Начало V

Vacuum. See VOID,

Vagabond, See WANDERER.

Vain, Vanity (vanum, vanitas).
Vanity d. the falsity of doctrine and of religion; and a lie d. the falsity of life: shown, 9248.
To bring the name of God into what is vain d. to profane and blaspheme Divine truths, and to apply the Divine statutes to idolatrous worship, as the Jews did when they adored the calf, 8882.

Valley (vallis).
There are mountains, hills, rocks, and valleys in the other life; and they who are not yet raised up to heaven are in the valleys, 10438.
Valley s. what is unclean in worship, 1292;
what is beneath, 1723;
the lower things, as the natural, sensual, and scientific things: shown, 4715.
The valley of Gerar d. the lower truths, 3417.

Variegated (variegatum).
Variegated d. truth spurious and mixed with falsities from evil, 4005.

Variety (varietas).
Every one thing exists from various things, 8003.
In heaven there are all the differences of love and faith, 684.
No society is altogether like another, 690.
There are perpetual varieties in heaven disposed into a form so that they may act as one, 5598.
There are perpetual varieties in heaven and everywhere, and the good of one is not altogether like that of another, 7236:2.
There are innumerable varieties of good and truth in heaven, and by means of harmony they yet make one, as the organs and members of the body do, 3241:2.
There are innumerable varieties as to good and truth in heaven, 3744.
They relate to the members of the body; in what variety these are: illustrated, 3745;
and in general, 3746.
Goods in heaven are all varied, distinguished into genera, species, and particulars, 7833, 7836:3.
The varieties of the state of good and truth, in the other life, are as the varieties of heat and light in the world; perfection is therefrom, 10200.
Good with everyone is varied, but by means of heavenly love it is formed into one by the Lord, 3986:2.
In one good there are innumerable varied things, 4005:3.
Good becomes varied from truths, as in no case can they be wholly alike, 4149:2.
The variety of good is from the truths conjoined to it, 7236:3.
There is an infinite variety of affections which belong to love, 9002:2.
The changes of the state of the Church are compared to the times of the year, of the day, and to metals, 1837.
The Lord's Church everywhere is varied as to truths, and yet one by means of charity, 3267:2.

Vastation (vastatio). See TEMPTATION.
What vastation is; somewhat, 2455.
Vastation is twofold-of those who are within the Church, and of the nations, 410.
Concerning those who are vastated by means of fears, 4942.
The spirits of our earth are vastated before they can be elevated into heaven, 6928.
Some are kept in ignorance lest they profane holy things, 301-303;
truths of faith are not opened before they are vastated, 301-303.
The vastation of falsity takes place also at the present time, in the lower earth, 7090:3.
From the evil the science of truth is successively taken away, 7465.
The evil are vastated as to truths, and the good as to falsities, 7474:4.
They are successively and by degrees cast down into hell, and successively and by degrees elevated into heaven, because the vastation of truth and good precedes, with the evil, and of falsity and evil, with the good, 7541:2, 7542.
By the presence of the Lord the evil are filled with evils, and the good with goods, 7989.
When truths and goods are taken away from the evil, they fall down as if they were weights, and as birds deprived of their wings, 7545e.
It is worse with those who have been of the Church and lived a life of evil, than with those who are outside the Church; the reason; concerning which, 7554.
The evil are vastated as to the goods and truths in the exterior, natural, which looks downward, and not as to the goods and truths of the interior natural, which verges inwards, 7601:2, 7604, 7607.
The goods and truths which they have known, are taken away from those who are vastated, and they are transferred to the good, 7770:2.
The evil are vastated by degrees before they are damned and sent into hell; the reasons; so that the evil may be confirmed in evil, and the good may be enlightened respecting the state of those who are in evil, 7795.
The evil vastate themselves: illustrated, 7926:2.
The evil vastate themselves by turning the good which flows in from the Lord into evil, and this is done more and more successively as the Lord arranges heaven so that it may flow in nearer, 7643:3, 7679, 7710:2.
The evil in whom there are remains of good are otherwise vastated, 7601:2, 7604, 7607.
They who come into the other life are vastated as to earthly and worldly things before they are elevated into heaven, 9763.
Churches tend toward vastation, 407.
When one is vastated a new Church arises, 408, 411.
I was let down to those who are in vastation; the state of whom, 699.
There are vastations in the other life; why, 698.
Concerning vastations in the other life, 1106-1113.
They are vastated who are in falsities, and have had a certain kind of conscience, 1106.
Some will freely to be vastated, 1107.
Some are vastated by means of a middle state between wakefulness and sleep, 1108.
They who have confirmed themselves in false principles are reduced to complete ignorance, 1109.
Concerning hewers of woods, who place merit in works, 1110.
Concerning mowers of grass, who have lived a good moral life, thus supposing they merit heaven, by believing in the Creator of the universe, 1111.
Some are carried immediately into heaven without vastation, 1112.
Girls who have become prostitutes have an instructor, 1113.
Desolation and vastation are frequently described in the Word, and designated by various names, 5360.
Desolation and vastation are frequently described in the Word, and by them it is understood that the Church is in falsity and evil, and also that it is in the desolation of regeneration; concerning which things: shown, 5376.
What good is done by means of desperations, desolations, and temptations, 6144.
Concerning desolation when a man is being regenerated, 5376:2.
An image of spiritual death is presented in desolation, 6110, 6119.
The desolation of truth with those who are spiritual, and who are being regenerated, 2682:2.
The reasons why they who are being re formed are reduced to the desolation of truth, even to despair: illustrated by examples, 2694:2.
The state of enlightenment and joy of those who come out of desolation, and into heaven; how they are received there, 2699:2;
and they are instructed, 2701, 2704.
Infestations, or temptations of the upright take place in the other life so that evils and falsities, also filthy things, may be removed, and before this they cannot be elevated into the heavens, 7122.
They are to be kept together in a place of vastation that the gross and impure things from the love of self and the world, may be put off, 7186.
How it is with infestations in the other life; the distinction between infestations and temptations, 7474:3.
They who are of the external spiritual Church in the other life, are in a place of vastation, and are infested, 7474:2.
The falsity with those who infested before the Lord's coming was direful, by reason of Nephilim, 7686.
They who have infested, afterwards turn away from and shun those whom they have infested; the reason, 7768.
They who infest in the other life are they in the Church who professed faith alone, and lived a life of evil: illustrated, 7317:3, 7502:2, 7545.
See also FAITH.
There are infestations when the Lord flows in from the interior with good and truth, and the hells flow in from the exterior with evil and falsity; whence there is combat, as also spiritual captivity, 7990.

Vault. See CHAMBER.

Vegetable Kingdom (vegetabile).
There is an influx of heaven into the subjects of the vegetable kingdom, 3648.

Vegetable, Kitchen (olus).
Vegetable s. the meaner things of delights, 996:3.

Vehicle (vehicula). See CHARIOT.

Veil, Covering (velum, velamen).
The casting over of a veil; what it is, and for whom, 963.
What the veil of the Tent, and of the Temple, sd.;
there were three; what each sd., 2576:3.
The veil between the Holy and the Holy of Holies d. the means uniting the inmost and the middle heaven, 9670.
What angelic societies c. to the veil; and they are those who are called Joseph and Benjamin, 9671.
The rending of the evil in the Temple, when the Lord suffered, sd. the glorification of His Human, in like manner as (Lev. xvi.) when Aaron entered within the veil-which is explained, 9670:4.
Covering d. the intellectual, 6378.
A cover d. the natural, 6377;
the external, when it is something round about, 9630, 9632.
The cover of the door of the Tent d. the means uniting the middle and the ultimate heaven, 9686.
The enveloping of a cloth, 964.
The antediluvians also envelop in cloths; but how, 1270:3.
Rational and scientific things are like the body, or clothing, to spiritual things, 2576:3.
The Jews cover themselves with wrappings in the synagogues, and also Moses veiled his face on account of the radiance of his skin, because they rd. truth covered to them, 4859.
The wrapping with which brides covered the face, when first they saw the bridegroom, d. the appearances of truth, 3207, 4859.
To cover oneself with a wrapping d. to obscure truth, 4859.
To remove the wrapping d. to dissipate obscurity, 4883.

Venison. See To HUNT.

Ventricle (ventriculus).
The quality of those who relate to the ventricles of the brain, 4049.
Correspondence with the stomach in the body, and with its operations, 5174-5176.
They who have been solicitous about future things appear in the stomach, 5177.
These induce anxieties as if from the stomach, 5178, 5179.
Concerning the influx which takes place when those of any society steak among themselves; and with this there generally flows in what is melancholy and anxious from them, when they are in the stomach, 6202.
The avaricious who infused anxiety are in the upper part of the stomach, 6202.

Venus (Venus).
The spirits of Mercury applied themselves to.
the spirits of Venus on the other side, and they agreed together, and then a remarkable change was felt in the brain, 7170.
Concerning the inhabitants and spirits of the planet Venus, 7246-7254.
There are two kinds of inhabitants and spirits-the evil and the good; the evil appear on this side of the planet, the good on the other, 7246.
The planet appears to the left, a little backward, 7247.
The evil delight in spoil; concerning whom, 7248.
They are giants, and are stupid, 7249.
They who are saved are vastated when they become spirits, even to much despair; concerning which, 7250.
Also their hells are near their earth, 7250.
They who are saved receive faith in the Lord, that is the only God, the Saviour and Mediator, 7251.
They who are good are and appear on the other side of that earth; they acknowledge the Lord, and see Him walking among them, 7252.
In the Grand Man they are the memory of material things, corresponding to the memory of immaterial things, which the spirits of Mercury relate to, 7253.

Verity. See TRUTH.

Vessel (vas). See also ALTAR.
The scientific is the vessel of truth, and truth is the vessel of good, 3068;
shown, 3079.
Truths are vessels which are softened by means of temptations, and by means of good are disposed into order, 3316, 3318:2.
Vessels d. scientifics, 9724.
A water-pot, or vessel, d. the scientific, 3068.
The vessels of the table on which was the bread of faces d. the cognitions of celestial good and truth, 9544.
Vessels of the altar of burnt-offering d. scientifics serviceable to good, 9723, 9724.
Vessels of the lampstand, and the tongs and fire-pans d. things for purifying and discharging, 9572.
Bowls d. things of the memory, 9394.

Vestment. See GARMENT.

Village (villa).
Villages d. the external things of the Church, 3270.

Vine (vitis). See VINEYARD, WINE, and GRAPE.
Vine d. the intellectual of the spiritual Church: shown, 5113.
Vineyard and vine s. the spiritual Church, 1069.
Vine d. the external spiritual Church, 6375;
and choice vine d. the internal spiritual Church, 6376.
Vine d. the good of the spiritual Church, and olive-tree d. the good of the celestial Church: shown, 9277:4.

Vineyard (vinea). See VINE, WINE, and GRAPE.
When angels hold discourse about such things as belong to intelligence and wisdom, thus about those that belong to truth from good, paradises, gardens, vineyards, and forests are represented, 3220.
Vineyards, the spiritual Church, because wine s. the spiritual of heaven, 1069, 9139;
thus vineyard s. the Church as to truth, and thence also the truth of that Church, 9139.
What the spiritual of heaven and of the Church is, see HEAVEN, CHURCH, and SPIRITUAL.

Violence (violentia).
Violence is predicated respecting those things which pertain to the will, thus respecting filthy lusts, 623:2.
Violence d. the destruction of charity: shown, 6353.

Viper (vipera).
The tree of science is to-day with the viper, 2125.

Virgin (virgo). See GIRL, DAUGHTER.
Virgin s. the affection of good, thus the celestial Church, 2362:4;
the Lord's kingdom and the Church properly celestial; also the spiritual Church, and they are called virgins from conjugial love, and thus from innocence, 3081.
Virgins d. those who are of the Church, 4638.
The parable of the ten virgins (concerning which in Matth. xxv. 1-13) explained, 4635-4838.

Viscera. See BOWELS,

Viscid (viscosum).
Who and of what quality they are who relate to the viscid excrement of the brain, 5717. See BRAIN.
Who relate to the pituitous substance of the brain, 5718. See DISEASE.

Vision (visio). See To SEE and SIGHT.
Two extraordinary visions, 1882.
The first,-what it is to be withdrawn from the body, and not to know whether in the body or outside the body, 1883.
The second,-to be borne away by the spirit into another place, 1884.
Ii had not visions, but things were seen in the wakefulness of the body, 1885.
Visions are diversified according to man's state, 1786.
What the visions of the prophets were, 1619.
Concerning visions and dreams, also the prophetical ones which are in the Word, 1966-1983.
How visions exist by means of phantasies, which are illusions; and these are visionaries, 1967.
The visions of enthusiastic spirits; their nature and whence they are, 1968.
They are genuine visions when the interior sight is opened, and the things in the other life are seen; concerning which, 1970.
Visions before good spirits are beautiful representations, 1971.
Visions are more and more interior according to the heavens, 1972.
Two visions respecting the garlands and sports of infants, 1974.
Prophetical dreams are of the same kind as their visions, 1975. See also DREAMS.
A vision of the night d. an obscure revelation: shown, 6000.
Divination, when it relates to the prophets, has regard to life, vision has regard to doctrine, 9248:2.

Visitation (visitatio).
What visitation is; it precedes judgment: shown, 2242.
Visitation d. the last time, and is predicated respecting the Church in general, and in particular, respecting a church which is born, and one which expires, and respecting a man of the Church who is saved, and one who is damned, 6588;
the casting out and condemnation of evils; concerning which, 10623.
To visit d. the Lord's coming, when there is a new Church; concerning which, 6895;
deliverance from falsities, and so initiation into those things which belong to the Lord's Church and kingdom, 6895e.
Jehovah visited Sarah d. the Divine Celestial presence in the Divine Spiritual, 2616.
The day of visitation d. the last time of the Church in general, and in particular, when there is judgment; how this then takes place: briefly, 10509, 10510.

Vocal Sounds, See VOICE.

Voice (vox).
Voice is predicated respecting truth, 3563.
Voice d. what is announced from the Word, 6971, 10240:2;
when it relates to the Lord, Divine truths, thus precepts from the Lord, 9307.
Voice, in the Word, d. the interior voice, which is thought, 10454.
What voices and lightnings s., 8813.
What voices or thunders s., 8914:2.
The voice of Jehovah d. the Word, the doctrine of faith, conscience, and reproof therefrom, 219, 220;
Divine Truth, 6832:6, 7573, 8360, 8766;
Divine Truth proceeding from His Divine Good, 10182:3.
The voice of blood d. violence inflicted on charity, 374.
A voice crying d. a customary formula in the Word; when, 375.
The voice or singing and the voice of those that make merry relate to spiritual things, 3880:4.
What great voices s., 4060:8.
What the voice of a mill s., 4335:2.
What "a voice heard" s., 5933.
The voice, or sound, of a trumpet d. the truth of celestial good, 8815.
Voices which are those of thunders d. Divine truths, 7573;
Divine truths which terrify and devastate the evil, 7592.
What a voice as the voice of wheels, and as the voice of Shaddai s., 8764:4, 9926:7.
What the voice of the bridegroom and bride s., 9182:2.
The voice of wings d. truth of faith from good, 9741:5.
What the voice of shouting s., 10454.
What a voice of war s., 10455.
What voices which were going forth from the throne s., 5313:6.
To hear a voice d. to obey an exhortation, 7095.
What a voice going and strengthening itself s., 8823.
To answer with one voice d. reception by the understanding, 9384.
How ideas are formed into words or vocal sounds, 5212.
The words of language were not immediately infused into the first men, 8249e.
The interior sense is often present in the words of languages, chiefly of oriental languages, 10217.
Words ought to be applied? to the special subject treated of, 6844.
Human words are not adequate for spiritual expression, 4043.
The ideas of thought are the words of spirits, and the ideas of thought still more interior are the words of angels, 6624.
What spiritual words are, 7089e.
Every word of the Word corresponds to some spiritual thing, 10633.
Indeed there is not one word in the Word that does not involve a heavenly arcanum, 4136e.
The individual words of the Word are spiritually perceived by the angels by means of correspondence, 10634e.
Several significative senses are given to words, 793, 5075.
Why one word sometimes means several things, 5757e.
How many things there are in one word of the Word, 1869.
To one word innumerable things concur in the body, 6622:2.
There are words in the Word that express spiritual things, and those that express celestial things, 3969:14.
In the Word there are particular words by which those things that belong to the Celestial Kingdom are expressed, others by which those that belong to the Spiritual Kingdom are expressed, and still others that are common to both, 10254:3.
There are words that constantly s. good, words that constantly s. truth, and words that s. both good and truth, 6343:2.
See also WORD,

Void (vacuum).
A vacuum is an illusion of the sense, 5084:3.
What void s., 17.
Void d. where there is no truth: shown, 4744.
To go empty d. to live in spiritual want, 6915.

Voluptuous, See PLEASURE.

Vomit (vomitus).
From those who have lived in hatred and revenge, such spheres exhale in the other life that they excite vomit, 1512;
and the same from the lukewarm, 1513.
Vomit is excited with spirits from the Christian world at the thought of spiritual good and truth, 5006:2;
also when they are compelled to hear the interior things of the Word, 5702.

Vow, To, Vow (vovere, votum).
To vow a vow d. to will that the Lord may provide, 3732;
that which proceeds from the Lord, consequently what is holy, 4091.
In vows there are desire and affection that what they will may come to pass, 3732.
Votive sacrifices, in the external sense, sd. retribution; in the internal sense, the will that the Lord shall provide, 3880:9.