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Year (annus). See also DAY.
States in the other life succeed as times of the year do in the world, 9213.
Years do not signify years, 482.
Year d. the entire period of the Church from the beginning to the end, and years d. its periods: shown, 2906;
also what is eternal: shown, 2906:10.
Years d. times; why, 5292.
Year d. to eternity, 7828.
From year to year d. continually, 8070.
Once in a year d. perpetually, 10209.
Son of a year d. a full state of good from truth: shown, 7839.
Days and years s. generally times and states, 478, 488, 493.

Yesterday (heri).
From yesterday and from the day before yesterday d. a former state, or a previous time: shown; and when predicated of the Lord, eternity: illustrated, 6983.
Yesterday, the day before yesterday, d. a former state, 7114.
Both yesterday and to-day d. what is about to be as before, 7140.

Young (juvenis).
Young d. the intelligent, or intelligence, and therefrom truth confirmed: shown, 7668.

Young Woman. See under AFFECTION.

Younger. See LESS,

Youth. See YOUNG.


Zaphenath Paaneach (Zaphenath Paenach).
Zaphenath Paaneach, Joseph's name, in the oriental tongue means a revealer of hidden things and an opener of things to come; in the internal sense, d. the quality of the celestial of the spiritual, 5331.

Zarah (Scrach).
What Zarah, son of Tamar, s., 4930.

Zeal, Zealous (zelus, zelotes). See also under ANGER.
Preachings from zeal, 379, 896, 4799, 9366.
On apparent zeal for the truth, 1321.
It is called anger when evil attacks good, but zeal when good reproves evil, 2351:2.
On the Lord's zeal for doctrine uncontaminated by everything rational and scientific, 2543e.
Apparent zeal for the truth pertains also to the worst men, 2689:4, 3895.
Zeal is the fervour of loves which enflame and excite, 3413e.
Zeal, in the external form, appears like anger, 3614e, 3909e.
Zeal, in the internal form, is a certain sadness with a wish that it were not so; what it is in a form still more interior, 3909e.
What the difference is between anger and zeal: evil is in anger, and good in zeal, 4164.
There is zeal with evil priests; whence, 4311:3, 9366, 10309.
Concerning spurious zeal for the Lord, the Church, and the country, 4314:5, 10309.
Zeal is impossible with one who is in evil, 4444.
On the zeal of feigned piety, 4799:4.
With those in whom voluntary things have been terminated there is a zeal for spiritual good and truth, or for what is just and fair, 5145:5.
The zeal of the affection of good with truth has been elevated with them upwards to heaven towards the Lord, 5356e.
The Lord insinuates a zeal for good, with all who are being regenerated, 5459e.
The ardour of zeal for what is doctrinal, with those who are in a persuasive faith, is ardour from the fire of the love of self and the world, 8148:3.
With angels there is an ardent zeal for truth and good, 8595.
The Lord's zeal which in itself is love and compassion, appears to the evil as anger; why, 8875.
A zealous God; what is signified, 8875, 10646.
Zeal is the fire that breaks forth from the affection of good, 9143:2.

Zebaoth. See ARMY.

Zeboim. See ADMAH.

Zebulon (Sebulon, Zebulon).
Zebulon, named from "to dwell together," d., in the supreme sense, the Divine Itself of the Lord and His Divine Human; in the internal sense, the heavenly marriage and, in the external sense, conjugial love, 3960, 3961.
Zebulon also d. those who form conclusions about spiritual truths from scientifics, 6383.

Zidon (Zidon).
Zidon d. exterior cognitions, Tyre d. interior, 1201, 1208, 6386.

Ziim (Ziim).
The people Ziim d. those who are in falsities, or the falsities themselves, 9755:4.

Zillah (Zillah).
Zillah, the wife of Lamech, d. the mother of time natural things of a new Church, 405, 421.

Zilpah (Silpa).
Zilpah, the maidservant of Leah, d. external affections, 3835.
What Zilpah also s., 3931.

Zion (Zion).
By Zion is sd. the celestial Church, or the Church with those who are in the good of love, 2909e, 6435:5, 10037:2.
Mount Zion d. celestial things, 1585:2.
Mount Zion and its hill d. the Lord's Celestial Kingdom and the good of mutual love, 6435:5.
The daughter of Zion d. the affection of good which constitutes the celestial Church 2362.
The daughter of Zion, or the virgin daughter of Zion, d. the celestial Church, which is in love to the Lord, 9055:3.
Zion is called the throne of Jehovah's glory, and s. the Lord's Celestial Kingdom, 5313:12.
By those who are about Jerusalem are sd. the exterior things of the Church: by Jerusalem, the interior things, and by Zion, the inmost things, 3084:2.
When Zion and Jerusalem are named together, by them the celestial Church is sd.: by Zion, its internal, and by Jerusalem, its external, 6745:3.

Zipporah (Zippora).
Zipporah, the wife of Moses, d. the good of the Church, 6793;
the representative Church, 7044.
Zipporah rd. good Divine, 8647.

Zoan (Zoan).
The princes of Zoan d. primary scientifics, 1482e.
Princes in Zoan d. falsified truths, thus falsities, 5044:6.

Zoar (Zoar).
Zoar, a town not far from Sodom, d. the affection of good; and, in the opposite sense, the affection of evil, 1589.
The name of the town Zoar, in the original language, means "little," 2429e.
The town Zoar d. the affection of truth; why, 2439.

Zone (zona).
The zone was a special kind of girdle worn by unmarried women.
To take gold, silver, brass, in girdles d. goods and truths from self, and not from the Lord, 9942:12.

Zuzim (Susim). See NEPEILIM.