Начало U

Ulcer. See BLAIN.

Ultimate. See LAST.

Understanding, Intelligence (intellectus, intelliqentia).
Man believes that he has understanding from himself, and that it is innate, nevertheless he is deceived, 2701.
The quality of the form of thought and of the understanding; it is clear in the middle, and obscure around; and opposite things tend downwards, 8885.
Man has an interior and an exterior understanding; concerning which, 9051.
When a man is being regenerated, he thinks what is true from the Lord by means of the new understanding, 928, An illumination of the understanding from the light of heaven perceived, 6608.
The correspondence of the sight of the eye with the understanding, 4403-4421. See LIGHT.
Concerning the correspondence of the sight of the eye, and of light, with the under. standing and truths, continued, 4523-4533;
in particular, 4526.
The correspondence is plain from words in familiar discourse 4406.
Sight with man depends on the understanding, but it is otherwise with animals, 4407.
The quality of intelligence from the proprium, and of intelligence from the Divine, appears: shown, 4419.
The understanding is the form of the will: illustrated, 8882.
Esse pertains to the will, and existere to the understanding therefrom: illustrated, 9282. See WILL.
The understanding is that which receives the truths of faith, and the will that which receives the good of charity: illustrated, 9300:3.
All things of the understanding proceed from its voluntary, 9942:2.
The understanding must be from the will in order that it may be the understanding of the man himself, 10332e.
The understanding and the will are most distinct with man 641.
Man can well apprehend with the understanding, what he cannot do with his will: illustrated, 3539:4.
The understanding and the will should make one, that man may be saved: illustrated, 5835.
All things relate to the understanding and the will, because to good and truth, and to evil and falsity; and those two must be one: illustrated, 10122:2.
Mind consists of understanding and will; and they ought not to be separated, 35.
In all things of man there are what is from the understanding, and what is from the will, 803.
Two lives are spoken of, in the plural, which are the two faculties of life:-the will, which is of good, and the understanding, which is of truth; and they make one when the understanding is of the will, or truth is of good, 3623.
Those things that belong to the understanding always follow, and those that belong to the will precede, 5969.
From the will and from the understanding together it happens that a thing is appropriated to man, 9009:2, 9069, 9071, 9095;
also a man is guilty if he does not check the evil of the will by means of the intellectual, 9075.
How the will communicates its own fire to the understanding; and concerning its state then, 9144.
The communication of truth and good, thus of the understanding and will, is as that of the heart and lungs: illustrated, 9300:2.
The understanding of truth and the will of good are with no man, but appear as if they were, 633.
What the understanding of truth and the will of good are, 634.
Conscience is formed in man's intellectual part, and so is the new understanding, and the new will; in this manner man is regenerated, 1023:2, 1043:3, 1044:3.
With spiritual men a new voluntary and a new understanding are formed by the Lord in the intellectual part; an experience, 4328, 4493:2.
Evils of the will alone, and of the understanding alone, also of both together; concerning which, 9009:2.
The understanding of man is such as are the truths which form it, and vice versa; and the will is such as are the goods of love, 10064.
What the intellectual of man is; and it is chiefly from those things which belong to experience and science, also from a view of causes, as also of consequences from a series, 6125.
The intellectual is the recipient of the spiritual, 6125:2.
The intellectual is the recipient of faith: illustrated, 7503.
The intellectual is a subject recipient of Truth Divine, 9930.
The intellectual cannot be predicated respecting falsities from evil, but respecting truths from good, 10675:3.
The intellectual of the Church, which is Ephraim, is to apprehend by perception from enlightenment what truth and good from the Word are: illustrated, 6222:2.
Concerning the three degrees of intellectual things; and influx is according to them, 657, 658.
The intellectual is continually meeting cognitions that the rational man may come forth, 1901, 2557.
What intellectual truth is, and its distinction from rational truth, 1904:3. See also SPIRITUAL.
The rational first conceived makes light of intellectual truth, because it does not apprehend it; from examples, 1911, 1936.
What is interior can perceive what is in the exterior, not contrariwise, 1914:2.
The intellectual, the rational, and the scientific are distinct, 1904:3.
Intellectual, or spiritual things, meet scientific things, and adapt them to themselves; thence is man's rational, 1495.
The intellectual sees from the light of heaven, and gives life to the sensual sight with man, 5114.
Sensual things open the way to internal sensual things, and then to intellectual things, and these arise out of those by means of a mode of extraction, 5580.
How man is regenerated by means of intellectual things; the process, 1555:2.
Where, in the Word throughout, the spiritual Church is treated of, there also the intellectual is treated of, because the man of the spiritual Church is being regenerated as to the intellectual part, 5113:2.
Everyone can be perfected as to the intellectual, by reason that he can be regenerated, 6125:2.
In the spiritual man the intellectual is separated from the voluntary; and conscience is in the intellectual, 863, 875:3.
In the spiritual Church truth and good were inseminated in the intellectual part, 895, 927:2;
in the Most Ancient Church this was done in the voluntary part.
The intellectual part is separated from voluntary things with spiritual men, 2256:3.
The intellectual is in the voluntary, 3619.
Voluntary good was destroyed in the antediluvians, for intellectual good began to perish, 2124.
The Celestial Kingdom corresponds to the voluntary, and the Spiritual Kingdom to the intellectual of man; and it is similar with man as it is in heaven, 9835.
The new voluntary, thus good, is implanted in the intellectual part with the spiritual man: references, 9596:3.
How from infancy intelligence is born and grows, 9103:3.
The quality of those in heaven who wish to be intelligent from themselves, 546.
Those things which are from one s own intelligence have no life in them, and those which are from the Word have, 8941;
illustrated, 8944.
To him who is enlightened by the Lord, it is given to understand the truths which are to be believed; an example, 10659:3.
What intelligence is, and what wisdom is, 1555:2.
Intelligence and wisdom are presented by means of light, and they are respectively in the same case, 1524.
In love there are wisdom and intelligence, 2500:3.
They do not come to the first threshold of intelligence and wisdom who reason whether a thing is, and whether it is so, 3833:2.
What wisdom, intelligence, science, and work are; they also follow in order, and are one in the other with the good, 10331:2.
The good of infancy, the good of ignorance, and the good of intelligence; what difference there is, 2280:2.
Holiness dwells in ignorance, 1557:2.
Concerning sight from the interior, 9128:2. See To SEE.
Male d. the understanding, 54.
An intelligent and wise man (vir) d. truth and good, 5287.

Union (unio). See CONJUNCTION.
There is union of the Lord's Divine Essence with His Human, but that of the Lord with man is conjunction, 2021.

Universal (universale).
As a man is in general, so he is in particular, 9172, 1040:2. See also GENERAL.
The Lord's Providence is universal in the most particular things, and nothing is universal without the most particular things, l919:4.
What it is to reign universally, 5949. See END.
What reigns universally is in all things in general and particular: illustrated, 6159:2.
The Lord as to the Divine Human is He who reigns universally in all things in general and particular, 8864, 8865.
In the Word prior things reign universally, in posterior things successively, 8864:4.
What reigning universally is: illustrated, 8865.

Universe (universum).
The most deceitful, in an infernal tun in a small globe, regard it as it were the universe, and they trample under their feet as it were the universe, 947.
He who disposes and rules heaven, disposes and rides the universe, because the one cannot be separated from the other, 4658:4.

Unleavened (azyma). See CORN (frumentum).

Unrest. See under PEACE.

Uphaz (Uphasis).
Gold from Uphaz d. celestial good, 9881.

Upright (rectum). See also INTEGRITY.
Upright d. truth, 5434, 5437.
Uprightly d. from the truth, 7740.

Upwards (sursum).
The elevation of man's interiors upwards, 6952:6, 6954. See ELEVATION.
To look above and below self, 7814-7821. See CHARITY.
The same: illustrated, 8604.
Concerning the elevation of interior towards higher things, see TO BE ELEVATED,

Ur of the Chaldees (Ur Chaldaeorum). See CHALDEA.
Ur of the Chaldees d. external worship in which there are falsities, 1368, 1816.

Ureters (ureteres).
What the ureters c. to, 5380.
Who constitute the province of the kidneys and ureters; they are ready to explore others, 5381, 5382.

Urge, To (urgere).
To press upon the man d. to offer violence to truth, 2374.
To urge d. to inspire affection, 4373.

Urim and Thumim (urim et thumim).
In the urim and thumim there were twelve precious stones according to the twelve tribes of Israel, 4606e.
Light quivered and scintillated through the urim and thumim, and indeed variously according to the state of the thing about which question was made, 6335:2.
Therefrom answers were conveyed by means of various effulgences of light to which was adjoined either a living voice or internal perception, 6640:2.
The answers given by the Lord through the urim and thumim were the shinings forth of light according to the state of the thing from order, 3862:2;
the words themselves mean "lights" and "perceptions," 3862:6.
Answers appeared in the urim and thumim by means of the vibratory motions of light and flame, and thence there was perception from the Lord, 4606e.
Thumim, in the Hebrew language, is integrity, but, in the angelic language, shining forth, 9905:3.
The urim and thumim were representations of all things which belong to love and faith in the Lord, 3858:9.
Urim means fire shining, and thumim, the shining forth therefrom, 9905:3.
The breast-plate, by means of the urim and thumim, that is, by means of the shining forth of the light of heaven, revealed Divine Truths in the natural sphere, 9905:4.

Urine (urina).
Robbers and pirates are delighted with fetid urinous things, 820, 5387.
The spirits to whom urine itself corresponds are infernal, 5381:2, 5387.
Urine in itself is nothing else than an impure serum, 5387.
Concerning the spirits to whom the ejection of urine corresponds, 5387.
Concerning a spirit who loved the smell of urine more than all other scents, 5388.

Urn (urna).
Urn d. truth, 8530.

Use (usus).
Good regarded in itself is nothing else than use, 4926.
All goods which are called goods of charity are nothing else than uses, 6073.
All uses in their commencement are truths of doctrine, but in progress they become goods, and they become goods when a man acts according to them, 4984.
Spiritual food is all that which is of use, and all that which conduces to use, 5293;
that which conduces to use is to know what is good and true; and to will and to do them is use, 5293.
Uses are nothing but works towards the neighbour, the country, the Church, and the Lord's kingdom, 6073.
Uses are that everyone should rightly discharge his own function in his own station, and act sincerely with his associate, and perform his duty prudently according to the quality of each, 7038.
Uses are the things according to which happiness is given in heaven by the Lord, and by means of which the Lord is principally worshipped, 7038:3.
Uses are the exercises of charity, 7208.
Life is given by the Lord from use, by means of use, and according to use, 503.
In uselessness there is no life, 503.
All life is the life of use, 1964.
The use itself which a man loves, determines his life, 4459:7;
yet not the use itself, but the love of use makes him either infernal or heavenly, 4459:7.
The truths which are committed to life become uses, 5527e.
Use itself makes spiritual life with man, 8995:3.
All things are formed according to the use of life, which is good with man, 9297:4.
All things of use have their own happiness and delights, 997.
Conjugial love excels other loves from use, and thence from delight, 5053.
Cognitions are first in use when they serve celestial and spiritual things, and they receive their own delight from the use, 1472.
The rational is according to the use when it is procured by means of cognitions and scientifics; and what is the best use? 1964.
Use makes the scientific, or truth, good; and such as the use is, so is the good, 3049e.
Angelic life consists in uses from the good of charity, 454.
The Lord's kingdom is a kingdom of ends and uses, 696, 5395.
Use and end make a thing spiritual or not spiritual; what spiritual or not spiritual means, 5025:2.
In the other life all ought to serve a use, even the infernals, 696, 1103:2.
Everyone, in the other life, is given intelligence and felicity by the Lord, according to the use which he served from the affection of the will, 5887.
To solifidians the internal things of the Word are of no use, 4726.
Man becomes a use when his external man is conjoined with the internal; then he thinks all things from the end of use, and does all things for the end of use, 1487:2.
Man is an organ formed to all the uses which love to the Lord and charity towards the neighbour demand: first in the natural world, and afterwards in the spiritual world, 5947e.
A man, when he has use for an end, has the Lord for an end, because the Lord disposes to uses, and the uses themselves, 5949:2.
Spirits and angels are forms of their own use, 9297:4.
The use, or intention, of a function governs organic forms, 4223.
Use is prior to organic forms, because it is from the Lord's influx through heaven, 4223:2.
Use is prior to the members and organs; and these are from uses, and thus formed according to uses; and use itself forms them, and adapts them to itself, 4926.
What to speak to the fifth, the ninth, the fifteenth, the twentieth, even to the fiftieth use means, 10709.

Usury (usura). See also INTEREST.
Money-lenders who take usury d. those who do good for the sake of gain, 9210.
To put on him usury of silver and of food d. to lend truths and goods of truth for the sake of gain, 9210:4.
To give his own silver into usury d. to teach for the sake of gain alone, thus to do good on account of remuneration, 9210:5, 9211.

Us (Uz).
Uz, the son of Aram, d. a kind of natural truth, 1234.

Uzzah (Usa).
Uzzah died, because he put forth his hand to the ark of God, 878:7.
By Uzzah was rd. the truth that ministers to good, 4926e.
The breach of Uzzah s. the separation of good from truth, 4926e.