnt bone from those who are altogether natural, 4630.
A cadaverous scent from the hell of robbers and murderers, 4631.
An excrementitious scent from the hell of adulterers, 4631.
An excrementitious scent mixed with a cadaverous one from the hell where cruel adulterers are, 4631.
Because scent corresponds to perception, frankincense, perfumes, and scents in ointments were made representative, 4748, 5621.
Scent d. the perception of what is grateful, from correspondence, 3577.
Scent c. to perception, according to the quality of love: references, 10292.
An odour of rest, and perfumes, s. what is grateful, 925.
An odour of rest d. what is perceptive of peace, 10054.

Scented, See CINNAMON.

Sceptre (ace ptrum).
Sceptre d. the power of truth from good, 4876:10.

Scholastics, See ARISTOTLE.

Science, Scientific (scientia, scientificum).
By Science the author means the knowledge of things as it exists in the external memory.

Man is not forbidden to learn the sciences, 129.
The affection of sciences and cognitions excels all other affections, 1909.
Languages and sciences avail nothing after death; but that which a man has drawn out by means of them does, 2480.
With the evil there is no science in the genuine sense, 10331.
The rational is not born of sciences, but of the affection of sciences, 1895:2. See RATIONAL.
How by means of influx into sciences and cognitions the rational is born, 1900.
What wisdom, intelligence, science, and work are; and with the good they follow in order, 10331.
Wisdom, intelligence, and science are the sons of charity, 1226.
How insane they are who desire to be wise in the mysteries of faith from sensual things and sciences, 128, 130.
Wisdom is placed in terms and formulas, 8628.
They are means of becoming wise, and means of becoming insane: illustrated, 8628:2.
What "the learned will shine as stars" s., 3820:4.
In the erudite world it is controverted whether a thing is, and whether it is so, 3428.
The erudite believe less than the simple, because they are in a negative state, and so they deprive them.
selves of interior sight, 4760:4.
An example in connection with an erudite man who understood nothing about the spiritual life, 8629.
A man ought to be imbued with cognitions that they may be conjoined to celestial things with which he has been gifted from infancy, 1450, 1451, 1453.
By means of cognitions the external is conjoined to the internal, which cognitions are implanted in the celestial things of infancy, 1616:4.
There are two states: one of infancy to boyhood, the other when he is imbued with cognitions, 1548.
The process of man's regeneration by means of truths and cognitions, 1555:3.
Men are not carried forward into heaven, unless they are imbued with cognitions, 1802:3.
The cognitions of faith do nothing, unless they have charity, for they look to that as an end, 2049:3, 2116:3.
There are cognitions of external truth which admit Divine things, and those which do not admit them, 3665:2.
Cognitions concerning spiritual good and truth are at this day wanting, and, therefore, what is said about them cannot be comprehended, because influx is into the cognitions which are with man, 4136:2.
The cognitions of good are truths, but they do not become truths until they are acknowledged by the understanding and will, 5276.
It is not for a wise man to confirm dogma, but to see first whether it is true, 4741:3.
All regeneration is by means of the truths of faith, 2046.
The Lord was instructed as another man, from the Word, 1457, 1461.

Scientifics, or the things which pertain to the exterior memory, are most perplexed and shady, 2831:10.
The things which are in the exterior memory are scientifics, and those which are in the interior memory are truths; the former are in the light of the world, the latter are in the light of heaven, 5212.
The intellectual does not call forth anything from the scientifics of the memory, except that which favours the loves and preconceived principles, 9394.
By means of influx truths are called forth from the natural man, elevated, and implanted in the good of the rational; and how, 3085:2, 3086.
Scientifics are the truths of the natural man, 3293.
The truths of the natural man are sensual, scientific, and doctrinal; and these follow 3309, 3310:4.
Doctrinals are founded upon scientific truths, and these upon sensual truths; and otherwise an idea of doctrinals cannot be had, 3310:4.
Everything scientific is in the natural man, 4967.
Scientifics are the things of the memory in the natural man; the internal man is opened by means of scientifics; they are a means of becoming wise, and of becoming insane; they are the vessels of truths, and truths are the vessels of good; and they vanish when they become of the life; they who are in good can be elevated above scientific, and above sensual things; scientifics remain after death, but are at rest: references, 9922:3.
Scientifics are of the external man, serving the internal; when they pass over to internal things they become truths of faith and goods of charity, 9918.
Scientifics are of the natural man, and are serviceable, 3019, 3020. See NATURAL.
Scientifics are ministering things, 10272.
There are scientifics that they may serve the internal man, 1486.
Of what use scientifics are, 1487.
Scientifics, when they are of no use, extend themselves to lusts, 1600.
Scientifics at the present time are of no use, 4966:4.
Scientifics are the means of being wise, as also the means of being insane, or by means of scientifics the rational is cultivated, and also is destroyed, 4156:2.
Scientifics are not truths, but vessels of truth, 1469, 1496.
Scientifics are vessels of good and truth, 7770.
Scientifics are, as it were, mirrors in which the image of interior things appears, 5201.
Scientifics are ultimates, 5874;
and from them truths are extracted, and, as it were, sublimated, 5871e, 5874.
The case of scientifics in spiritual things is as bones in the body, 8005.
The scientific truth of the Church is the Word in the sense of the letter, also the significative and representative things with the Jews, 6832.
Sensual things are the first plane, next scientific things, and above these intellectual things, and truth, and the goods of faith, 6750.
The order of instruction from scientifics which meet celestial and intellectual things, 1495.
Sensual things, scientifics, and truths are distinct from each other: illustrated, 5774:3.
Truths and scientifics are distinct from one another, 6077:3.
There are scientifics relating to earthly, corporeal, and worldly things; and those that relate to the civil state, to the state of moral life, and to the spiritual life; they are interior things in order, and these when they are from good advance above scientifics, 5934.
There is an affection for rational truth, and for scientific truth, 2503.
What the scientifics are to which those things belonging to faith and charity can be applied, 5213.
The scientifics of the memory compared to muscles, 9394:5.
The scientifics and truths with a man are arranged bundlewise, and there is conjunction according to the loves by means of which they are introduced, 5881.
Scientifics are also cognitions, but those which are of spiritual and celestial truth and good, 9945.
The scientifics with the evil are evils and falsities, and the same with the good are goods and truths illustrated, 6917.
Scientifics are what the internal sight looks at, as external sight looks at earthly things; in the middle there are those that delight and are agreeable, and these are clear; and at the sides, those that are obscure, 6068:2, 6084.
Rational and scientific truths are like a covering and clothing to spiritual things, 2576.
The interiors of scientifics are applications, 4965.
Worship is from the interior of the scientifics of the Church, which are doctrinals, 9921.
By means of scientifics and cognitions a way is opened to the internal man, 1563.
When the natural of man is being regenerated all things in the scientifics, there, are brought together, because these are the ultimates of order, 5373:3.
Scientifics are the first things which a man learns who is about to be regenerated, because by means of them truths are perfected, and at length they will form a plane in which truths are terminated, 5901.
When the conjunction of truth with good takes place with man, incongruous and adverse scientifics are rejected to the side, 5871.
Interior truths are brought together into scientifics, and must be there together, that interior things may agree with exterior, for several reasons; concerning which, 6004:3;
illustrated, 6023, 6071, 6077:2.
Unless truths are insinuated into scientifics, the conjunction of the internal and external man cannot be made, 6052:2.
The beginning is to be derived from the truths of faith, not from scientifics if it is derived from the latter, man is led into falsities and denials, 6047:2.
A commencement is to be made from the doctrinals of the Church, next the Word is to be searched, whether the doctrinals are true; otherwise it would come to pass that each truth would be so regarded from its ground and birthplace; then it is allowed to corroborate them from scientifics, 6047:2.
Interior things flow into scientifics, 8005.
All subordination, application, and submission must be from the First of life, that there may be conjunction, 3091.
Worship feigned by means of reasonings, 1195.
They who reason perceive little, 1385.
He who does not believe except from scientifics, believes nothing, 2832.
They who are in evil can reason about truth and good, and yet are in no enlightenment, because in the light of a fatuous light (lumen), 4156:3.
They who reasoned from sensual and scientific things were called serpents, 195.
They who reasoned from sensual, scientific, and philosophical things, what the spirit is, are described, 196.
See also LEARNED
By reasoning from scientifics arise falsity and evil, 232, 233.
An example from spiritual things that no one can comprehend them by means of scientific and philosophical things, 233:2.
The quality of those who reason respecting Divine things; they are also drunken, 1072.
The rational conceived at first, because it does not comprehend, makes light of intellectual truth, and so far as man reasons from scientifics, 1911.
Rational truth can never grasp Truth Divine from sensual and scientific things; from examples, 2196:2, 2203, 2209.
They who reason from sensual things, and are in inverted order, reason more acutely and shrewdly than others, 5700:2.
Concerning those who do not elevate the thoughts beyond scientifics, when they think about the truths of faith, 6383:2, 6384.
They who begin from a doubtful state, cannot look to love and charity, from doctrinals, which is to look behind oneself, and to turn backward, 2454.
They who consult scientifics respecting Divine truths in an affirmative state, are confirmed; they who do so in a negative state, are the more enfeebled, and at length believe nothing: illustrated, 4760.
It is allowed those who are in an affirmative state respecting Divine truths to enter into rational and scientific things; but not to those who are in a doubtful and negative state to enter by means of scientific and rational things into the doctrine of faith, 2538:2, 2568:2, 2588:3.
Empty scientifics are to be destroyed, 1489, 1492, 1499, 1500.
Empty scientifics which look to ends of the world draw the external man outward; wherefore, 1563:2.
Scientifics which are not acknowledged are rejected to the ultimates, thus they are the lowest, 5886, 5889.
The doctrinals of the Ancient Church were the doctrinal tenets of charity; and their cognitions and scientifics consisted in knowing what the rituals of the Church and other things in the world represented, 4844:4.
The scientifics of the ancients had relation to correspondences, representations, and significations: illustrated, 4749, 4964, 4965.
The scientifics of the Church were the representatives and significatives of the rituals, and the classifications of the neighbour, 6004:2.
Every truth of the Church has with it ideas from scientifics; and in the other life this is wont to be shown, 5510:2.
The man of the spiritual Church, in the other life, is infested by scientifics and falsities; and is thereby purified that he may be elevated into heaven, 6639:2.
What is from the sensual may not enter into those things which belong to heaven, because it is against order, 10236:4.
Scientifics are in loves: illustrated from brutes, 6323:2;
and man would be born into all wisdom if he were in charity towards the neighbour, and in love to the Lord, thus if he were according to his own order, 6323:3.

The Scientific Degree.
The intellectual, the rational, and the scientific are distinct; concerning which, 1904:3.
Influx is from the Lord through the internal man into the rational, and into the scientific 1940:2.
The scientific is the vessel of truth, and truth is the vessel of good, 3068.
The scientific is the receptacle of good: illustrated, 5489.
What "the scientific must be entire" means, 1805.

To Know.
It is one thing to know, another to acknowledge, another to have faith; what the difference is, 896.
They who reason about faith, doubt and know nothing, 215.
They who reason whether a thing is, and whether it is so, are in obscurity, and know not innumerable things, nor see the first threshold of wisdom: illustrated, 3833:2.
That the arcana of faith are thus scientifically explained is because many say that they would believe if they knew that the thing is so; they who are in faith have no need of these things, 2094.
Man can know many things from himself respecting the state of life after death; concerning which, 3957.
How great a lust of knowing spirits have, which is their food; and how much they are tormented when it is taken away from them, 1973.
A knowing man (vir) is predicated respecting the affection of truth, 3309.
To be acquainted with, when predicated respecting the Lord, s. to be united, 2826.
To be acquainted with d. foresight, 6853, 6906.

Sea (mare). See WATER and RIVER.
They who wish to become great in the world by means of right and wrong, look at a tumultuous sea, 953.
See also SUPH.
Sea d. a collection of scientifics from which there is reasoning about truths, and also the natural and the sensual which are containants, 9755.
Waters s. cognitions and scientifics, and the sea their gathering together, 28.
What the sea, the sun, the moon, the stars, and nation, of which the Lord spoke, where the Last Judgment was referred to, s., 2020.
The sand of the sea-shore d. scientifics, 2850.
To cut through the sea d. to disperse falsities, 8184.
What Solomon's brazen sea s. explained, 10236:4. See LAVER.

Sea-Monster (cetus).
Sea-monster s. the general things of scientifics, 42.
Whale d. scientific in general, and false scientific shown, 7293:2.

Seal (sigillum).
Seal d. a token of consent, 4874.
The engraved seal, in the stones of the breastplate, d. the heavenly form, 9846.

Seasons, See CHANGES,

Seat (solium). See THRONE.

Seba (Seba).
What Seba and Sheba s., 1171. See SHEBA.

Security (arrhabo).
A security d. certainty, 4872, 4873.

Seduce, To. See TO LEAD ASTRAY.

See, To, Sight, Vision (videre, visus, visio).
See EYE throughout.
What to see internal things from external is, 1806, 1807.
Spirits and angels do not see those things which are in the solar world, nor do men see those things which are in the spiritual world; spirits have seen through my eyes, 1880.
Those things in the other life which were seen by the eyes of my spirit, and not of the body, 4622:5.
External sight is from internal sight, 994:4.
When interior sight is opened, the things which are in the other life appear, 1619.
Concerning correspondence with the sight of the eye, and light; experience, 4403-4421, 4523-4534.
Concerning the correspondence of the sight of the eye with the understanding and with truths, 4403-4421, 4523, 4534.
The sensual sight with man has life from the intellectual, because this sees from the light of heaven, 5114.
How dull the sight is, appears from objects seen through a microscope, 6614.
Concerning sight from the interior; they see from the interior who are in faith and charity, because they see from the Lord; but not they who are in evil and falsity; concerning which: illustrated, 9128:3.
Communication, translation, and reception take place by means of touch; and sight, by means of touch: shown, 10130:5.
What to see s., 1584.
What to see s., when it is predicated respecting the Lord, 626.
What to see s. in relation to the Lord, 1054.
To see, when it relates to the Lord, d. mercy, 6851.
To see, when it relates to Jehovah, d. providence and foresight, 10428.
To see d. to acknowledge, and to have faith, 897;
to apperceive, and to understand, 2150;
to understand, and to have the faith of charity, 2325;
to understand; in a sense more interior, to have faith; and in the supreme sense, to foresee and to provide, 2807;
to think, 3679;
to perceive, 3764;
to acknowledge, 3796;
foresight and providence, 3854;
in the supreme sense, foresight; in the internal sense, faith from the Lord; in the interior sense, understanding; and in the exterior sense, sight, 3863:4;
when it involves doing, to look forward, 5286;
apperception of those things which belong to faith, 5400;
to be conjoined, because interior sight, or thought, in the other life, conjoins: illustrated, 5975.
See also EYE.
To see d. approbation, 10410;
perception, understanding, and faith: references, 10705;
and also acknowledgment, 10705;
faith in the understanding; and to hear d. faith in the will: shown, 3869. See also EYE.
To see from afar d. perception remotely, 4723.
To see from the people d. to choose, 8709.
To see God d. the Lord's presence in the Word, 9405, 9411.
God being seen, when it relates to the Lord, d. perception from the Divine, 4567.
God saw them d. to give faith, 6805.
God appeared unto me d. presence, 6893.
Jehovah sees and judges d. Divine disposition, 7160.
Cannot see d. obscuration 7645.
To see all that he did, when it relates to the Lord, d. omniscience, 8688.
To look at, or to take a view of, when predicated respecting the Lord, d. presence, 4198.
To look forward d. to think, 2245.
What to look behind him, or to turn backward, as is said respecting Lot's wife, s.; and concerning the Lord's words in Luke xvii. 31, 2454.
To look back at anything d. thought and reflection, 7341.
To look back, when it is spoken respecting truth, d. deprivation of apperception, 7650.
To look back, or to survey, d. remembrance, 8442.
To turn aside and see d. to reflect, 6836, 6839.
What to foresee and to provide are, 2837, 2839, 3686.

Seed (semen). See also under ABRAM.
The case with respect to good and truth is as it is with seed and ground; seeds are in the rational, ground is in the natural, 3671.
Seed d. the Word of God, 29:2.
What the seed falling in the way, or a rocky place, among thorns, and into the good ground s., 1940:2.
The things that flow in are variously received, 1940:2.
What is sd. by seed, in the parable of the four kinds of land, 3310:2.
To give seed d. influx, 6139.
The seed of the field d. nourishment of the mind (mens), 6158.
To sow d. to instruct and to be instructed: illustrated and shown, 9272.
Seed d. the faith of charity, thus charity itself, 1025, 1447, 1610:2;
or the spiritual, 2848;
the spiritual, 3187;
good and truth from the Lord, thus the sons of the kingdom, 3373;
those who are in love and faith in the Lord from the Lord, and, in the abstract sense, the goods of love and truths of faith: shown, 10249:2;
in the opposite sense, evils and falsities, and those who are in them, 10249:8.
What seed s. in relation to the Lord, and to the human race, 1610:2.
Seed in the supreme sense, d. Divine Truth, 3038.
The seed of the serpent d. all infidelity, 254.
The seed of the woman d. faith, 255.
The Lord is called the seed of the woman, 256.
By multiplying seed to immensity is understood the Lord; the faith of charity, when the human race is understood, 1610:2.
What all nations of the earth being blessed in thy seed s., 3380.
The seed of Abraham d. those who are being regenerated by the Lord, 10249.
The seed of Isaac d. the celestial, 2085.
By the seed of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, is not meant their posterity, because it was the worst nation of all, but those who are in goods and truths, who also are the sons of the kingdom, 3373.
The seed of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob d. the goods and truths of heaven, and of the Church, 10445.
The seminal vessels, to what they correspond, see SEMINAL VESSELS, 5056, 8846-8848.
Celestial and spiritual seed cannot be rooted in one who is being regenerated, except by means of the good of charity, 880.
Seed grows to immensity in the other life, 1941.

Seethe, To (elixare). See To BOIL.

Segments (segmevua).
To cut into segments the beast which was for the burnt-offering d. to arrange interior things distinctly; and segments d. the interiors: illustrated, 10048.

Seir (Seir).
Esau was named from "hairy," Edom from "ruddy," Seir from "shaggy"; why, 3527:2.
Seir d. the conjunction of spiritual things with celestial in the natural; in the supreme sense, the Lord's Divine Natural as to good, conjoined to truth there, 4384.
Mount Seir d. those things which belong to the Human Essence of the Lord; it is the contrary when inhabited by Horites, 1675:3.
The land of Seir d. the Divine Good of the Lord's Natural; the reason: shown, 4240.
To arise from Seir, and to go forth from Seir d. to enlighten the nations which were in thick darkness, 4240:3.

Selav. See QUAIL.

Selfhood, See PROPRIUM.

Sell, To (vendere). See To BUY.
To sell d. to appropriate, 5371, 5374;
to communicate cognitions of truth and good, 5886;
to abdicate and to submit, 6143;
to estrange: shown, 5886;
that it may be no longer his, 4098e;
and in turn to be acknowledged by those who buy, 4752, 4758.

Seminal Vessels (vesiculcs seminales).
Who and of what quality they are who come to that region; an experience, 5056, 8846-8848;
also the quality of the semen there, 5056, 8846-8848.

Send, To (mittere).
To send d. to go forth, 2397:2.
To be sent d. to proceed and to teach, 4710.
Sent d. an angel; and the Lord as to the Divine Human was called an angel, 6831.
To send and sent d. the Divine leading and the Divine proceeding, 10561.

Sense (sensus).
Everything sensitive and perceptive is from good, not from truth, 3528.
It is the spirit that feels in the body, 4622:2.
There is no life without the senses; and such as the sensation is such is the life, 4622:3.
Those things which were seen in the other life, were seen with the eyes of my spirit, not of my body, 4622:5.
What is sensitive in the other life is real in heaven, and not real in hell: illustrated, 4623.
Delight is common to the senses, according to their uses, 7038:2.
Spirits are indignant that men suppose them to have no use for the senses, 1630.
Spirits and angels have every sense except taste, and more exquisitely; concerning which, 1880, 1881.
Spirits have the most exquisite sense; touch is exquisite; and several other matters, 322.
A spirit excels a great deal in more exquisite senses than a man in the body, 4622:3.
The state in which the exquisite sense of those who are in the other life is, is the state itself of spirits, 1883.
How dull the senses are appears by means of objects which are seen through a microscope, 6614;
also from an action which arises from many motor fibres, and also from the words of speech, 6622.
The sense of touch is the general of all senses, arising out of what is perceptive, which is interiorly perceptive, 3528.
What the general sense is, voluntary and involuntary, 4325.
How the involuntary general sense, from the earliest times, varied and diffused itself out of the face; an experience, 4326.
They who at this day relate to the involuntary general sense are worse than all others; an experience, 4327:2.
The quality of the voluntary general sense with the celestial and with the spiritual; an experience by means of a column, 4328.
There is a correspondence with the internal senses, 4224.
To what affections the five senses-namely, touch, taste, smell, hearing, and sight-correspond, 4404.
External sensations correspond to internal; concerning which, 10199.
Sensual things are the lowest, 5767.
The ultimate of the intellectual is the sensual scientific, and the ultimate of the voluntary is sensual delight; concerning which, 9996.
Sensual things are twofold: the subjects of the intellectual part, and the subjects of the voluntary part; concerning which, 5077:3.
They ought to be altogether subject to the interiors of man, 5077:2.
Sensual things induce fallacies, 5084;
and unless thought be led away from sensual things, a man is little wise, and is a sensual man, 5089:2, 5094:2.
The natural communicates with the world by means of sensual things, and with heaven by means of rational things, that thus there may be ascent and descent, 4009.
What and of what quality sensual things are, which are the outmost things of the natural man: references, 9331e.
The whole natural is in falsity, when its outermost is; and truths are not therein, 7645.
The corporeal is constituted of external sensual things and recipient forms, 5077.
The sensual things of the body are ministers, because they minister under those things which serve as a plane to the interior man, 5081.
A man is intelligent if he thinks above sensual things, 5089:2, 5094:2.
Sensual things ought to be in the last place, subject to interior things; and whence it is known whether sensual things are in the last or in the first place, 5125;
and what is the difference, 5125:2;
also illustrated, 5128:2.
Sensual things successively open the way to internal sensual things, and then to intellectual things; and these arise from the former by means of a mode of extraction, 5580.
Sensuals, scientifics, and truths are distinct from each other: illustrated, 5774e.
They who are being regenerated are elevated from sensual things; concerning which elevation, 6183:2.
To be elevated from sensual things: references, 9922e.
They who think from sensual things scarcely perceive what is honest, righteous, and good, 6598, 6612, 6614, 6622, 6624.
Sensual things cannot receive Divine influx; why; and they are the last to be regenerated, 6844, 6845.
When man is in sensual light (lumen), filthy things occur, 6310.
The avaricious, adulterers, and voluptuaries are in that light, 6310:2.
The hells are in that light, 6311.
They who are not evil, but in that light, were seen in a market-place labouring with burdens, 6311.
The sphere of interior evil spirits conjoins itself with the sensual at the back, 6312.
When a man is elevated therefrom, he comes into a milder light; and that elevation from sensual things was known to the ancients, 6313.
As it is with lights (lumines), so also it is with degrees of spiritual heat, 6314.
A man who is elevated, because in the good of faith, is alternately in this and that light, and thus he is elevated by the Lord, 6315.
The learned are for the most part sensual; the reason, 6316.
There are they who are more than sensual: namely, the corporeal, 6318.
Sensual things were rd. and sd. with the ancients by serpents, 195-197.
What is meant by "sensual things must be removed"; and what the quality of the sensual man is, 5094:2.
What the quality of the sensual man is, is described, 7693.
The sensual is the ultimate, in which the interiors cease, 9212, 9216.
The sensual common with brutes, and not common; what the difference is, 10236:2.
The sensual with the most ancient people was the instrumental; with the antediluvians it was the principal, 241.
Thought in the sensual presents base things, and they who think in the sensual remove themselves from heaven; concerning sensual things, 6201.
What elevation above the sensual is, 9730.
When a man is elevated from the sensual, he comes into a milder light (lumen), and at length into heavenly light, 6313, 6315, 9407:15.
When the influx of good and truth from the Lord is not received in the natural, the internals are closed, and at length even to the sensual, in which thought then is, 6564.
The sensual separated and left to itself is in fallacies, thus in falsities, and contrary to the truths and goods of faith: illustrated, 6948:2, 6949.
The sensual is not regenerated at the present time, but man is elevated from it towards interiors, 7442:4.
The sensual sifts those things which enter: illustrated, 9726.
The external sensual reaches from the head even to the loins, and there is continued the more interior sensual, 9731.
There is no entering into those things that belong to heaven from the sensuals, because it is contrary to order, 10236:4.
See also under ANGEL.

Senses of the Word, See WORD,

Sensual. See SENSE.

Sent. See under ANGEL and TO SEND,

Separation (separatio).
Concerning the separation of the good from the evil, several things are advanced, 2438:2.

Sephar (Sephar).
What Sephar s., 1249.

Sepulchre (sepulchrum). See To BURY.

Series (series). See BUNDLE.
There are series of things in minds, subordinated under their own generals; this according to angelic societies in the regenerated, 5339, 5343.
Truths are arranged into series with man: illustrated, 5530.
What are the quality of series; in the middle are they which are of love, and so forth: illustrated, 5530.
The arrangement of truths with man into series is according to the ordination of angelic societies, 10303:3.
Bundles and sheaves, in the Word, d. the series into which truths are arranged: shown by passages only referred to, 10303:4.

Serpent (serpens).
The deceitful when viewed by the angels appear as serpents and vipers, 4533:2.
Concerning serpents in hell, see HELL.
They were called serpents, who reasoned from sensual things, 195.
The sensual things of man were sd. and rd. by serpents 195-197.
On the good side, serpents sd. circumspection, 197.
By serpent is understood all evil in general, and evils were sd. by the kinds of serpents, 251.
Serpent d. reasoning from the sensual respecting truth, 6398;
in the good sense, the sensual and circumspection, 6398:3;
the sensual and the corporeal, and also reasoning therefrom, 6949;
the sensual of man, 10313.
What a serpent walking on the belly d., 247, 248.
What the serpent shall eat the dust d., 249.
The seed of the serpent d. all infidelity, 254.
The head of the serpent d. the dominion of evil, 257.
What the brazen serpent d., 197.
The brazen serpent rd. the Divine Sensual of the Lord: briefly, 4211e.
Concerning the brazen serpent, and the standard on which it was, rd. the Lord, and the decreeing and protection by Him, 8624:4.
A water-serpent d. fallacies and falsities therefrom, 7293.
Arrow-snake d. reasoning from truth respecting good, 6399.
Poison d. deceit, or hypocrisy, in the Word; and poisonous serpents d. the deceitful, or hypocrites: shown, 9013:3.

Serug (Serug).
What Serug s., 1349.

Servant (servus). See also under AFFECTION.
Whence the laws respecting servants were derived in the Jewish Church, 2567:7.
In the heavens they who are greatest are the more servants; shown, 5161, 5164:2.
He was called a servant, who ministered, and thence the Lord as to the Divine Human was so called, 8241.
Servant is predicated respecting the natural man and those things which are therein, 3019, 3020.
Servant d. to obey, 1713;
to be without freedom from the proprium, 5760, 5763;
one who ministers and performs a duty, 7143.
In the Word, servant is predicated respecting the Lord, when He was in His infirm human, which He had hereditarily from the mother, 2159.
Servant and service, when predicated respecting the Lord, d. His own power, 3975, 3977.
Servants d. mean things, and they are lower, 2541;
those things which are lower, 5161, 5164;
those things which are beneath and relatively the natural, 5305;
the lowest things, 5936;
those who are of the externals of the Church respectively, because only in the truths of doctrine; but freemen are those who are of the internal Church, because in the affection of charity, 8974:2;
rational and scientific things; maid-servants d. the affections of them, 2567:2.
The servant of Abraham d. the Divine Natural, 3019, 3020, 3184, 3191, 3192, 3204, 3206, 3209e.
By Abraham a servant, Israel a servant, Jacob a servant, and David a servant, is to be understood the Divine Human of the Lord, because it serves that there may be access to the Divine, and the salvation of the human race, by means of it: shown, 3441.
The servant of a man (vir) d. the natural man, 7998.
The house of servants d. spiritual captivity, 8049.
A Hebrew servant d. those who are in the truths of doctrine, and not in good according to them, 8974.
To serve d. study, 3824, 3846;
the intention of subjugation, 6666, 6670, 6671.
To serve and service d. worship, 7934, 8057.
Service d. also truth, 3409;
assault by falsities, and infestation, 7120, 7129;
the injection of falsities, 7129;
the external, or natural man: illustrated, 9776.
What freedom is, and what slavery is, 892, 905.
An explanation of the law laid down respecting servants, that they who were bought should go out freely, but not the woman and those born of her, Exod, xxi. 2. 4; 3974, 4113.
That all are called servants of the king is from the representation of a king; concerning which subject, 5164:2.
Servants are they who act from obedience; masters, they who act from affection, 8987, 8988, 8990.
Strangers d. servants, 1097.

Serve, To. See SERVANT.

Service, Servitude. See SERVANT.

Set Over, To. See GOVERNOR.

Seth (Scheth).
What Seth s., 436, 437, 484.

Seven (septem). See WEEK.
Seven d. what is holy and consecrated, 395, 433;
holy things, 716;
illustrated, 5265;
shown, 5268:2;
also what is profane: shown, 5268;
an entire period, and thus a full state, so also seventy, 6508;
an entire period, thus what is full: shown, 9228;
an entire period, when holy things are treated of; three similarly, but when any other thing whatever is treated of, 10127.
Seven in the Word adds sanctity, 881. See also SABBATH.
To seven days s. the beginning of temptation, as also the end of vastation, or simply the beginning and end; the same as week; concerning which, 728.
The celestial man is the seventh day, 84-87.
What the seventh day and year s., 9274. See SABBATH.
The seventh year, in which servants shall go forth, d. a state of implanted and confirmed truth, 8976.
The spiritual man is rest, and the seventh month, 851.

Seventeen (septendecim).
What seventeen s., 755:2.
Seventeen d. a beginning and what is new, 4670:3, 6174.

Seventh. See SEVEN.

Seventy (septuaginta).
Seventy d. an entire period, thus a full state: shown, 6508.
See also TWELVE.

Shaddai (Schaddai). See also under ABRAM.
Shaddai was the god of Abram, and by him the Lord was first represented before Abram, 1992;
he was the god in the house of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, 3667;
he was the god of the family of Terah, thus of Abraham and Jacob, 5628.
Shaddai was to them the god of temptations, and He benefited them after temptations, 1992:5.
Shaddai d. temptations, 3667;
temptation and afterwards comfort, 4572.
The god Shaddai d. temptation, and also consolation after temptation, 6628;
also the Divine, 6229.

Shade (umbra).
What the shade of heavenly light is, 1972.
In the other life all light is from the Lord, and all shade from the proprium, and variations are therefrom, 3341.
See also OBSCURE.
Shades in the other life come from spirits and angels: illustrated from the sun of the world, 6110:6.
What the shadow of a beam s., 2366.

Shadow. See SHADE.

Shaken, To be. See TO BE WAVED,

Shaveh (Schave).
What the valley of Shaveh s., 1723.

Sheaf (manipulus).
Sheaf d. doctrine in which is truth: shown, 4686:2, 4687.
Sheaves and bundles in the Word d. series in which truths with man are arranged: shown by passages only cited, 10303:4.

Shear, To (tondere).
To shear a flock d. use and end: shown, 4110;
to consult for the Church, thus to afford use to it, 4853, 4857.
What to shear long hair and the beard s., 5247, 5569.

Sheba (Scheba). See ETHIOPIA.
Sheba and Seba d. cognitions: shown, 1171.
Sheba and Dedan d. cognitions of celestial things, or those who are in them, 3240e.
Sheba properly d. those who are in the cognitions of good: Dedan, those who are in the cognitions of truth from good, 3240e.
Sheba and Dedan were not the sons of Ramah, or the great-grandsons of Ham, but the grandsons of Abraham by Keturah, 3240:2.

Shechem (Schechem, Sechem).
Hamor and Shechem were slain because they aceepted external things, 4493:5.
Hamor the father of Shechem d. the origin of interior truth from a Divine stock, 4399.
Shechem d. interior truth, thus the first of light, 4430;
truth from an ancient Divine stock, 4454.
Hamor d. life; and Shechem, doctrine, 4472, 4473.
Shechem was anciently called Salem, next Shechem from Shechem the son of Hamor, and Sychar: shown, 4430:3.
What Shechem s., 1440, 1441.
Shechem d. the first rudiments of doctrine, or the general things of doctrinal subjects, 4707, 4709, 4716.
The town of Shechem d. the interior truths of faith, 4393.

Sheep (ovis).
Sheep d. good: shown, 4169:2;
those who are in the good of charity and therefrom in faith: shown, 4769:5, 4809:5.
The spiritual are understood by the sheep which were not of this fold, and which were to be brought, 2088:2.

Sheet. See CLOTH.

Shekel (siclus).
Shekel d. truth from good, 10221.
Four hundred shekels d. the piece of redemption, and shekel d. the price, or estimation of good and truth, 2959.
Thirty shekels d. little, or of no estimation, 2276:2, 2959, 2966:2.
What is sd. when it is said the shekel of holiness, and a shekel is twenty gerahs, 2959:5.

Shelah (Schelah).
Shelah, the son of Judah, d. what is idolatrous, 4825, 4826, 4845.

Shelah (Schelach).
What Shelah s., 1237, 1339, 1341, 1342, 1344.

Shem (Schem).
The quality of the influx of those who are of the Church Shem, 1127.
Shem s. internal worship, 1062, 1140, 1141.

Shepherd (pastor).
The shepherd is he who teaches and leads to the good of charity, and the flock he who learns and is led, 343.
The shepherd is he who leads and teaches, 3795.
Shepherds of a flock d. truths which lead to good, 6044.
To pasture d. to be instructed: shown, 5201:2.
To feed with food d. to sustain spiritual life, and to vivify, 6277.
What pasture s., 6078. See PASTURE.

Shield (clypeus). See also ARMY.
Shield d. protection, and confidence in protection, 1788.

Shiloh (Schiloh).
Shiloh d. the Lord, and then the tranquillity of peace, because by Him all things were pacified and reduced to order in heaven, 6373.

Ship (navis).
Concerning a ship which was seen in a dream, in which were delicious things to eat, 1977.
Ships d. cognitions and doctrinals from the Word; and, in the opposite sense, the doctrinals, or scientifics, of falsity and evil: shown, 6385.

Shittim (Schittim).
Shittim wood d. the good of merit which is the Lord's only, 9472;
righteousness, 9486, 9715;
thus also mercy, 9528;
the Divine Love: illustrated, 10178.

Shoe (calceus). See also HELL.
Shoe d. the ultimate corporeal natural, 1748, 6844, 7864.

Shoot, To. See DART.

Shoots (propagines).
Shoots d. derivations, 5114.

Shoulder (humerus).
Infernals exhibit a shoulder from phantasy, from which the forces are struck back, 4937.
Concerning correspondence with the hands, arms, and shoulders, 4931-4937.
The shoulder s. all power, 1085:
shown, 4937;
force and power in resisting, breaking, and acting: shown, 9836:4.
To put upon the shoulder and to carry d. to preserve in a state of good and truth by every work and power perpetually: shown, 9836:6;
also servitude, as also ability: shown, 9836:7.

Shout. See CRY.

Shower, To. See TO RAIN.

Shrub (frutex). See TREE.

Shur (Schur).
Shur s. the scientific which has not yet gained life, 1928.

Sick (aegrotus). See DISEASE.

Side, Sides (latus, latera).
Sides d. good, 10190.
Ribs, when they are sides, d. truths, and sides d. goods, because ribs are predicated of breadth in the heavens; sides, of length: shortly shown, 10189.

Sidon (Sidon). See ZIDON.

Sieve (cribrum).
The network about the altar d. the sensual: illustrated, 9826.
See also GRATE.

Sight (visus). See To SEE and VISION.
External sight is from internal, 994:4.
The organic parts of the spirit are not where they appear: illustrated from hearing and sight, 1378.
When the interior sight is opened, the things which are in the other life appear, 1619.

Sign (signum). See also MIRACLES.
All the rites of the Church were signs of the covenant, 2037.
To put a sign on anyone d. to distinguish from another, 396.
What the sign of the covenant s., 1038e.
Sign d. confirmation of truth, and thus cognition, 6870;
and also enlightenment, 7012;
when used with respect to the sabbath, the principal thing by which they who are of the Church are known in heaven, 10357;
that by which they who are of the Church are distinguished from those who are not of the Church, 10372.
For a sign d. testification, 7876.
To be for a sign and a memorial d. what ought to be perpetually remembered, 8066, 8067.
A sign, or standard, which is set up on the mountains, d. gathering together, and the protection of the Lord: shown, 8624:2.
Signs and miracles d. admonitions, 7273.

Signet. See SEAL.

Significatives (significativa). See also REPRESENTATIONS.
Concerning the significatives of the Most Ancient Church; they became representatives, 920:4.


Silver (argentum). See GOLD, METAL.
By the ancients the ages have been called gold, silver, copper, and iron; it was from correspondence; concerning which ages, 5658:2,
and silver d. truth, 5658.
Silver d. truth, gold d. good, 1551.
Gods of silver and of gold d. the evils and falsities in the external form: shown, 8932.
The silver of Egypt d. a true and suitable scientific; concerning which, 6112.
What is sd. by the gold, silver, and garments claimed from the Egyptians, 6914, 6917. See GOLD.
To give silver d. to redeem by means of truth, 2954.
The purchase of silver d. he who has some spiritual truth in the natural, 7999.
Bought with silver d. what is acquired from the spiritual in the natural, 7999.
To bring back the silver d. to be without their power, 5488, 5496, 5499.
Everyone's silver in his sack d. what is given freely, 5530, 5624.
Because he is his silver d. what is acquired from the proprium; spoken of servants, 9039.
Those born of the house d. the celestial; those bought with silver d. the spiritual, 2048.

Simeon (Schimeon).
Simeon, in the supreme sense, d. Providence; in the internal sense, faith in the will; in the external sense, obedience; in the aggregate, obedience and the will to do truth, from which and through which is charity, 3869-3872.
See To HEAR.
Simeon d. faith in the will, 5482;
the good of faith, 5626, 5630;
faith separated from charity, thus the contrary of faith in the will, 6352e.
Simeon and Levi, with Reuben, rd. faith without charity, thus the affection of evil; concerning which, 3870:2.
Simeon d. faith in the will, and Levi d. spiritual love, or charity; and, in the opposite sense, falsity and evil which are of the Church in general destroyed, 4497, 4502:2, 4503:2.

Similitude. See LIKENESS,

Simplicity (simplicitas).
He who believes the Word simply is not at all hurt, 589.
Concerning the simple in faith who have lived in conjugial love from conscience; they come into heaven, 2759.

Simulation (simulatio). See DECEIT and FLATTERY.
The quality of simulators interiorly while they are pretending in the other life, 821, 822.
They who are accustomed to simulation undergo the penalties of rending, 957, 958.
The odour of simulators, 1514. See also FLATTERY.
Their speech is fluent, but harsh within, 1760.
Simulation and deceit were regarded as a monstrous crime, by the most ancient people, 3573:4.
Spirits from another orb, who spake by means of changes of the face, especially about the lips and eyes, whose faces were prominent and free, by reason that they did not simulate, 4799.
The face is contracted through simulations: namely, when they think and will otherwise than they speak and do, 4799:3.

Simultaneous (simultaneum). See CENTRE and EXTERNAL.

Sin (peccatum). See EVIL.
They who believe that the remission of sins is instantaneous, and that purification is made by means of faith, know very little about regeneration, 5398.
To remit sin is not to regard it from evil, but from good, 7697.
What the remission of sins is; they are removed, not extirpated, 8393.
What the remission of sins is; it is to be withdrawn from evil and, to be kept in good by the Lord, 9014:3.
The sin against the Holy Spirit is spiritual deceit, or hypocrisy: shown, 9013:6;
and it cannot be remitted: illustrated, 9013:6, 9014:4.
Concerning the remission of sins, 9444-9454.
Sins are rooted in the life, 9444.
No one can withdraw anyone from sins, thus remit them, but the Lord only, 9445.
Sins are remitted by this, that a man is withheld from them; and no one can be withheld from evils and kept in good, except those who are being regenerated by the Lord, 9446-9448, 9451.
The signs that sins are remitted, 9449.
The signs that sins are not remitted, 9450.
The remission of sins from mercy takes place by means of regeneration, 9452-9454.
Sins are not washed away, but they are removed, 5398.
Evils and falsities remain, but they are removed; and man is kept in good by the Lord: illustrated, 9333:2.
Sins are removed slowly; why, 9334-9336. See REGENERATION.
Sins are removed with man, so far as heaven enters in accordance with him, thus so far as he is regenerated: illustrated, 9938.
Sins and evils remain with man, but he is removed from them: references, 10057e.
A purification, or removal from sins, takes place by means of the good of innocence, 10210.
Confession of sins, see REPENTANCE.
Man is continually falling, and is continually raised by the Lord, 8391.
The sanctuaries were polluted by the sins of the people; as the altar, the tent, and the temple: shown and illustrated, 10208:2.
Sin d. disjunction, 5229;
disunion, 5474;
aversion, 5841, 9346;
sacrifice for sin, 10039.
Transgression d. evil against truth, but sin d. evil against good; they are named conjointly: shown, 6563.
Transgressions d. those things which are against the truths of faith; iniquities, those which are against the goods of faith; and sins, those which are against the goods of love and charity: shown, 9156.
To sin d. to act contrary to order, thus it is the inverse of order, 5076;
separation from truth and good, 7589;
not to obey, 7696.
To bear iniquity, when it relates to the priesthood, by which the Lord is represented, d. to sustain combats with the hells, even to eternity, for the sake of man: shown, 9937:3;
when it does not relate to the priesthood, it rd. damnation; and they were in sins, not that they were so on that account, but only representatively: shown, 9965:2.
To bear iniquity also d. true damnation, 9965e.

Sin (Sin).
Sin d. a state of temptation as to good which is from truth, and it d. evil which is from falsity: shown, 9398.

Sinai (Sinai).
The reason why the Lord spoke by the living voice from Mount Sinai was that it was the beginning of the revelation of the Word, 8931:3.
Sinai d. the law, thus good from which is truth, 8399;
the Divine Truth from the Lord, and therefrom heaven: shown, 9420.
Mount Sinai d. heaven, thence the Divine Good united to the Divine Truth there, 8805:2.
The mountain and wilderness of Sinai d. the good in which truth is to be implanted, 8753, 8793.
Concerning the fire and smoke which appeared to the people on Mount Sinai, 1861:10.

Sinew. See NERVE.

Singing (cantus). See SONG.
Sweet singing was heard from those who pertain to the lungs, 3893.
By singing are sd. the spiritual things of faith, as by stringed instruments, 418-420.

Singulars (sinqularia). See also PARTICULARS.
What a man is in general, that he is in the most singulars, 1040, 1316.

Sinus, See BOSOM.

Sion (Sion). See ZION.

Sirens (sirenes).
Concerning sorceresses, or sirens, their deceits, punishments, and hells, 831.
The sirens who ensnare in sleep suffered the penalties of rending, 959.
By what arts they attempted to elude the penalty, 959.
The rank stench of sirens, 1515.
Sirens spoke as from one in sleep, and infested good spirits, 1983.
They obsess the interiors of some men, 1983:3.
To a siren who maintained her denial of her crimes, they were opened, even to the number of one hundred, 2483.
Sirens attempt to penetrate into the taste, that they may obsess the interiors of man, 4793.
Sirens were conveyed into the cavities of dirt in the outside skin, 4793:5.
Sirens c. to the itch, 4793e.

Sister (sorer).
Rational good is a brother, and rational truth is a sister, 2508, 2524, 2556.
The affection of good and the affection of truth in the natural man are as brother and sister, but the affection of truth is called forth from the natural man into the rational, and is there conjoined as a married woman, 3160.
Sister d. intellectual truth, 1495;
rational truth, 3386.
Sarah as a sister d. rational truth, 2508.
Whence sister d. the rational, and wife the spiritual, 2507, 2508.
That Abraham's wife is here called sister by him, and that Isaac's woman, Rebekah, is also called sister by him, is an arcanum; concerning which, 3386, 3398.

Sit, To, Sittings (sedere, sessiones).
To sit d. to remain and permanence in a state: shown, 9422.

Sit Down, To. See under ABRAM.

Sitnah (Sithnah).
What the well Sitnah s., 3429.

Situation (situs). See PLACE and DISTANCE.
Concerning changes of place, and concerning distance and situation in the other life, 1273-1278, 1376-1382.
I was conducted through mansions, 1273.
Five wonderful things in the other life concerning distance, situation, place, and time, 1276.
To the right of the Lord are the good, to the left the evil, 1276.
Similarly they are about a man and an angel, whichever way he looks, 1274, 1276.
Thus all are very present to the Lord, 1277.
Societies are distinct among themselves as to situation, 1274.
None are so far away that they cannot be seen, 1274.
Men as to their souls similarly have their situation in the Lord's kingdom, 1277.
If men were in the spirit, they could converse at any distance, 1277.
That they keep a constant situation is an appearance, 1376-1378.
That they appear in a place where they are not is an illusion, 1376e, 1380.
Changes of place are changes of state: illustrated, 1377.
The organic forms of spirits are not there where they appear: illustrated from things heard and seen, 1378.
They have not yet gained a constant situation, and are compared to fluids in the body, 1381.
The societies of heaven keep a constant situation, whichever way a man, spirit, or angel turns himself; concerning which, 3638, 3639.
The hells also have a constant situation, under the soles of the feet; and that some appear elsewhere is a phantasy, 3640.
They who are in the hells have an opposite situation, head downwards and feet upwards, 3641.
Situations in the other life are states: illustrated from experience, 4321.

Six (sex).
Whence six is, and the derivation of that number, 737:3.
Six s. the same as twelve, when a like subject is treated of, 3960e.
Six s. combat and labour, 737, 8506.
Two and six s. combat and labour, 720, 900.
The six days which precede the Sabbath d. the combats which precede and prepare for the heavenly marriage, 8888.
The six days which precede the seventh d. the states of truth when there is combat, and the seventh d. the state of good, 9431.
To serve six years, when it relates to Hebrew servants, d. a state of labour, and of some combat, 8975.
Sixth day d. the end of every state; why, 8421.
What six hundred s., 737.
Six hundred chariots of Pharaoh of Egypt d. all falsities and doctrinals of falsity and evil in the aggregate, 8148.
Six hundred thousand d. all truths and goods in the aggregate, the same as twelve, 7973;
and six hundred d. all falsities and evils in the aggregate, 8148.
666, in Apocalypse xiii, d. all falsities and evils in the aggregate, and the profanation of that which is holy, as also the end, 10217:8.

Six Days, See under SABBATH.

Six Hundred (sexcenti). See Six.

Sixteen (sedecim).
Sixteen d. what is full and complete, as eight does, 9660.

Sixth. See SIX.

Sixty (sexaginta).
This number contains in itself several things; concerning which, 3306.
Sixty and upwards, when it relates to the age of a man, d. a state of wisdom and of innocence in wisdom, 10225.

Skin (cutis). See also HIDE.
Concerning the correspondence of the skin with the Grand Man, 5552-5559.
The cuticular societies are in the entrance to heaven, 5553.
They have had faith in others, and only confirmed from the sense of the letter of the Word, 5554.
They have only known the general things of faith, and have been led away therefrom by the malicious, 5555.
There is much difference among cuticular spirits, 5555.
They who relate to the scaly skin reason about all things whether it is so, and themselves know nothing, 5556.
They who constitute the less sensitive skin are they who have talked foolishly, and have scarcely known what they said, 5557.
Cuticular spirits also try whether a thing is so from the fluency of sound; if there is resistance from the interior, 5558.
The conformation of the skin shown: that it is beautiful with the regenerated, and ugly with the evil, 5559.
They who are only in truths of faith, and not in good according to them, are in the ultimates of heaven, and constitute and relate to the skin, 8980.
The cuticulars in heaven were rd. by Hebrew servants in the Representative Church, 8977, 8980.
Hide and skin d. externals: shown, 3540;
falsities in the ultimates, 10036.

Skins (pelles). See BADGER.

Skull (cranium). See also BRAIN.
Pains are felt in various places of the skull,-incrustations by falsities from lusts, 5563.

Slavery. See SERVANT.

Slay, To (interficere). See TO KILL.

Slay, To (mactare). See also To KILL.
To slay d. the good of the natural, because the bullock, the ox, and the he-goat, which were slain, are to be understood, 5642.
To slay the beast of the sacrifice d. preparation for sanctification, 10024.

Sleep, Dream (somnus, somnium).
Deceitful sirens who ensnare in sleep suffered the penalties of rending, 959.
The Lord protects man most especially while he sleeps, 959e.
Some are vastated by means of a state of sleep, 1108.
Concerning a certain one who, in a state of sleep, still spoke wisely, 4048.
Heavy sleep d. a dark state, 1838.
To sleep d. an obscure state, 5210.
The men of the Most Ancient Church had delightful dreams; hence their paradisiacal things, 1122.
Concerning the dreams, even the prophetical, which are in the Word, 1975-1983.
Dreams are of the same kind as visions, 1975.
There are three kinds of dreams, 1976.
Delightful dreams are induced by angelic spirits, who are in the entrance to paradisiacal things, 1977.
I have spoken with spirits and angels who introduced dreams, 1977, 1979.
The speech of angels is turned into various representatives according to whose affections they are; dreams are therefrom; concerning which, 1980, 1981.
Sirens spoke in sleep from me, and infested good spirits, 1983.
Dreams and to dream d. to foretell the future, also, when it relates to the Lord, foresight, 3698.
Dreams also d. vain things, 4726.
Dream d. foresight, 5091;
also the event, 5092;
prediction, 5104;
what is obscure, 5219.
To dream a dream d. prediction: shown, 4682.
Dreams of the night d. what is obscure, 2514, 2528.
The interpretation of a dream d. what, 5093, 5105, 5107, 5121, 5141.

Sleep, To (dormire). See also To LIE and SLEEP.
To sleep d. to have rest, 9216.

Slender (gracile). See THIN.

Sluggishness, See INERTIA.

Small (minutum).
Small is predicated respecting truth, 8458, 8459.

Smell (olfactus). See SCENT and NOSE.

Smite, To (percutere).
To smite d. to destroy, 6761;
damnation, 7871;
to weaken, 9025;
devastation, 10510;
when used with respect to the Lord and His kingdom, d. to blaspheme, 9015.
To smite the rock d. to ask urgently, 8582.
To be smitten d. to be injured by falsities, 7136, 7146.

Smoke (furnus).
The Israelites were in dense obscurity as to the truths of faith, and in falsity; therefore the Lord appeared to them on Mount Sinai in a heavy cloud and in smoke, 8814, 8819.
Concerning the fire and smoke which appeared to the people from Mount Sinai, 1861:10.
Smoke d. the literal sense of the Word: shown, 8916;
that which is elevated to the Lord: shown, 10198:2.
The furnace of smoke d. the densest falsity: shown, 1861.
The smoke of incense from aromatics d. the sense of the letter of the Word with respect to the internal sense, and those senses are as smoke to flame, and as cloud to light, 8916, 9474e.

Smooth and Smoothness (laeve et laevitas).
Smooth is predicated respecting truth and falsity: shown, 3527:3.

Snare (laqueus).
To be as a snare d. to be taken by one's own evil, 7653.
Snare d. enticement and deception from the delights of the love of self and the world, and the destruction of spiritual life and the perdition by means of it: shown, 9348.

Snow (nix).
From whiteness snow is predicated respecting truth: shown, 8459.

Snuffers, See VESSELS,

Society (societas). See HEAVEN and ANGEL.
A society is the harmony of many, 457, 687.
The case of societies is as that of consanguinities and affinities on the earth, but according to the differences of mutual love and faith, 685.
There are general societies which constitute heaven; and in each of them there are those who correspond to the Grand Man, 4625.
The heavens consist of innumerable societies, 684.
There are innumerable varieties of good and truth in heaven, but still they make one, as the organs and members of the body do, 3241:2.
One society is not like another, 690.
There are also societies of infernals, and they are bound by like phantasies and lusts, 695, 1322.
All, however many there are, will be in some society, 687.
The society in which men have been in this life is at some time shown them after death, 687, 697:3.
Man, as to the interiors, is in the midst of societies of evil spirits, whom he invites to himself, and of angels, who are from the Lord, 4067:2, 4073:2, 4077:2.
They who are in evil invite societies to themselves; they who are in good are adjoined by the Lord to them, 4073:2.
Societies are exceedingly indignant when they are compelled to recede, 4077.
They are conjoined as to affections, and at length where the ruling affection is, 4111:2.
Souls are afterwards borne to various societies by angels, that they may be received, 1273.
They who come out of vastation are borne to angelic societies, 1273.
I have been similarly conducted, 1273.
There are most exquisite consociations by reason of perceptions, 1394.
With what charity and joy they are received by angels who are intromitted; and how they come into agreeable societies, 2131.
How societies amassed together evilly are dissociated by means of companies of spirits, who are the eastern wind, is described, 2128;
also by means of dissociations of thoughts and speech; concerning which, 2129.
How societies of spirits of a threefold kind are separated from those who are with the regenerated; which is done in freedom, 4110:2, 4111:2;
and concerning the changes of their state then, 4111:2.
Ideas have consociations and correspondences with societies in the other life, 2470.
Adulterers can insinuate themselves into societies by blandishments and deceits, to which they are accustomed, but they are beaten and at length cast into hell, 2753.
Man's regeneration is effected by means of societies of spirits and angels, and their changes; concerning which, 4067:4.
There are societies that serve as mediums and a communication, 4047.
There are middle societies which suffer themselves to be led by angels, and by evil spirits, 4088.
From these societies the angels see, as from causes, those things which are with man, 4073e.
The Lord also had societies of spirits and angels with Himself, but He took nothing from them, but by means of them from the Divine, 4075.
Thoughts and affections extend themselves far into societies on both sides, 6598-6612.
Everyone has extension into the spheres of angelic societies according to the quality and quantity of good, and contrariwise into the spheres of infernal societies according to the quality and quantity of evil, 8794:3, 8797:2.
Concerning the goods in a society, whence its form is; and concerning the general good therefrom: illustrated, 8469.
Concerning the communication of the goods of all, whereby they are general, more general, and most general: illustrated, 8470.
Communication is with each one according to reception, 8472.
To ascend to societies of a higher heaven is not allowed, for therefrom there would be pain and blindness, 8797:2.
There are heavenly societies to which correspond all things belonging to the body, and these constitute as it were one man, 2996, 2998.
Heaven corresponds to the Lord; and man, as to all things in general and particular, to heaven and to the societies there; thence heaven is the Grand Man, 3624-3649.
See MAN (homo).
It was customary to say, when they died, that they were gathered to the fathers, or to the peoples, and by it was sd. that they came to those who were in the same good and truth in the other life, 3255.

Sockets (fundae).
Sockets of gold d. existence and subsistence from good, 9847.

Sodom (Sodoma).
What Sodom s., briefly, 1212, 1663, 1682, 1689.
Sodom d. the evil of the love of self, and Gomorrah d. the falsity therefrom: shown, 2220, 2246, 2322.

Sojourner, To Sojourn (peregrinus, peregrinari). See LODGER.
They who were sojourneying with them, received the statutes and laws of the Jews, 4444:5;
and were as if natives: shown, 4444:5.
The law for the sojourner and the native was the same; why: shown, 8013.
Sojourners were those who were instructed, 1463.
A sojourner was one who was not born within the Church, but accepted, 7908.
Sojourner d. one who is instructed in the truth and good of the Church, receives them, and lives according to them, 8007, 8013, 9196.
Seed being a sojourner d. faith is rare, 1843.
Sojourner and inhabitant d. to be unknown and yet with them, 2915.
A sojourner, an orphan, and a widow, in one sense, d. the reciprocal conjunction of good and truth within the Church: shown, 9200.
"Because ye have been sojourners in the land of Egypt" d. that they were protected from falsities and evils when infested by infernals, 9197.
To sojourn d. to be instructed, also to live, 1463.
Sojourning d. instruction and life therefrom, 2025.
Sojournings d. the successions of life, 6095.
To inherit the land of thy sojournings d. the life of instructions, 3672.

Solace (solatium. See To COMFORT.

Sole of the Foot (planta pedis). See FOOT.

Solicitude (solicitudo). See CARE.

Son (filius).
Son s. truth, and the rational, 2623.
Goods and truths are called sons, 2642.
By sons are sd. truths, 489, 491, 533.
Sons d. doctrinals both true and false, 1147;
the goods of truth, 8649;
truths; and Son of Man, Divine Truth: shown, 9807.
What the Son of God and the Son of Man s., with the Lord, 1729, 1733:2.
What Son of Man and Son of God with respect to the Lord, s., 2159:2.
The Lord as to the Divine Human is called the Son of God, 2628:2.
The 5on of Man d. Truth Divine which could be tempted: shown, 2813.
The Son of God is Good Divine, 2813:5.
The Son is Divine Truth; the Father, Divine Good, 2803, 2813.
The Divine Good of the Lord is what is named Father in the Word; and the Divine Truth, the Son: shown, 3704:2.
The sons of sons d. derived things, 6583, 6584.
Two sons of Reuben d. the doctrine of truth and the doctrine of good, 5542.
Seed d. the sons of the kingdom, that is, those who are in goods and truths from the Lord, 3373.
To smite the mother upon the sons d. to destroy all things of the Church, 4257.
By daughters are sd. goods, 490, 491. See DAUGHTER.
By father, mother, brothers, children, and several other names of relationship, are sd. goods and truths, and falsities and evils, 10490:5.

Song (canticum).
The songs of the Word are from the rhythmic speech of spirits: shown, 1648.
Songs were testifications of gladness on account of the Lord's coming, and the salvation of the faithful: shown, 8261:2.
Singing in heaven is most acceptable; why, 8261:3.
Songs are predicated respecting truth, 4137. See SINGING.
Song to Jehovah d. the glorification of the Lord; the songs of the Church have continued that, 8261:3.
To sing to Jehovah d. glory to the Lord alone, 8263.
The song is Jah d. that everything of faith and glory therefrom is from Divine truth, 8267.
The Book of Canticles is from the significatives of the Ancient Church collected, 3942:2.
The Song of Songs is not the Word, 9942:5.

Son-in-Law (gener).
Sons-in-law d. truths associated with the affections of good, 2389.

Sorceress (prerstigiatrix). See MAGIC,
Concerning the deceits, punishments, and hells of sorceresses, or sirens, 831.
Magicians seem to themselves to have rods; the reason, 4936.
Sorceries d. the falsities of the evil of the love of self, which destroy the truths of good: shown, 9188.

Soul (anima). See also SPIRIT and ANGEL.
The soul is the spirit which lives after death: shown, 7021.
The soul, or spirit, is the esse of man's life, and the body is the existere of life therefrom, 10823.
Man's spirit is in the whole body, and in every part of it, 4659.
The ancients knew what the soul and the spirit are, from a right idea of successive things, 10099:3.
Aristotle's thought respecting man's spirit, that it was to live after the man's death, 4658:6.
Man forms to himself a soul, 2487.
The soul is formed from those things which are confirmed by doctrine and life, 4747:2.
Good and truth are conceived together; good gives life by means of truth, and both are called soul, 3299.
The end in the rational is as a soul, but the things which are in the natural are relatively as the body of that soul, 3570:3.
A soul is attributed to animals, properly to man, and to him in various senses; it is the whole man, because life in general, both intellectual life and voluntary life, 7021.
I spoke with those who were being buried, 4622:4.
What some believed respecting the life of the soul after death, 443-448.
Some believe that the soul is only thought, others that they shall be as phantoms, others that they will be raised again at the Last Judgment, and then with the body; concerning which, 4527.
Many do not believe in the life after death; the reason, 4622:6.
How the case is with man when resuscitated he comes into the other life; the process, 2119.
In the other life all things in general and particular of the life of everyone are made manifest, 4633.
Concerning the first state of souls in the other life, 168-181, 182-189, 314-319, 320-323.
After some time man comes to his own life, which he had in the body, 316.
Some slowly, some more quickly are carried into heaven; two examples immediately after death, 317-319.
The soul that comes into the other life does not know but that it still lives in the body, 320.
It has more excellent faculties than in the body; concerning which, 321, 322.
Concerning influx, or the intercourse of the soul and body, 6053-6058, 6189-6215, 6307-6327, 6466-6495, 6598-6626.
Concerning influx, or the intercourse of the soul with the body nothing can be known when what the soul is, is unknown, 6053.
The soul is unknown in the learned world, not so with the simple, 6053.
The soul is the man himself, who lives after death, 6054.
It is better to say "spirit," or "interior man" than "soul," 6154:2.
The intercourse of the soul with the body cannot be known, unless it is known what the internal and external man are, and that the former is in the light of heaven, the latter in the light of the world, and several other things, 6055.
The soul s. all life, 1000;
also evil, 1005;
life, especially the things which live from the Lord, with man, 1040;
the living essential, 1436.
What further the soul d., 2930e.
To fill the soul d. delight, 8293.
To breathe d. a state of the life of faith: illustrated; and thence the soul d. the life of faith, and "spirit" is so called from "wind," 9281:3.
The soul d. the life of faith; and the heart, the life of love: shown, 9050.
Out of the heart and the soul d. from the will and the understanding: shown, 2930.

South (meridies).
South d. lucid state, 1458;
a state of light, thus their state who are in cognitions: shown, 3708.
What north, south, east, and west, s., 1605.
East and west d. states of good, and south and north d. states of truth: shown, 3708.
South and southern d. where truth is in light: shown, 9642.
Land of the south d. the Divine Light, 3195.
Mid-day d. the state of light, 5672.
In heaven there are morning, mid-day, evening, and twilight, but spiritually; concerning which, 5962:2.

Southern (austrum). See SOUTH.

Sow (sus).
The hell of the avaricious is where, as it were, swine are being scraped that they may become white, 939.
Why the demons were sent into the pigs, 1742.

Sow, To (serere). See SEED,

Space (spatium). See PLACE.

Speak, To, and Speech (loqui et loquela).
See also To SAY and ANGEL. When "to speak" means "to say," see To SAY.
All forms of speech live from the life of the Lord, but with a difference according to the degree in which the forms of speech are, 3344.
All these forms of speech are one speech, because one forms another, and one is present in the other, 3345.
In speech there are several things which are from the perception of the spirit: as that the sight of internal things, and light, belong to the understanding, 3693.
Speech from the exterior memory takes place by means of vocal sounds; that from interior memory, by means of ideas, 2470, 2478, 2479.
Thus they are able to converse with all, 2472, 2476.
The speech of the Most Ancient Church was not by means of vocal sounds, but by the face and lips, 607:2.
The nature of the speech of those who were of the Most Ancient Church; it was tacit; they moved the lips; and several other matters, 1118, 7361.
The most ancient people had speech by means of the face; concerning its excellence over speech by vocal sounds; several things, 8249.
Afterwards speech by means of external breathing followed, 607:2, 608.
The speech of vocal sounds, together with external breathing at length followed, 1120.
Speech by means of vocal sounds followed; and the face was then changed; the interiors contracted, and the exteriors prepared for simulation: illustrated, 8250.
Men are in languages of vocal sounds from the exterior memory, and spirits in universal language from the interior memory, 2472, 2476.
Angelic speech is with man, although he does not know it, 4104:2.
Very many things which are in the light of heaven do not fall into human ideas and words, 4609.
The most part of the truths of faith, and of the goods of charity, cannot be expressed in natural words, 7131.
In human speech there are several things from correspondences from the spiritual world, 8990:4.
Concerning the speech of spirits and angels, 1634-1650, 1757-1764.
The speech of spirits is distinctly heard; it flows into the interiors of the organs of hearing, 1635.
Men can hardly be induced to believe that anyone speaks with spirits, 1634, 1636.
Spirits, even infants, speak a man's vernacular, and the languages with which a man is familiar, 1637.
The reason that their language is of the ideas of thought, thus the universal of all languages; wherefore they can converse with all, 1637;
it falls into adapted words distinctly, as man's thought into vocal sounds, 1638.
Spirits speak from the interior memory, 1639.
How much more copious the speech of spirits among themselves is than man's, 1639.
The speech of spirits with me is from various places, and from various distances, 1640.
It can be known from the speech what the quality of a spirit is, 1640.
The superiority of the speech of spirits is described, 1641.
The difference of the speech of spirits, of angelic spirits, and of angels, is described; the forms of speech are more universal, 1642.
The speech of angelic spirits is described, 1643.
The speech of interior evil spirits; how fatuous and filthy it is, 1644.
The speech of angels; it is ineffable; they have ends and uses instead of ideas, 1645.
The speech of angels in the world of spirits appears even as a flame-coloured light, 1646.
The speech of celestial angels is distinct from the speech of spiritual angels, and still more abundant, 1647.
The speech of spirits is rhythmic (which is described), because in a society, 1648, 1649.
The speech of spirits is effected by means of discreet, and so clean, ideas of thought, 1757.
The speech of spirits is diverse, and is distinguished as that of men, 1758.
The speech of celestial spirits does not easily fall into words, 1759.
The speech of mediums between the celestial and the spiritual, also of the spiritual, 1759.
The speech of evil genii is outwardly fluent, and inwardly harsh, 1760.
The influx of speech is, as it were, linear; from which, 1761.
Spirits speaking by means of changes induced on the face, 1762.
Undulating speech, fourfold speech, like threshing, speech inwardly in oneself, hoarse speech, cloven, rheumy, and thundering as of many, 1763.
Speaking by means of sheer representatives, 1764.
The speech of spirits and angels is universal; wherefore also they do not perceive the Word according to the letter, 2333:2.
In the other life they are reduced to speak as they think, 8250:2.
The quality of the speech of spiritual and celestial spirits, 8733.
The quality of spiritual speech, 8734.
Spirits speak keenly among themselves, 3222. See TO SAY.
The speech of spirits is universal; they are not able to utter any vocal sound, nor any name, 1876.
The nature of their speech, 1876.
Immediately after death, men come into the perception of representatives, and into that which by the sense of the mind they can express in a moment, and by means of representatives; the reason, 3226.
Concerning a society of those who are dissimilar, or those who act and speak dissimilarly, but will and think alike, 4051:2.
The speech of spirits is heard as sonorously as that of men, 4652:2.
Spirits speak with man within him, 4652:2.
The quality of a spirit can be heard from the sound of his speech, and from one word, alone, 6616;
examples, 6623.
The speech of the celestial angels is most copious, because they form for themselves the lights of ideas from the affections of the Word, 2157, 2275.
The speech of spirits, or angels of the first heaven, is effected by means of rapid representations, together with ideas, 3342, 3345.
The same is in man, but he does not know it, 3342.
The speech of angels of the second heaven is also effected by means of representatives, but it is inexpressible and incredible, 3343, 3345.
Man has that speech inwardly in himself, 3343.
Spiritual things are effected by means of variations of light, celestial things by means of variations of heat, thus of the affections, 3343.
The speech of angels of the third heaven is also effected by means of representatives, but it is ineffable, 3344, 3345.
This speech also is inwardly in man, 3344.
In universal speech, such as is the angelic, persons are not regarded, but things, 5225, 5287.
Angelic speech is abstracted from persons: illustrated, 7002;
why: illustrated, 6040:2.
Angelic thought and speech are abstracted from ideas of persons; and they are in the idea of things, 8343e.
Thought is passive, and also active; and this is speaking, like the speech of spirits, because it is without the vocal sound of human language: illustrated, 6987:2;
and angelic speech is not intelligible to spirits as the speech of spirits is not intelligible to man, 6987:3.
Angelic speech is ineffable, not falling into human words, 7089e.
Man cannot understand angelic speech: illustrated, 7381e.
Angelic discourse is continuous, because it has innumerable things by means of which it is connected, otherwise than human discourse is, 7191.
Angelic discourse represents the form of heaven; it is harmonious, and terminates in one, 7191e.
Truth Divine is altogether in another form in the heavens than it is on the earth; and it is varied in the heavens, 8920:2.
The case of thoughts and kinds of speech of the angels is as the interior things of the body to their exterior forms, 3347.
The quality of those who correspond to the isthmus in the brain and the ganglia in the body; they speak dissimilarly, but think alike, 5189.
It can be one end, but of varied speech, 5189.
Spirits from another orb, who spake by means of changes of the face, principally about the lips, and also about the eyes, 4799.
Concerning the speech of the inhabitants of Mars; it is by means of an internal way, through the Eustachian tube, 7359.
Their speech is more perfect, and the face and eyes correspond, 7360.
Concerning the similar speech of those who were of the Most Ancient Church, 7361.
Concerning the speech of the inhabitants of Jupiter, by means of the face, 8247, 8248. See JUPITER.
The nature of speech by means of the face shown, 8248.
The speech through the Eustachian tube, also by means of the lips, face, and eyes, with the inhabitants of a certain earth in the universe, is described, 10587.
Concerning speech by means of the face and lips, ceasing in sonorousness modified by means of the ideas, with the inhabitants of a certain earth in the universe, 10708.
Concerning forms of speech going forth to the ninth use, below and above; what and whence this is, 10709.
There is an internal historical sense of the Word, which is lower; and its quality, 4373:2.
To speak d. to think, 2271, 2287. See To SAY.
What to say s., and what to speak, 2619.
What not to speak to anyone from good unto evil s., 4126.

Special Treasure. See TREASURE.

Speckled (pundatum).
What the speckled sheep which were of Jacob's flock s.; they d. the good with which evil is mixed, 3993, 3995, 4005.

Spelt (zea vel spelta).
Spelt d. truth of the interior natural corresponding to the good which is sd. by wheat, 7605.
Barley d. the good of love of the external man, and spelt d. its truth, 10669:4.

Sphere (sphaera).
Concerning spheres: all references, 9606;
in general: references, 10188e.
The sphere is the life of each according to the ends, or, what is the same, according to the affections of love, 4464:3.
A spiritual sphere is an exhalation flowing from the life of loves; and the consociations and dissociations in the other life are according to the spheres, 6206:2.
The sphere of truth is according to the quality and quantity of good, 8063.
Of what nature the sphere of Divine Truth must be conceived to be, 9498.
The spheres of spirits are from the activity of the things in their interior memory, 2489.
Spiritual spheres surround everyone,-foul with those who are in externals alone, and grateful with those who are in internals, that is, in good, 4464:2.
There are spiritual spheres around man: illustrated from those who ascribe all things to fortune, 5179.
There is a sphere of faith and life around every spirit, more so around a society: illustrated, 7454:2.
A sphere of Divine Good from the Lord surrounds heaven and the societies therein; and so protects them; concerning which, 9490-9492, 9498, 9499.
A Divine sphere surrounds heaven, and also hell, but with a difference; in hell it is a sphere of Divine Truth, separated from Divine Good in external things, but not in internal, 9534:2.
Spheres of extension to societies, 6598-6613.
Everyone has extension into the spheres of angelic societies according to the quality and quantity of good, and also vice versa according to the quality and quantity of evil, into the spheres of infernal societies, 8794:3, 8797:2.
Concerning the sphere of Divine Good from the Lord, and its extension through heaven into the hells; and concerning the varied reception of it according to the quality of the subject, 10188:2.
They are conjoined according to spheres, 8630:2.
There are spheres from angels and angelic societies; and conjunction takes place by means of them, 9606.
Those things in spheres which are from the Lord conjoin, those which are from the proprium of angels disjoin; thus the Lord alone conjoins, 9606e.
In heaven they are conjoined according to the spheres of life, 9606.
Spirits are consociated and dissociated according to the spheres of affections and thoughts therefrom; if otherwise collision and anxiety take place, 10312.
The quality of the spheres of those who are in the life of evil, 2401:3.
What the quality of a spirit is, is perceived from the sphere, 1048, 1053, 1316:2, 1504.
How these spheres are procured; an example from a view of one's self, and excellence of one's self above others, 1505.
The sphere of the love of self; an experience respecting a certain one who was puffed up; and several other things, 1506.
The sphere of authority of some born in dignity, 1507.
The sphere of authority of the good who were born in dignity; its quality, 1508.
They are tempered with goodness, if they are good, 1508.
How troublesome the sphere of flatterers is, and it induces listlessness, 1509.
The sphere of principles and persuasions of falsity excites confirming falsities, 1510, 1511.
Fantastic spheres are like clouds, 1512.
The spheres of hatred are envenomed, 1512.
The sphere of one lukewarm, 1513.
Spheres become sensible by means of scents, 1514, 1517-1519. See SCENT.
The sphere of the stink of sirens, 1515.
Spheres do not always exist perceptibly, 1520.
To ascend to the spheres of a higher heaven is not allowed, for so pain and blindness would ensue, 8797:2.
Infernals cannot enter heaven on account of the contrariety of spheres, 10187.
Evil spirits dare not assault the regenerate, because they immediately perceive, from the sphere, the response and resistance, 1695:2.

Spice (aroma).
The spices from which the oil of anointing was prepared, pertain to the celestial class: shown, 10254:3.
These spices d. celestial perceptions and affections: shown, 10254:4.
Spices d. interior truths which are grateful: illustrated and shown, 10199e.
The spices for incense d. the affections of truth from good in worship, 10291;
and they pertain to the spiritual class, 10295.
Spices whence the oil of anointing was made aromatic d. interior truths, 9474:2;
and perfumes as being what is grateful therefrom: shown, 9474:2.
Spices, resin, and stacte d. interior natural truths, 4748.
Aromatic wax, as storax, d. the truth of interior natural good, 5621.
Aromatics, because they sd. the truths of good, were applied to a holy use, as in frankincense, perfumes, and the oil of anointing, 5621.
There was an aromatic of the oil of anointing for the sake of the signification of internal truth, and an aromatic of incense for the sake of the signification of external truth, 9474e.
Ointment of ointment, or aromatic of aromatic, d. in all and each thing, 10264.
The work of the maker of ointment, or of aromatics, when the Lord is spoken of, d. the influx and operation of His Divine, 10265.

Spies (exploratores).
Spies d. those who learn the truths of the Church only to secure gain, 5432.

Spirit (spiritus). See also ANGEL, SOUL, GENIUS.

The Spirit.
The soul is the man himself who lives after death; and it is better to say "the spirit," or "the interior man," than "the soul," 6054.
Man and spirit are nothing but their own truth and their own good: illustrated, 10298:3.
The spiritual with man, in the universal sense, is the affection of good and truth for the sake of good and truth, not for the sake of self, also of what is just and equitable, for the sake of what is just and equitable, not for the sake of self, 5639:2;
the Church to-day is ignorant of this, 5639:2.
The qualities of those are described who reason from sensual, scientific, and philosophical things about what the spirit is, 196.
Concerning the opinion of some respecting the spirit, 443-448.
A certain one supposed it to be something obscure, like a phantom, 443.
Some supposed a spirit had no extent, but was only thought, 444, 445.
A certain one denied that a spirit was in a place, 446.
Some spirits did not know that they were spirit, but supposed that they were in the body; two examples, 447.
Men do not believe that there is a spirit, thus that anyone can speak with spirits, 448:2.
With the ancients by the spirit was understood the interior man and abstractly the interior affection and thought, 5222.
It is the spirit that feels in the body, 4622:2.
The spirit enjoys much more exquisite senses than a man in the body; the reason, 4622:3.
Those things which were seen in the other life were seen with the eyes of my spirit, not of the body, 4622:5.

Spirits and Angels.
All spirits and angels have been men; they can see nothing through a man that is in the solar world; by means of my eyes they have seen friends and several others, which was to them a miracle; and heaven and earth were united from creation, 1880.
Spirits and angels appear as men, 3633.
Spirits are real substances and forms, and the good are endowed with a purified body, 3726:4.
There are spirits who appear in a gross body, and they are they who have altogether persuaded themselves against the Divine, and so closed their interiors, 5991, 6318.
Spirits have much more excellent faculties than man; they have sight,, hearing, smell, also lusts and affections, thoughts, touch, more exquisite than in the body; they speak among themselves; concerning which, 321, 322.
Spirits are indignant that men suppose they do not enjoy exquisite senses, 1630.
Spirits and angels have every sense above taste, and more exquisitely; concerning which, 1880, 1881.
Concerning the speech of spirits and angels, 1634-1650, 1757-1764. See SPEECH and LANGUAGE.
It is permitted to spirits to do evil, but not to speak falsities, 986:3.
It is not permitted to spirits to speak falsity, unless it is from the evil which is their life, 1695.
Spirits and angels perceive the interior things of man's thoughts, 1931.
The Lord had societies of spirits and angels with Himself, but He took nothing from them, but from the Divine through them: illustrated, 4075.
There are mediate societies which suffer themselves to be led by angels, and by spirits, 4088.
How societies of a twofold kind are separated from those who are being regenerated; it is done in freedom, 4110:2, 4111:2.
Concerning the changes of their state at that time, 4111:2;
they are conjoined as to affections, and at length are where the ruling affection is, 41112.
A man, an angel, or a spirit is as his love, 10177:4.
Concerning the spirits who are called genii, who are the worst, 947, 5035, 5977, 8593, 8622:2, 8625:2.

Spirits with Man.
Concerning the angels and spirits with man, 5846-5866, 5976-5993. See MAN (homo).
With every man there are spirits and angels, and by means of them there is communication, 2886, 2887.
There are spirits and angels by means of whom communication is effected, 4047, 4048.
Spirits and angels are with man, and through them he is ruled by the Lord, 50, 697.
All changes of state, both as to voluntary and intellectual things, are ruled by the Lord through spirits and angels, 2796.
That there are two spirits from hell with a man is because he is a spirit and a genius, 5977;
the difference between spirits and genii; the quality, 5977.
There are with a man two spirits from hell; he does not believe it; and in a measure it is according to the doctrine of the Church that spirits from hell and angels from heaven are with a man, 5979.
That a man may live angels from heaven and spirits from hell will have been constantly adjoined to him, 5993.
How the case is with spirits who are with man when he is being regenerated, 986.
Man is in the midst of spirits and angels of such a quality as he is, 4067:2, 4073:3, 4077.
They are exceedingly indignant when they are compelled to recede, 4077.
The spirits with a man perceive as the man thinks, and not as he feels in the body, 6319:2.
They who are in evil invite societies to themselves; they who are in good are adjoined to them by the Lord, 4073:2.
From societies, as from causes, angels see those things which are with man, 4073.
To speak with spirits is dangerous, unless the man is in genuine faith, and is led by the Lord, 9438.
Spirits spoke with men in ancient times, 7802.
I have spoken with spirits and angels; and man is able to speak with them, 5, 67-69.

The Spiritual World.
Few believe that there is a life after death, 946.
See also GENIUS, Why man does not believe that there is a spirit and a life after death, 1594:2.
Concerning the world of spirits, 5852. See WORLD.
Concerning lately arrived spirits, see SOUL.
When they come into the other life, they know not otherwise than that they live in the body, 320.
The state in the other life in which spirits have their exquisite sense, and who are said to be withdrawn from the body, 1883.
A spirit in the other life appears as a man, in all things which belong to a man; concerning which, 6054.
The spirit of man in the other life appears as to all things as a man; and why this is not known on our earth; the reasons, 10758.
Man after death is in the human form, and in his own body, and this, in relation to the Lord, is the body which is called glorified, 5078:3.
Man's body does not appear to spirits, and when it appears, it is presented as what is black; an experience, 5865.
In a certain earth in the universe spirits appear in a human form; and how this is; as it was in ancient time on our earth; concerning whom, 10751, 10752.
Spirits appear near their own earth who are similar in genius to the inhabitants, and as present with them, 9968.
What it is to be led away to another p lace by a spirit, 1884.
To be led to the earths in the universe is to be led as to the spirit, and is effected by means of variations of the state of the interiors, by the Lord, 9579, 9580;
and this the corporeal sensual cannot comprehend, but the sensual of the spirit, removed from the body, can, 9581.
Concerning emissary spirits who are called subjects, 5866. See SUBJECTS.
From the situation and application of spirits to myself, I was able to know what their qualities were, 4403.
In the other life there is communication of affections, so that they do not know otherwise than that they are theirs; thus it is with spirits when they come to man, 4186.

Evil Spirits.
The quality of the life of evil spirits, and whence it is, 1742.
The quality of evil spirits, and where they are; and the quality of genii, and where they are, 5035.
Evil genii and spirits fight against man's loves, thus against his life, 1820.
Temptations exist from evil spirits, 741, 751, 761.
Evil spirits cannot excite anything of evil and falsity with infants and the simple at heart, 1667:2.
The evil spirits with the regenerated are deprived of all power, for they know immediately that it is resisted; and what exists from their sphere, 1695:2, 1740.
The defiled and filthy things of infernal spirits are turned into mild things with angels, 5981.
See also SUBJECTS.
The Lord had no aid from evil spirits; He had no power therefrom, but from Good, 1749.

The Holy Spirit.
Concerning the Holy Spirit, see HOLY.
The Holy Spirit is the Holy which proceeds from the Lord: shown, 6788.
The Holy Spirit is the Divine Truth which proceeds from the Lord, and it is not any spirit from eternity: shown, 6973.
Holy is spoken respecting the Truth which proceeds from the Lord, and the Holy Spirit is Divine Truth: shown, 6788.
The Divine Truth proceeding from the Lord can neither be heard nor perceived, until it has passed through heaven, and then by means of the Holy Spirit, 6982.
That the Divine Truth proceeding from the Lord is the Holy Spirit, see references, 9229.
The Divine Spiritual, or Divine Truth, is what is called the Spirit of Truth, concerning which mention is made in John, 3969e.
The Divine Truth from the Lord is the Comforter and the Spirit of Truth, 4673e.
The Divine Truth which is mediately uttered is also immediately from the Lord, 7004.
The sin against the Holy Spirit; why it cannot be remitted; it is hypocrisy: shown, 9013:6, 9014:2.

Spirit, when it relates to man, d. the understanding of truth, and life therefrom; and the Spirit of God and the Holy Spirit d. the Divine Truth proceeding from the Lord: shown at large, 9818:2.
Spirit d. life from the Lord; and flesh d. life from man: shown, 10283:13.
The Comforter, or Spirit of Truth d. the Divine Truth from the Lord, 9199:4.
The Spirit of God d. mercy, 19;
the Truth, in which is good, which proceeds from the Lord, 5307.
To fill with the Spirit of God d. influx and enlightenment from Divine Truth, 10330.
To breathe d. a state of the life of faith, and hence soul d. the life of faith, from animation, as also spirit which was so called from "wind": illustrated and shown, 9281:3.

Spiritual (spiritualis).
See HEAVEN (where the Spiritual Kingdom and the Angels there are treated of), also CHURCH, and EXTERNAL and INTERNAL OF THE NATURAL.

The Spiritual, or Internal Man.
The dominion of the spiritual man proceeds from external to internal, 52.
The spiritual man is the interior natural, 4402:2.
Light from the Lord falls with him into the truths of faith, and there is only a general enlightenment therefrom, 4402:3.
The spiritual element is that light and intelligence therefrom, 4402:3.
What the spiritual and the natural, or, what is the same, the internal and the external man, are; the spiritual is wise from the light of heaven; the natural, from the light of the world, 3167.
By the fall they were separated, and the natural exalted itself above the spiritual; wherefore regeneration is needed, 3167:2.
The natural man is opposed to the spiritual: illustrated, 3913:3, 3928.
Temptation is combat between the natural and the spiritual man, when they disagree, 3928.
The spiritual is in the light of heaven, and the natural in the light of the world; the former is the internal of the Church, but the latter the external, 5965:2.

The Spiritual Degree.
The spiritual is intellectual truth which meets cognitions, that the rational may be born, 1901.
What the spiritual is, 9550, 9569.
The spiritual, or the good of the Spiritual Kingdom; it is the same, 9915.
What the spiritual of faith is, 2504e.
What spiritual good is, and what spiritual truth adjoined to that good, 3236:2.
Concerning spiritual truths; what they are, and of what quality, 5951.
The spiritual is the Divine Truth proceeding from the Lord; concerning which, 6685.
The spiritual is in the rational, and they differ a little, 3264.
What the spiritual in the natural is, 4988, 4992.
What celestial truth is, and what spiritual truth; the former flows in from the Lord with the celestial man, the latter flows into the spiritual man, 2069:3.
What celestial good is, and what spiritual good, 2227.
The celestial is of love, or good; the spiritual is of faith, or truth, 2507.
The celestial is that which belongs to good, and the spiritual that which belongs to truth; and these terms ought to be used, 4585:4.
Spiritual and celestial are predicated both respecting the natural and the rational, 4980:2.
The spiritual and the celestial are in the rational and in the natural, 5150.
How the case is with the celestial and the spiritual, 8827, 9277.
The spiritual is from the celestial, 9942:3.
The spiritual are kept in order by means of the celestial, by virtue of influx from the Lord through them mediately, and also immediately, 6366.
The spiritual is prior, and the natural is posterior: illustrated, 5013.
The spiritual and the natural come together in ultimate truths, but yet there is not conjunction, but affinity; and they are separated, 5008, 5028.
Concerning those who are in natural good, not spiritual, and their lot in the other life, with relation to those who are in spiritual good, or from religion; concerning whom, 5032:2.
Concerning celestial, spiritual, and natural thought what and of what quality they are, 10604.
The celestial, spiritual, and natural follow each other, 880:2.
What the celestial-spiritual is, 1824, 2184:4.
The celestial-spiritual are they who participate of the rational (who are Joseph), and of the natural (who are Israel), 4246.
The celestial-spiritual ones and the spiritual-celestial are Joseph and Benjamin, 9671:2.
The spiritual of the celestial is intermediate between the external, or natural man and the internal, or rational, 4585:6, 4592:4, 4594:2.
What the spiritual-natural is, 9992.
Why the Lord alone was born a spiritual-celestial man, 4592:3, 4594:2.
The Divine Spiritual is the Divine Truth which proceeds from the Lord, 4669, 4675.
Spiritual is predicated both of the rational and the natural, 4675.

The Spiritual Kingdom.
The Spiritual Kingdom of the Lord consists of those who are in truths not true, because the doctrinals of the Church are true to them, thence such a good exists to them that cannot but be impure, yet it is continually purified by the Lord, 6427.
Before the Lord's coming there was no Spiritual Kingdom: shown, 6372;
what its quality was after His coming, 6372.
There are two kingdoms: the Celestial and the Spiritual; and celestial angels pertain to the province of the heart, and spiritual to the province of the lungs, 3887.
There is a Celestial Kingdom, and a Spiritual Kingdom; concerning which, 4138.
The Celestial and the Spiritual Kingdom are conjoined by means of charity towards the neighbour, 5922:2.
The distinction between the Celestial Kingdom and the Spiritual; the external of the Celestial Kingdom is mutual love, and the internal of the Spiritual Kingdom is charity towards the neighbour, and they are conjoined by means of a medium, 6435.
Mutual love is spoken of in relation to the external of the Celestial Kingdom, and charity towards the neighbour is spoken of in relation to the internal of the Spiritual Kingdom, 6435.

The Spiritual Church.
The spiritual Church is continually assaulted by the hells; and the Lord continually protects it, 6419:2.
There must be influx from the inmost into the good of the spiritual Church; otherwise its good is not good, 6499:2.
The man of the spiritual Church is infested in the other life by scientifics and falsities; and he is thereby purified, that he may be elevated into heaven, 6639.
The man of the spiritual Church is first led by means of truths into good, and then by means of good into truths, 6647, 6648;
and so to eternity, 6648.
Both the celestial and the spiritual Church have good and truth, but with a difference; concerning which, 3240.
Concerning the regeneration of the man of the celestial Church as to voluntary things, and of the man of the spiritual Church as to intellectual things, 5113:2.
The Most Ancient, the Ancient, and the Christian Churches agree as to internal things, because they are one, 4489.
But the Lord flowed in with the man of the Most Ancient Church by an internal, or prior way, but with the man of the Ancient Church and the Christian Church, by an external, or posterior way: illustrated, 4489:3, 4493:2.
The man of the Most Ancient Church was of another and different genius and disposition from the man of the Ancient Church, 4493:2.

Spiritual Men.
The spiritual are within the Church; they who are outside do not become truly spiritual until they are instructed in the truths of faith, 2861.
The quality of the spiritual, the celestial, and the dead man, 81.
Celestial and spiritual men differ, 9818.
What the distinction between celestial and spiritual men is, 2088.
The difference between celestial and spiritual men, 4788:3.
Celestial and spiritual men; who they are and of what quality, 2669:2.
The differences between celestial and spiritual men; and the latter are relatively in obscurity, 2708, 2715.
Celestial men, from the good and truth in which they are, can view an indefinite number of things, as in the day; but spiritual men cannot come to the first boundary of their light, because they dispute whether a thing is so: illustrated by examples, 2718:2.
Who are the celestial, and who the spiritual, 3235:2.
The celestial say that a thing is so, the spiritual reason whether it is, 3246:2.
The celestial are from the marriage of good and truth; the spiritual from a covenant not so conjugial, 3246:2.
What celestial and spiritual men are; the celestial are from mutual love, and the spiritual are from intelligence therefrom, 4286.
The spiritual increase more than the celestial, because the voluntary is ruined, 6296:2.
The spiritual cannot be elevated to the first degree of the good of the celestial Church; the reasons, 6500.
The obscurity with spiritual men is illuminated by the Divine Human of the Lord, 2716.
The spiritual are entangled in the natural-scientific as to the truths of faith; the reason, 2831.
The spiritual are compared to the stars and the moon on account of the relative light of reason, 2849.
The spiritual are in obscurity as to good and truth, 2935, 2937.
They are in obscurity, nor do they see the first threshold of wisdom, who reason whether a thing is, and whether it is so: illustrated, 3833:3.
The spiritual are relatively in obscurity, 6289.
The spiritual have natural ideas respecting everything celestial and spiritual, and also respecting the Divine, 7091.
The spiritual man when he is becoming celestial is the sixth day-the evening of the sabbath, 86.
Concerning the regeneration of the spiritual, see REGENERATION.
How the spiritual are introduced into good by means of truth, 2954.
The Lord came into the world to save the spiritual, 2661:2, 2716e.
The spiritual are saved by virtue of the Divine Human of the Lord, and are adopted, 2833, 2834.
The spiritual were saved by means of the Lord's coming into the world, and they were conjoined with the celestial, because the Lord flows mediately into the Spiritual Kingdom by means of the Celestial, and also immediately: briefly, 3969:10.
The spiritual, before the Lord's coming, were detained in the lower earth, 7090:2, 7686, 8099;
in places which are called pits; and by means of the Lord's coming were saved and elevated into heaven: shown, 6854, 6914:2.
They are bound in a pit, 6854:2.
The spiritual were only saved by means of the Lord's coming, 7828, 7932a, 8261.
The spiritual disagree about what is most essential-namely, about the Divine, the Human, and the Holy, of the Lord; why not about other things, 3241:3.
With a spiritual man truths are first, 3324:2, 3330. See TRUTH.
The sons of concubines d. the spiritual, 3246.

Spiritual Things.
Spiritual things are presented in natural things; thence they are correspondences and representations, 2987-3002.
They who have only a natural idea respecting spiritual things, and do not acknowledge them, and they who have a sensual idea, 4046.
The merely natural nauseate those things which belong to heaven, and the bare mention of what is spiritual; from experience, 5006:2.
Spiritual things are in scientifics, when they have faith and charity, 5637.
The spiritual is the affection of good and truth for the sake of good and truth, also of what is just and equitable for the sake of them, 5639:2.
Why the Christian world is ignorant of it, 5639:3.
The things which are in the middle heaven are called spiritual things, 5344.
What is spiritual is held in distaste, 8783.
Spiritual things are not to be scientifically comprehended, 8783.
What things are called celestial things and spiritual things, 10604.
What that which is celestial is, and what that which is spiritual, 1155, 1577:2, 2048, 2184.
There exists a parallelism and correspondence between the Lord and man as to celestial things, 1831;
not as to spiritual, 1832.
The celestial is good which flows in from the Lord, and the spiritual is truth therefrom, 3166:2.
The spiritual, in the genuine sense, is the light of truth from the Lord, flowing into the rational and the natural; and the celestial is the flame of good from the Lord, 3374.
Celestial things are the head, spiritual things the body, and natural things the feet; and so they follow and flow in, 4938, 4939.

Spleen (lien).
Concerning the correspondence of the spleen, 9698.

Spoil (rapina vel spolium). See PREY.

Sport. See To PLAY.

Spotted (maculosum).
Spotted d. truth with which falsity is mixed, 3993, 3995, 4005.

Spread Out, To. See To ENLARGE.

Square (quadratum).
Square d. what is righteous: shown, 9717.
A double square d. what is righteous and perfect, 9861.


Stack. See HEAP (acervus).

Stacte (stacte).
Stacte s. truth from good in the interior natural, 6621;
the affection of sensual truth; by another word the truth of the internal natural is expressed, 10292.
Spices, resin, and stacte d. interior natural truths, 4748.

Staff (vectis). See also ROD.
Staves d. the power which belongs to truth from good: illustrated and shown, 9496.

Stalk (stipula).
Stalk d. scientific truth, 7131.

Stand, To (stare).
To stand before anyone d. presence, 5638;
and also appearance, 7436.

Standard, See BANNER.

Stars (stellae).
The wise men from the east who came to Jesus, when they saw the star, were of the Sons of the East, and they had this from ancient time, as is evident from Balaam's prophecy, 3762:5.
Falsities are represented by means of wandering stars, 1128.
Good spirits sometimes appear as stars, 1527.
A star appears to the inhabitants of an earth in the universe as a sun, and is flame-coloured, 9697.
Stars s. goods and truths, also evils and falsities, 1808;
cognitions of good and truth, 2495;
shown, 4697;
cognitions of faith, thus the spiritual, because they are therein, 2849.
What dust of the earth, sand of the sea, and stars of the heavens s., 1610.
What the sea, the Sun, the moon, the stars, and the nation s., when the Lord speaks of the Last Judgment, 2120.
The sun of the world corresponds, also the moon and constellations, as to situation, with the homes of the celestial, 5377:2.

State (status).
All states of man return in the other life, 823e.
All states of evil and good remain after death, and return, but diversely, 2116, 2256:2.
Changes of place in the other life are changes of state, 1273-1275, 1379.
All changes of state both as to voluntary and intellectual things are brought about by the Lord through spirits and angels, 2796.
What state and change of state are; they are of the interiors: namely, of the affections and the thoughts therefrom, which are in place of times and spaces, 4850.
Thoughts are variations of state, 4850, 6326:2.
Varieties of the state of good and truth in the other life are as variations of heat and light in the world, 10200.
Evils are separated from the good who are elevated into heaven, and goods from evils with those who betake themselves into hell, 2256.
What a full state is, when good is treated of, 7839.
What a full state is; the good are filled with good, and the evil with evil, 7984:3.

Statue. See PILLAR, and under ALTAR.

Statute (statutum).
There is a distinction between precepts which pertain to the life, judgments which pertain to the civil state, and statutes which pertain to worship: shown, 8972:2.
What statutes are, 37.
Statues d. the external things of the Word, precepts its internal things, in the genuine sense, 3382, 8362, 8363.
For an eternal statute d. according to the order of heaven, 7884.
The statutes of the passover d. the laws of order to those who are delivered from damnation, 7995.
To set for a statute d. what is concluded from consent, 6161.
To set a statute and judgment d. the truth of order then revealed, 8357.
The part assigned d. what is ordinated, 6149, 6150.
To finish what was appointed d. to what was enjoined, 7138.

Steal, To. See THIEF.

Step. See DEGREE.

Sticky. See VISCID,

Stink (putor). See To STINK (putere) and SCENT.

Stink, To (faetere).
To stink d. to abominate, 4516.
See To STINK (putere).

Stink, To (putere).
The hells have a great stink; concerning which, 7161:4;
they love to live in it, because they correspond to the evil which they loved in the world, 7161:4.
To live in a stink, 4628, 4631, 5711-5727, 7161. See HELL and EXCREMENT.
Concerning various fetid things from various evils by correspondence, 1514, 1631, 4628-4631.
Stink d. aversion and abomination: shown, 7161, 7319.

Stomach. See VENTRICLE.

Stone (lapis).
Stone s. truth: shown, 114, 643;
truth; and it is therefrom that stones signify, 1298;
truth: illustrated, 3720. See TEMPLE.
Stone d. truth, 6426;
the Divine Truth which belongs to the Lord's Spiritual Kingdom; and the Stone of Israel is the Divine Human of the Lord: shown, 6426:2;
truth in the ultimate of order, 8609.
What precious stones s., 114. See DIAMOND, also URIM and THUMIM.
Onyx stones d. the truths of faith from love: shown, 9476.
Onyx, in the general sense, d. the external of the Spiritual Kingdom: shown, 9873:4.
Beryl, onyx, and jasper d. the spiritual love of truth, or the external good of the Spiritual Kingdom, 9872.
Stones of fillings d. the goods of faith, or spiritual goods, 9476.
Stone upon the mouth of a well d. the Word so closed, 3769, 3773, 3789, 3798.
What the altar of stone d., 8940. See ALTAR.
Hewn stones d. those things which are from one's own intelligence: shown, 8941.
The tool by which stones are cut d. that which is from one's own intelligence, 8942e.
Workman in stone d. the good of love, or the voluntary of the regenerated, 9846.
The tables on which the law was written, were of stone, because stone d. truth in ultimates, thus the sense of the letter of the Word, in which is the internal sense, 10376.
Bricks d. falsities which are fabricated, 1296.

Stoning (lapidatio).
Stoning was on account of falsity, hanging on wood was on account of evil, 5156e.
Stoning was the penalty on account of the violence of truth which is of worship, 7456:2.
Stoning d. the penalty on account of the violence of truth, 5156.
To stone, in the opposite sense, d. to offer violence to Truth Divine, 8575.
To be stoned d. to perish as to truths of faith, 8799.

Stop Up, To (obturare).
To stop up wells d. not to be willing to know, and to deny, and so to obliterate truth, 3412, 3420.

Storax (storax). See SPICE.

Store (depositum).
Bread for a store d. for every use, 5299.

Storehouses (promptuaria).
Storehouses, in the opposite sense, d. falsified truths, 6661.

Strangers (alienigenae). See SOJOURNER.
Strangers were servants, 1097.
Strangers d. those who are outside the Church, as the nations, 2049, 2115, 7996;
those who are in falsities themselves shown, 10287:15.
A strange land d. where the Church is, but not the genuine Church, 8650.
Gods of the stranger d. falsities, 4544.
The alien d. one who does not acknowledge the Lord; that he is outside the Church, 10112.
Aliens d. those who do not acknowledge the Lord, thus who are in evils and the falsities of evil: shown, 10287.

Straw (stramen).
Straw (chaff) d. scientific truths of the natural man, fodder d. their goods, 3114.
Straw for the camels d. scientifics, 4156.
Chaff, or straw d. the lowest scientifics, and the most general of all: illustrated, 7112.

Street (platea).
Street d. truth, 2336.
The street of a town d. the truth of doctrine, the same as way, 2336.
See TOWN and WAY.

Strength (robur).
Strength was added by means of the glorified Human of the Lord, 7931:2.
It is well-pleasing to the Lord that man has strength by means of faith from love as to those things which belong to his spirit, 10182:2.
Strength is predicated respecting truth and falsity, 3727e.
Strength d. the power which belongs to good: shown, 6343;
those things which proceed from the life of love, 9050:4.
To strengthen oneself in the strength of Pharaoh d. to trust in scientifics in the things of faith, 6015.
The strength of the hand d. power; and, when it is spoken of in relation to Jehovah, it d. omnipotence, 8050.
The strong hand of Jehovah d. the Divine power of the Lord, 8069. See ARM and HAND.
By no strength in war is sd. not any resistance against evil and falsity, 10540:6.

Stretch Out, To. See TO EXTEND,

Stripe. See PLAGUE.

Strive With, To. See To DISPUTE.

Stroke. See PLAGUE.

Strong (fortis).
They are called strong who from the love of self appear so to themselves, 583.

Stronghold, See CASTLE.

Struggling. See WRESTLING.

Stubble. See STALK.

Stubborn, To Make (obfirmare). See To HARDEN.

Stumbling-Block (offendiculum).
The stumbling-block and scandal have reference to the Lord's Human, 3485:4.
A sphere of scandals against the Lord was perceived as the odour of stinking water defiled with refuse, 4629.

Subjects (subjecta). See also under ANGEL.
Spirits send subjects from themselves, that they may communicate, 4403.
Societies send out emissary spirits, that they may have communication, 5856.
Communications take place in the other life by means of subjects, 5983.
Evil spirits send forth subjects round about, as spiders their webs, 5984.
The hells send forth subjects, and they appear in certain places, 7111:2.
They who flow into a subject, suppose him to be nothing, and the subject supposes all to be from himself, 5985.
No one thinks from himself, but from others, and at length all and everything is from influx from the Lord; thus they are perpetual subjects, 5986.
The greater the number of intuitions into the subject, the stronger the force, 5987.
Concerning a subject who was as in sleep, by means of whom good spirits spake; when otherwise, the evil, 5988.
Subjects deluded the deceitful above the head, 5989.
Spirits choose subjects elsewhere; and such as are near man, 5989.
There are subjects on the side of those who infest, and on the side of those who are infested, 7137.
Concerning the injection of these by the evil, 7137.

Subordination (subordinatio).
All subordination, application, and submission must be successively from the First of life, that there may be conjunction, 3091.
In heaven there are subordinations, also in hell, but with much difference, 7773.

Subsistence (subsistentia). See EXISTENCE.

Substance (substantia). See also under ACQUISITION.
Substance d. good, 4105.

Successive (successivum). See CENTRE.
Influx is according to successive order; concerning which order, 7270:2, 10099.

Succoth (Succoth).
Succoth d. what is holy of truth from good, 4392.
The journeying of the sons of Israel from Rameses to Succoth d. the first state of departure and its quality, 7972.

Suck, To, Suckling, One Who Gives Suck. See NURSE.

Sulphur. See BRIMSTONE.

Sum (summa).
Sum d. all, 10216.

Summer (aestas).
With the regenerated the changes of voluntary things are as winter and summer; of intellectual things, as day and night, 935, 936.

Sun (sol).
The sun of the world does not rise and set, but the earth revolves around it, 5084:2, 5097:2.
The sun of the world is to spirits, when they think of it, at the back, because they are in obscurity, 7078:2.
The sun of the world appears great in the planet Mercury; but the heat, however, is tempered; whence this is, 7177.
There appears at the back a dark something as the sun of the world, 9755.
They who are in the love of sell, are said to adore the sun of the world: briefly shown, 10584:3.
The sun of the world corresponds, also the moon, and the constellations, 5377:2.
The correspondence of the sun of the world with the sun of heaven, and with the several variations of it; concerning which, 8812.
A comparison with the sun as to what the quality of the Divine Love of the Lord is; and what the light therefrom is, 6832, 6849, 8644:2.
The Lord appears as the Sun at a medium height, a little above the level of the right eye, 4321:2.
The Lord is as the Sun, in front before the right eye; the reason, 7078:2, 7171.
The Lord is the Sun of heaven, and thence there is light in which is intelligence, and heat in which there is love; and thence are correspondences, 3636, 3643.
The Sun of heaven, or the Lord, never sets; but this is with respect to those who do not receive, comparatively as the sun of the world which does not set, 5097:2.
The Divine proceeding immediately from the Lord, and the second successively, do not affect heaven, but they appear as belts about the Sun which is the Lord, 7270:2.
The Lord is the Sun, from which is love and faith, as from the sun of the world is heat and light, 7083.
The Lord appears as the Sun; concerning which; all light and heat in the heavens are therefrom, 10809.
The Lord is seen in the Sun of heaven by the spirits of Mercury, by the spirits of Jupiter, and by those who saw Him on this earth, 7173.
In the other life the Lord is the Sun and the Moon, hence their light, 1053e.
To the celestial angels the Lord is the Sun, to the spiritual angels, the Moon, 1521:2, 1529-1531.
Thence by the sun the celestial is rd.; by the moon, the spiritual, 1529, 1530e.
The sun d. the celestial of love, and, in the opposite sense, the love of self; thence what the adoration of the sun s.; and whence this was; and the sun appears to those who are in the love of self as dense thick-darkness: shown, 2441.
The sun rising d. conjunction of goods, 4300;
in the internal historical sense, when they came into representations, 4312.
For the sun to be risen d. to be seen, 9128.
What the setting of the sun s., 1837.
Until the setting of the sun d. when the state ceased: illustrated, 8615.
The setting of the sun also d. obscurity as to those things which belong to the understanding: shown, 3693:2.
The sun growing warm d. the heat of concupiscences, 8487.
The sun d. love, the moon d. faith, 30-38.
The sun d. the celestial of love, the moon d. the spiritual of love, 2495:2.
The sun d. love to the Lord, and the moon d. charity towards the neighbour, because the Lord appears in heaven as the Sun and as the Moon, 4060:2.
The sun d. the celestial of love, and also natural good, and the moon d. the spiritual of love, and also natural truth, 4696.
What is understood by the sea, the sun, the moon, the stars, and the nation, of which mention is made when the Last Judgment is treated of, 2120, 2495:2.
What the Lord foretold respecting the end of the Church, when there would be no longer any good of love and faith; that the sun should be obscured, the moon shall lose its brightness, and the stars fall from heaven, is explained there; the stars d. the cognitions of good and truth, 2441:5, 2495:2, 4697:4, 9408:4.

Sun, Setting of the (occasus solis). See WEST and SUN.
Setting of the sun d. obscurity and a state of falsity, 3693;
a state of shade, 9213.

Sup, To (sorbere).
To sup is the same as to drink, but in a diminutive degree, 3089.
Cause me to sup d. the desire for conjunction, 3320.

Suph (Suph).
In the hell which is sd. by the Sea Suph, are they who were in a persuasive faith, and in the evil of life, 8148:2.
In that hell are they who are in faith separated, and in the life of evil, 8099.
Concerning this hell further, 8137:2, 8138.
They pass through it who are delivered from infestations, and are brought to undergo temptations, 8099.
The Sea Suph d. the hell under the hell of adulterers, distinct by means of waters as of a sea, 8099:2;
hell and damnation: shown, 8099:5.
From the Sea Suph even unto the Sea of the Philistines d. the extension from scientific truths to the interior truths of faith; the Sea Suph is the scientific, 9340.

Supper (caena).
The Doctrine concerning the Holy Supper, 10519-10522.
It was instituted so that there might be conjunction of the Church with heaven, thus with the Lord, 10519,
But it ought to be known what body, blood, bread, and wine, and eating them signify, in the internal sense, 10520.
What each of them signifies; and the angels do not perceive them in any other way; and thence there is conjunction, 10521.
So conjunction is effected by means of the good of love and the good of faith with those who are in those goods, 10522.
The Holy Supper is a seal of that conjunction, 10522e. See BREAD, FLESH, and FEAST.
What is holy flows in from the internal with those who partake of the Sacred Supper holly, though it is unknown to them, 6789:3.
Without the internal sense it could never be known why the Holy Supper was instituted, and what flesh, body, and bread therein signify, 8682e, 9003e.
From the Lord's providence it has come to pass that in the Catholic religion, the common people receive only the bread, in the Holy Supper, and the bishop drinks the wine, because they worship externals, 10040:2.
What bread in the Sacred Supper s.; and it was instituted on account of external worship, in which the most part of men are, 2165:3, 2177:8.
Bread in the Sacred Supper s. the Lord, and thence His love, and what is reciprocal of man, 4211;
and so it unites man with the Lord; concerning which, 4211, 4217:2, 4735:2;
The meat-offering d. celestial good; the drink-offering d. spiritual good-the same as bread and wine in the Holy Supper, 4581:4.
By the body, in the Sacred Supper, is sd. the Lord's Divine Human and Holy proceeding, thus love itself, 2343:9, 2359.
The body d. the good of love: illustrated and shown, 6135:2.
Flesh d. the Divine Good of the Lord's Divine Human, and what is reciprocal of man also; and blood d. the Divine Truth of the Divine Good, which is from the Lord's Divine Human, 7850:2.
Blood, in the Holy Supper, d. Divine Truth from the Lord, and flesh d. Divine Good from Him: shown, 9127:2.
What it s. to eat in the Sacred Supper, 2187:3, 2343.

Supplicate, To (supplicare). See To PRAY.

Surety, To be. See To PROMISE.

Surface (superficies).
Surface d. the ultimate, 7687.

Sustain, To (sustentare).
To sustain d. influx of good and truth, 6106, 6576.

Swamp. See POOL.

Swear, To (jurare). See also under ABRAM.
It was permitted to swear by Jehovah so that the confirmation of the internal man might be represented, 2842:8.
An internal man, who has conscience, still less he who has perception, does not swear; wherefore to swear was prohibited by the Lord, 2842:9.
To swear is predicated respecting truths which are of the understanding, thus it d. to understand, 3037;
the confirmation of truth; where the words of the Lord, that they are not to swear by heaven, earth, Jerusalem, and by the head, are explained, 9166.
To swear the land to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob d. the state of the Church which the ancients had, 6589:2.
To adjure d. to be at heart, 6514.
An oath, when from Jehovah, d. irrevocable confirmation from the Divine: shown, 2842.
Truth Divine that is human, thus falls into man, who is such that otherwise he would not believe, 2842.
An oath was by means of the Divine Human of the Lord, 2842:6.
Oath d. confirmation, and conjunction; and is predicated respecting truths, 3375.

I have spoken with spirits and angels; and man was so created that he might speak with them, 5, 67-69, 1880.
I have spoken for a long time with persons known to me, 5, 448, 1114.
I was let down to those who are in vastation; the state of whom, 699.
There was an angelic column around me, when I was let down into the lower earth, 699.
Some were let out from the hell of deadly hatred, sending an infant to me, 814.
A certain one of the hells of assassins attempted to murder me by a stroke through the heart and in the brain, 816.
I have talked with devils, 968.
I have spoken with those who are famous in the Word, 1114.
I was conducted to the hell of the antediluvians, and spoke with them about the Lord; and they persuaded themselves that they were gods, 1268.
I have been conducted to angelic societies by angels, 1273.
I was conducted through mansions, 1273.
Light frequently seen, 1522.
A moon seen by me is described, 1531.
I have spoken with nearly all who were known to me, 1636, 1880.
The speech of spirits with me is from various places and distances, 1640.
They who were raised up among angelic spirits saw the interiors of my thoughts, 1769.
I have now seen the Word in the internal sense, 1772.
Spirits and angels do not see the things which are in the solar world; they have seen through my eyes, 1880.
By means of my eyes spirits and angels have seen friends and several others; which was to them a miracle; and heaven and earth were thus united from creation, 1880.
I had not visions, but things were seen in the wakefulness of the body, 1885.
I have spoken with spirits and angels who introduced dreams, 1977, 1979.
Sirens spoke as from me in sleep, 1983.
A general glorification of the Lord heard throughout an immense space, and seen like a down-flowing radiation, 2133.
I have spoken with Jews, in the other life, concerning the Word, the land of Canaan, and the Messiah, 3481.
I spoke with the Pope about various things; and the quality of his respiration when in the Consistory, 3750:2.
I spoke with the Jews about the land of Canaan, that it signifies the Lord's kingdom, 3481.
From the situation and application of spirits to myself, I was able to know what their qualities were, 4403.
I have spoken with men when their bodies were being buried; what they then said, 4527:3.
I have spoken with those who were being buried, 4622:4.
The things which were seen in the other life, were seen with the eyes of my spirit, not of my body, 4622:5.
Influx is from the spiritual world by means of angels and spirits; from my own continued experience, 6307.
I heard from heaven that the sweetness of angels does not live from themselves, 6469.
When I was reading the Lord's Prayer, I manifestly perceived the influx, 6476.
In the spiritual world there are also writings read by me, but not understood, 6516:3.
It has been granted me to speak with spirits from other earths, not with the inhabitants, 6695.
When the spirits of Mercury excited from my memory cities and places, they did not remain about temples and palaces, but about the facts and transactions there, 6809.
How quickly they ran through the things which were in my memory, 6922.
They told me that there are some hundred thousand earths, 6927.
I spoke with them respecting the inhabitants of our earth, saying how material they are, 6929.
They know that knowledges are printed on this earth, and they twice sent me a printed sheet, to indicate that they know, 6930.
I saw a flaming object of various colours among the inhabitants of Mars, and a spirit rising up through the loins to the breast, 7620-7622.
There are three kinds of spirits from Jupiter with whom I have spoken, 7801.
The speech of angels with me was at first grosser, then purer, and at length still purer, 8022-8026.
A spirit interrupted and admonished me to act modestly with angels, 8027.
The spirits of Jupiter kept my face smiling and cheerful, 8113.
By changes of state I was led to an earth in the universe, 9967.

Sweep, To (verrere).
To sweep the house d. that all things are made ready and filled with goods, or to purge from evils, and prepared so that goods may flow in: shown, 3142;
and, in the opposite sense, it stands for to be filled with evils, 3142e.
To sweep the way d. to make ready that truths may be received: shown, 3142.

Sweet (dulce).
Sweet d. delight, 8356.

Swift (celer). See QUICKLY.

Sword (gladius). See also ARMY.
A sword and a small sword are spoken of in place of a knife, 2799.
Sword d. truth combating, also the vastation of truth, and, in the opposite sense, falsity combating and the punishment of falsity: shown, 2799;
falsity, and also evil fighting by means of falsity, 4499;
the vastation of truth, and the damnation of evil and falsity: shown, 7102.
The flame of a sword turning itself d. one's own love, 309.
A sword unsheathed, or bared d. continual combat against falsities and evils, and conversely: shown, 8294.
A sword upon the thigh d. truth which is from good, combating, 10488.
Short swords (machaerae) d. doctrinal things destroying truth and good: shown, 6353.
A small sword by which circumcision was made, 2799:6.
See also 2039e, 2046e, 7040, and CIRCUMCISION.

Sword, Short (machaera). See SWORD.

Sychar. See SHECHEM.

Syria (Syria).
The new Church from Eber was in Syria, 1238.
In Syria also was the Ancient Church, and remains stayed there a long time, 4112:2;
and they sd. the cognitions of good and truth, 4112:2.
Aram, or Syria d. the cognitions of good, 1232, 1234.
Padan Aram d. the cognitions of truth, 3664;
the cognitions of good, 3680.
Aram Naharaim, or Syria of Rivers, d. the cognitions of truth, 3051.
The sons of the East were in Syria, 3249.
The sons of the East, as Syrians, d. those who are in the cognitions of good and truth, 3249.